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Disc Golf Lingo, how to talk disc golf

Updated on March 14, 2015
Blue Ribbon Pines hole #4
Blue Ribbon Pines hole #4

Disc Golf Lingo

Most people who play disc golf know the regular terms and language. There are lots of other words that people use for describing things that happen on the course, that are not in the dictionary, or in the general vocabulary for disc golf. I have gathered some interesting terms from other players, and from what I've read that other players use. I will share the common ones, as well as some of the better ones that are not common that I have found.

Common disc golf language

Ace Getting the disc in the basket on the first shot.

Hyzer Releasing the disc with the edge closest to your body, higher than the other edge.

Anhyzer The outside edge is higher than the inside edge.

Overstabe The disc wants to hyzer into the ground when you release it. To make it not hyzer you must snap it and throw it hard, with a slight anhyzer.

Understable Can throw with lest spin, less snap to fly strait, will not normally go as far and is not generally good in the wind.

Turnover When you throw the disc hard with good snap, it will turn opposite the way it normally will turn. If your throwing RHBH it will turn to the right.

S Curve The flight of the disc starts as an anhyzer, then will hyzer at the end of the flight. Snap The amount of spin on the disc at release from your hand.

Driving The throw from the tee box.

Approach The shot from the drive to the basket.

Putt Throwing the disc into the basket.

Grip How you hold the disc when your throwing.

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Player Invented disc golf Terms

Dead Man - when your putt hits the side of the basket and drops to the ground.

Chain Smoking - Several great putts in a row.
Bogey Sandwich - A scorecard with a par bogey bogey par.
Black Ace- Acing the wrong hole.
Cabbage –The weeds in the rough.
Chastity belt - the yellow band on the Innova baskets.

Clank - The sound that a putt makes when it hits the chastity belt.

Doink – A putt that hits the number plate.

Hit the nickel - when your putt hits the number plate.
Horking -A huge long throw.

Locals route: taking an unconventional path gets you to the basket.
Lumberjacking - when you’re hitting every tree.
Mirkwood Very thick woods.
Nickel – A score of 5 on a hole.
Nuclear shule –Very thick rough.

Fly-By: putt correct height, but sails by the basket.

Fluke deuce- A 2 from something very lucky happening.

Gaack miss a short putt.

Grenade- A shot that is high and falls fast to the ground.

Head Banger - when your drive lands under the basket and you might bang you head on the basket as you pick it up.

More disc golf terms

Paper plate An understable disc.
Pig-Putt . a putt that's really bad.
Pinball – a shot that hits more that 1 trees.
Pinball Wizard – continually hitting multiple trees.
Rooted - when the tree root stops your shot from skipping.
Saturn - a score of 6 (6th planet)
Shank- any shot that does not do what you wanted.
Shule - heavy weeds off the fairway
Sneak- in flight instruction to the disc.
Snob – a throw with the nose of the disc up.
Snowman - A score of 8.
Spinach – bushes, trees, and undergrowth.
Taco - To hit a tree so hard it folds like a taco.
Tombstone- a disc golf disc that hits the ground, and remains standing on edge,

Tournament Roll - When your disc hits the basket and rolls farther away.

Treeflection - the tree gives you a good deflection.
Valet service - When you park your drive under the basket.
CFR - Candy Fund Raiser.
CTP - Closest drive to the Pole
DL- Dead Last in the order.
FAT - When you hit the First Available Tree
LB - Lucky Bounce.

SED - Seeing Eye Disc.

YSA - You’re Still Away

Gust from the Gods - when the wind blows the disc way off line.

Gettin' Greasy...... sneakin through the trees.
Lawn Dart - a disc that has landed partially buried in the ground.

Merked when you get hit in the head from someones throw off of the tee

Tombstone for those discs that stick edge-on into muddy/soft ground.

Helicopter - A shot that needs to come straight down at the end without curving.

A rip - The perfect drive.

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    • profile image

      MunkeyMN 3 years ago

      My fav from playing with some Mn Disc Golf Hall of Famers....

      Bunny Burner - throwing a disc so low that it skips and tears up grass

      Spit - hitting the chains and having the disc "Spit" out and onto the ground

    • profile image

      TOA 4 years ago

      BOB: Back of box

    • profile image

      Billy 4 years ago

      Treejection: when a decent throw gets stomped on by a tree.

      Parked: when a drive or long approach shot stops within a few feet of the basket.

    • spease profile image

      spease 5 years ago from Minneapolis Mn

      Thanks, can't believe I left that one out.

    • profile image

      Dmac 5 years ago

      wow you forgot ace

    • profile image

      joe 1a 6 years ago

      shawshank redemption- horrible shot followed by sinking a great putt...

    • profile image

      Shannon A. 7 years ago

      When you sink a disc in sinks in a pond...Bismarck!