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How To Buy A Disc Golf Bag

Updated on March 14, 2015
Blue Ribbon Pines
Blue Ribbon Pines

Disc Golf Bag

Other than the discs that you use, the most important part of your disc golf equipment is your bag. It's where you put your disc, and all the other things that you need to play disc golf. There are many many choices of a disc golf bag that you can buy now. They vary from small low price bags that will carry just the basics, all the way up to big bags you can carry 20 discs and lots of accessories. There are a few backpack disc golf bags. Some guys even use carts to carry their bag. I won't get into carts in this article. This is about the bag.

Determining the bag you need is not always a cut and dried decision. Most longtime players have more than one bag that they use for different situations. I have a smaller 10 o 12 disc bag that I use for a quick game on a short course. I also have a midsize bag which i don't often use, and a large bag for when I play on a longer tougher course.

The truth be told, when it comes down to it I personally only use about 7 or 8 different discs in most rounds of disc golf. I do carry extra discs of my favorites, and a couple that are specialized for a particular type of hole.

What bag do you use?

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Disc golf book

Great disc golf book available to lead you through disc golf from a newbie to a veteran. How to play and how to play better.


Cooler bag. This bag holds 12 golf discs or 12 cans, or a combination of both. $20

Standard bag This bag holds 10 to 12 golf discs. It has a putter pocket, mini pocket, a mesh pocket on the underside of the top flap. A water bottle holder, pencil slots, metal clasps and tough canvas nylon. $29

Discplayer Sports

The bag holds 10 to 15 golf discs. Water resistant nylon. 2 side compartments, zippered back pocket, score card pocket, pencil slots, cell phone pocket. It has bottle holder, a padded shoulder strap, adjustable divider for the disc compartment, hooks for backpack straps, rain flap, and umbrella straps. $39

Nut sac

single Holds 6 discs. Small, light, made of heavy canvas. Pocket for keys with snaps. $45

Double Holds 12 golf discs. Has front pocket like single, also has a bottle holder. $65

Zero Gravity

This bag is unique, it has a pair of speakers built into the bag, with a 3.5mm jack to plug in your mp3 player or phone with tunes on it, and play the music while your playing disc golf. It holds 10 discs, with a movable divider, shoulder strap, bottle holder and 2 other zip pockets. $40


Starter 8 to 10 discs. Zip pocket on back, bottle holder, putter pocket, shoulder strap. $14.95

Standard 10 discs. bottle holder, putter pocket, zippered back pocket, mini pocket. $29.95

Tour Holds 15 to 18 discs, comes with 3 accordion style disc holders. 2 bottle holders, 2 large side pockets, 1 smaller pocket. A putter pocket, scorecard pocket, pencil holders, zip pocket on back. Shoulder strap, and hooks for backpack straps. $55


Starter bag  Holds 10 discs.  Several pockets, bottle holder, putter pocket, zippered back pocket.  $17.95


Tournament bag  Holds 12 to 15 discs.  PVC reinforced bottom.  Bottle holder, putter pocket, interior pocket, rain fly.  $30.95

Gotta Go Backpack bag

Sits higher on your back for more comfort and less lower back strain.  Has internal frame to keep it rigid.  Padded shoulder straps, 2 bottle holders, padded back, putter pocket, adjustable divider, reinforced bottom, large inside pocket.  $99.95

Latitude 64

8 to 10 discs, bottle holder, shoulder strap.  Large zipper pocket.  $18.95


Starter 10 to 12 golf discs. Rigid bottom. Front zip pocket, mesh putter pocket, bottle holder, shoulder strap. $12.95

Standard 8 to 12 golf discs. Adjustable shoulder strap, bottle holder, 2 outer pockets, zippered rear pocket. $29.95

Deluxe bag 18 golf discs. 2 adjustable dividers, scorecard pocket, putter pocket, 6 disc accordion style divider, outside pockets. $39.00

Diamond deluxe Up to 20 golf discs, 2 adjustable dividers, bottle holder, hard bottom, padded shoulder strap, inner pocket. $49.99

Competition bag up to 20 golf discs, internal frame, 2 bottle holders, padded shoulder strap, clips for backpack straps, 2 internal dividers, 2 pear pockets, internal zip pocket, putter pocket, mini pocket, pencil holders. $54.95

