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Disc Golf Strategy

Updated on March 9, 2012

Ching !

Disc Golf, one of the most entertaining, family oriented, cost effective games in the whole world. One of the great games to enjoy in any and every type of weather situation you can handle! Playing Disc Golf in the wind would be the hardest weather attribute to cause the disc to spin out of control.

The Rain seems to push down on the disc and puts more force on you to throw straight. Snow is bad to play in considering a disc could be easily lost when burrowed into high inches of it. Most Disc golf baskets are made fro chains, but some have been made from wood like bamboo or strictly just pole placements that are even tough for pros.

How The Pros Do It

Very intense when played professionally Disc Golfers show much etiquette when it comes to rules of the game.When played casually, or even paired up creates different challenges and situations for both team members or individually.

Pros know how to show and give newcomers to the game much attention and info on course set up, rules of play, proper throws on select holes.Some courses even have special placements for new holes and pin placement maps on each hole to show location and distance.and even understanding how to throw and why or using a certain technique for any type of obstacle.

Night Golf

Glow Power!

By far the most exciting part of the game! Being able to light the Disc Golf Basket in style and through in the dark is a very cool, spontaneous way to play Disc Golf hints the term "Night Golf". There are also Glowing discs to play with that are inexpensive and a lot of fun!

Don't get discouraged if you have a regular disc because there are also miniature glow sticks for regular disc that you can attach to your disc to also enjoy the night golf expereince and see your disc light up in the night air!

The only downfall to night golf is that u must set up your lights on each hole as u go throughout the course. If Your out there for exercise in the the first place, then this shouldn't be any issue. The plus side is that when you play night golf you have the whole course open to yourself ! Besides, most courses are free to play although some courses charge for parking, but can also be avoided by parking away from courses or walking.

The Gear

Being able to accessorize your equipment, get all the gear, and maximize performance of play is essential to being a pro. A pro knows that he can rely on his disc and gear to help them through adverse weather conditions or certain situations. Disc golf towels help with any substance that can be wiped off of the disc.

Disc shoes like golf shoes have teeth for steady ground control and stability. Disc golf mini markers are a great thing to have when you fist start up being able to mark your disc and grab the one you threw in case you need to use it again. A disc golf bag is very important to hold any type of valuables including bag tags that you play for depending on course membership to certain courses.

Becoming A Memeber

Many courses offer membership for a small fee it can range from 15 to 40 dollars for a year member. Memberships usually include a course shirt, a bag tag based on enroll time of entry and on occasion offers and newsletters for upcoming tournaments and ace race announcements. Some courses have small entrance fees on ace race tournaments the give u a chance to get a hole in one with a special disc purchased automatically through entry. Disc golfers have a chance at winning the grand prize by getting their disc in a hole set up for the challenge.

How To Start

The First thing to do when getting ready to go out and play Disc golf is gathering people. The more people you have to play, the more fun it is and less pressure it has upon every one new beginning and for the experienced. The next step is to go early in the morning because there is less traffic on the course during morning hours.

When it comes to playing with other groups, getting a head start on the course is always the best start to a low score game with much focus. When you have the time to throw and are not hurried, it makes it more of a pleasurable experience. Get out and explore your city you never know where a Disc Golf course might be. There are many built around the world and some courses are even longer than 18 holes for the ultimate golfer.


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