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Disc Golf Is Fun For The Entire Family

Updated on April 27, 2012

Playing Disc Golf is always a lot of fun. You can get started playing with very little expense and the whole family will enjoy it. There are courses scattered across the country and most of them you can play there for free, unless you are playing in a tournament. You could buy a set of used discs for around twenty dollars which should give you a driver for teeing off, a mid-range disc for getting close to the basket, and a putter type disc for finishing up.

The game is played similar to regular golf, having to play from where the disc lands, which could be a a big brush pile or in the woods. There are obstacles and water hazards so it is possible to loose a disc, in the water or even lost in the woods. You can practice with a cheap frisbee until you are more confident with your throws. Keeping score is the same, with holes marked so you will know what par is on each one.

At the tee off area, you have enough run of about three steps to give a little extra power in your throws. You want good distance but if you get too much height, the disc could take a bad curve and wind up far away from where you intended to throw it. The discs are designed a little different also in case you need one with some curve to get you into a tight spot. They have different weights and a putter disc designed not to skid.

Instead of a hole like in golf, you have to throw your disc into a basket at the end of each hole. The baskets are about three feet round and mounted on a pole which has chains dangling from it to help catch your throw. Some of these baskets can not be seen from where you tee off so it helps to walk the course first. This is a great form of sneak exercise, having so much fun you do not realize you are loosing weight and getting healthier. So go buy a frisbee, and take the family out for an adventure.


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    • kennynext profile image

      kennynext 5 years ago from Everywhere

      Thanks for stopping by. I love disc golf but hardly ever have the time to play. I do have a couple friends who go on tournaments just about every weekend. You have a great day also.

    • dmop profile image

      dmop 5 years ago from Cambridge City, IN

      I was considering writing on this same sport just the other day. I have a 9 basket course set up in my back yard, but it seems no one wants to play. Oh well, it's there if we decide to use it I guess. Good Hub on an interesting subject, thanks for sharing, and have a great day.