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How to practice Disc Golf to help you play better

Updated on March 14, 2015

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Disc Golf Practice

As with most sports disc golf brings out the competitiveness in the players. Getting hooked makes you want to get better so you can beat your friends. The best way to get better is to practice. How you spend your practice time will make a difference in how effective the practice is. All practice is not equal. If you practice the wrong things, you will not get better. If you want to get better at disc golf, and you want to beat your friends the next time you play, try out my practice techniques, and you will get better.

Where to Practice

My favorite place to practice is on a soccer field. It is set up almost perfect for disc golf practice. The field is 360 feet long. It has lines at the 60 foot length from both end lines. It also has a circle in the middle that is about 60 feet across. What this does for you is that it gives you accurate measurements of 360 ft., 300 ft., 180 ft, and 120 ft, the perfect lengths to practice from.

BRP hole #4
BRP hole #4

Driving Practice

Everyone wants to be able to go out and drive the disc 450 feet or longer. That is a good goal to shoot for, but it will not help you significantly on your score. You will spend your driving practice time much better by practicing on the accuracy of your drives at the 300 foot length.

My recommendation is to spend 20% of your practice time on driving. Work on your grip and your release point the most. You should always use the power grip when driving. The key to accuracy in driving is releasing the disc at the correct time, releasing the disc with the nose down, and getting the snap on the disc so you get it spinning fast enough. Watch the video directly below to see the Dave Feldberg Hit training tip.

Stand at the goal line on one end, throw your drives at the goal on the other end of the field. Try to keep the disc flight side to side, inside the width of the nets and as long as you can throw it that strait. Take 5 or 6 drivers and throw them. When you walk down to get them, you can tell pretty close how far your drives were and how accurate they were. Then pick them up and throw back from the other end. If you want to go a bit shorter, move up to the next line from the goal line, that line is 300 ft from the other goal. You can practice your hyzer and anhyzer shots by turning your body to face at an angle away from the the net, and try to get the disc to land in the net. Just go back and forth as long as you want. You will always have good feedback on distance and accuracy.

Disc golf Approach shots

This is where you can really improve your scores. If you have a portable basket, put it in the center of the circle in the middle of the soccer field. Stand in the net area and practice with your approach discs. It is 180 ft from the back line to the center line. If you want to go shorter for practice, it is 120 ft from the next line to the center line. Spend 40% of your time practicing the approach shots. If you have a portable basket, you will also get your putting practice in here as well. If you can consistently put your approach shot close to the basket so you end up with 10 foot or shorter putts, you will have great scores. Test your different discs, see which ones are best for what distance. Make them hyzer into the circle and anhyzer into the circle. This will make you a lot better fast. 

disc golf Putting

If you have a portable you can practice on the soccer field as I said above. If not there are a lot of courses that have putting baskets set up. If you really want to be a good putter, you should get your own basket. You should practice putting when ever you can. Even if you only have 15 or 20 minutes, practice putting. Practice from different distances. Practice from different angles. Practice in the wind, from both sides with the wind blowing each way so you know what you need to do in those situations. Try to spend the other 40% of your practice time putting.


If you don't have a basket the best way to practice is to find a field that you have 120 to 200 feet of space to practice approach shots to a spot. Get to the point that you can throw the disc to a spot from 200 feet in, and you will drop a bunch of shots off your score. The best use of your time for disc golf practice is from 200 feet in. The approach shot is the key to getting better scores.


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      Sean Elliot  8 years ago

      This game looks like a lot of fun. I bet golf lovers all love it. I'll have to give it a try.