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TOP 5. Disney World Vacation Tips

Updated on July 5, 2016

Time is money, a statement that businesses rely upon to expand and progress. So why relax this standard when you go on vacation, when a little time management can maximize your enjoyment and give you more value for you dollar? This guide will tell you how you can navigate Disney World to minimize crowd clogs, maximize park coverage, and save money on essential needs.

Disney World Crowd Control

One of the best methods for getting the most out of the Disney parks is taking advantage of the time of day. Early mornings when the park is about to open and late evening when the park is about to close are the optimal times to visit the parks more popular attractions. Roller Coaster rides such as Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad quickly gather long lines and the people capacity for the operation of the ride is low. By heading straight for attractions like these before the park fills up with people, or when they are leaving for the day; you will minimize the line clog and have more time to enjoy the rest of the park. In the middle of the day, when the crowds are at their peak, you can focus on attractions such as theaters and rides with a large people capacity like the Haunted Mansion. The line waiting will be minimal.

Another way to beat the lines is the Fastpass system. Some of the more popular attractions will have a kiosk at the front of it that lists the time to come back to it for early boarding. Simply slide your admission ticket or resort key into the slot on the kiosk and it will issue you a return ticket with a one hour window to come back to the attraction. After acquiring this ticket, you can visit the rest of the park with the assurance that when you come back, your line waiting will be minimal. The best time to take advantage of this system is in the middle of the day when the crowds have hit their peak.

Disney World Survival Guide

Keep in mind that the Disney World theme parks are in a tropical climate, in other words, it is hot and humid. Make sure to bring sunglasses, a hat, a small bottle of sunscreen, and preferably a seal tight bottle of water. These items can be purchased at the multitude of gift shops throughout the park, if you don’t mind paying drastically increased prices. If you don’t want to waste souvenir money paying for items that you desperately need for comfort, it would be best to bring these items yourself.

It is also essential to have a proper set of footwear. Bring some broken in shoes that you are comfortable wearing, because you will be doing a lot of walking and standing around. If you have a multi-day package to the parks, it is not fun to injure your feet the first day.

Disney World Weather Tips

Disney World’s tropical climate also translates to short but intense rain showers. Make sure to check the forecast for scattered showers and plan the day accordingly. There are several sections in each of the parks that offer rides and attractions that are sheltered from such storms. For example, in the Magic Kingdom, the area where the It’s A Small World ride resides offers several indoor rides where you can wait out the storms without giving up the fun you rightfully paid for.

Disney World Theme Resorts

One of the biggest advantages you can have is to buy a package at one of the Disney Resorts. Each resort has its own transport system to each of the parks, thus saving you gas, car rentals, and time that you would waste searching for a parking spot. Also, the parks have a special feature called extra magic hours whereupon they will open an hour early or close three hours late on alternating days for each park; your hotel will supply the park schedule for these hours. The extra magic hours are exclusive to those that stay in the Disney Resorts, and will be an essential bonus to those wanting to take the most advantage of the rides and attractions.

You can also add on a meal plan to your resort ticket, whereupon each person gets a table-service meal, a quick-service meal, and a snack per day. Such plans will save you a little, or a lot of money on food, depending on where you use it and what you order. Using a table-service meal at a character restaurant such as the Crystal Palace at Magic Kingdom is a great way to get a photo opportunity with a bunch of Disney characters without waiting in a long line at infrequent intervals at character location spots.

Disney World Off season

The busiest times of the year for Disney World is during the summer months and holidays. These are the times when people can easily arrange their vacations since the schools are closed and families have more free time together. However, with Disney World’s steady climate, the parks can be open year round, so if you or your family is not restricted by such time lines, visiting the parks off season may be to your advantage. An off season visit will be less restricted by crowds, and the resorts usually offer discounts during this time to attract more customers during the slow periods. Keep these tips in mind, and you will have a fun and money saving vacation.


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