Discarrier bag Internal frame, 20 to 25 golf discs, water resistant nylon, 2 bottle holders, reinforced bottom, 2 large side pockets, hidden inner pocket, mini pocket, large putter pocket, pencil holder. $69.99


Starter 10 yo 12 discs, putter pocket, zippered pockets. $9.95

Small 10 to 12 discs, bottle holder, towel holder. $12.95

Medium bag 23 to 25 discs. Putter pocket. bottle holder, padded shoulder strap, towel ring. $15.95

Large lite bag 2 putter pockets, bottle holder, adjustable padded strap. $13.95


Carolina  12 to 14 discs, cordura construction, truck vinyl bottom, 2 bottle holders,  2 zippered pockets, rain flap, front zip pocket, padded back, roll cage frame.  $125.95

Deluxe Mini  2 zippered storage pockets, 2 bottle holders, truck vinyl bottom, holds 8 to 10 discs.  $69.95

Mini  8 to 10 discs, zip pocket, mesh pocket, key clip, internal frame, shoulder strap.  $45.00

Pro  12 to 14 discs, zippered top, 2 zip side pockets, 2 bottle holders, rain flap, side utility pocket, padded shoulder strap, roll cage frame.  $89.95

Dual Backpack  12 to 14 discs, 2 main compartments, 2 zippered pockets, 2 bottle holders, roll cage frame, padded back, shoulder and waist strap.  $150.95


Crunch  10 to 12 discs, side pockets, 2 putter pockets, mini pocket, drink holder, towel clip, scorecard pocket, padded shoulder strap.  $29.99

Lite  10 to 12 discs, 2 section main compartment, 2 putter pockets, drink holder, scorecard pocket, adjustable shoulder strap.  $13.95

Tourney bag  20 discs, 2 putter pockets, 2 bottle holders, towel clip, internal frame, 2 dividers, 2 side pockets, 2 inside zip pockets, phone pocket, clips for shoulder straps.  $49.95


Backpack  10 to 16 discs, 3/4" foam back pad.  $109.95

Deluxe  8 to 12 discs, internal frame, 2 zip storage pockets, 2 putter pockets.  $55.00

Player  10 to 16 discs, light weight frame, 2 putter pockets.  $70.00

Tour  16 to 24 discs, 2 large storage pockets, 2 putter pockets, 2 bottle holders, sturdy frame, $75.00

Weekend bag  8 to 10 discs, bottle holder, 2 zip pockets.  $39.95

Gorilla boy bags

Spider Monkey  8 to 10 discs, mini pocket, internal frame, zippered pockets, back pocket, putter pocket, bottle holder, adjustable shoulder strap, hooks for backpack straps.  $35

Chimpanzee  14 to  16 discs, internal frame, 2 zippered pockets, mesh pocket, putter pocket, drink holder, shoulder strap, backpack clips.  $60

Gorilla  18 to 20 discs, mini pocket, internal frame, 2 zippered pockets, mesh pocket, putter pocket, bottle holder, adjustable shoulder strap, back pack clips.  $75

Squirrel monkey  8 to 10 discs, mini pocket, zip pocket on back, mesh pocket, umbrella straps, putter pocket, padded shoulder strap, back pack clips.  $60

Silverback 14 to 16 discs, mini pocket, internal frame, 3 zip pockets, back pocket, 2 bottle holders, padded back, adjustable shoulder strap, back pack clips.  $95

Kong  18 to 20 discs, mini pocket, 3 zip pockets, back pocket, 2 bottle holders, putter pocket, umbrella straps, padded back, adjustable shoulder strap, back pack clips, 2 mesh pockets.  $110

Grip Equipment

There is a fairly new bag on the market, the grip large tour bag. This bag is on the high side on price, but is being used by Avery and Valerie Jenkins and Nate Doss. It looks like a nice bag if you like the backpack type bags. check it out.


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    • StephenSMcmillan profile image

      StephenSMcmillan 6 years ago

      WOnderful ideas.

    • profile image

      stawrew 7 years ago

      thanks for this article, really helpful! BTW, I like the Tourney bag. :-)

    • profile image

      Disc Golf Pro Store 8 years ago

      Excellent article about disc golf bags. I like the Fade bags the best. They are made very well and a lot cheaper in most cases.

    • profile image

      Stef 8 years ago

      Is this available for people to purchase who live in South Africa?

    • profile image

      Sean Elliot  8 years ago

      Those look nice. They are lined for cooling, right?