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Great Diving Gear Online

Updated on January 10, 2011

Buy Diving Gear has awesome diving gear that beginner and moderate divers would definitely love. Even experienced divers prefer the anti-fog goggle solution for their underwater adventures.

When looking for new diving gear, make sure that you check out and the more popular diving gear options to choose from.

You will find a variety of diving fins, goggles, face masks, and apparel. There are different brands, colors, styles, and sizes to choose from, so there's not a problem finding something unique to your personality.

Diving Fins

  • Cressi Pluma Closed-Foot Diving Fin

These diving fins are made of a molding technology that offers high performance. They are very light, comfortable, and provide easy fining. The blade has a snappy rebound; the blade has two grooves and ribbing on the bottom, which allow for a very controlled and progressive bend. There is a hard sole that is anti-slip, which offers optimum protection. These diving fins come in various sizes and colors.

  • US Divers Trek Travel Fin

These short blade fins are lightweight and easy to pack, which makes them the perfect traveling fins. There is an adjustable heel strap, super soft foot pockets, and a dual-composite fine blade. These small fins offer power and style that is ideal for multiple water sports.These diving fins come in multiple sizes.

  • U.S. Divers Proflex II Diving Fins

These multi-purpose diving fins are great for water sports ranging from diving, tube fishing, to body surfing. They have dual blade channels to optimize water flow and enhance your thrust. These blades use TPR center flex zones to better cup the water for more underwater power. These diving fins come in a variety of sizes.


  • Liquid Image Explorer Underwater Digital Camera Mask

These underwater goggles have a built-in 5.0MP camera so that you can dive and swim hands free. The goggles have a tough tempered glass lens with integrated crosshairs for lining up pictures. You can use these goggles in waters up to 15 feet deep. There is 16MB of internal memory and a MicroSD slot for a card up to 2GB.

  • Anti-Fog Goggle Solution

This product is ideal for anyone. If you want to dive with comfort and the ability to see the wonders of the underwater world, you’ll want clear viewing. Apply a few drops and the lenses will be cleaned and will resist fogging. The small bottle is easy to transport with you and the manufacture offers a 6 month defect warranty in case you get a bottle that doesn’t properly stop your goggles from fogging.

Mask and Scuba Combo

  • Promate Snorkeling Scuba Dive DRY Snorkel PURGE Mask Gear

This scuba mask is a two color correction mask with UV protection and a mirror coating to protect your eyes. The lenses are available in red (ideal to bring up red color at deeper water) or yellow (ideal to increase light and contrast; best used in warm waters). The design is made to direct bubbles away from your view. This is a dry design that keeps water from entering the snorkel. The mask comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

  • U.S. Divers Admiral 2 Lx / Gulf Dry Adult Silicone Mask Combo

This is a skirt face that fits all shapes and sizes. The goggles feature a two window mask that has an expanded top to bottom for optimal viewing. The silicone material is hypo-allergenic, and the pinch and pull buckles offer ideal adjustment for optimum comfort. The snorkel is a dry top snorkel that features a pivot-dry technology. There is a contoured barrel for correct positioning and comfort. The snorkel also features a one way purge to keep the snorkel clear. This mask and snorkel set is 100% submersible.


  • Body Glove Short Arm Lycra Rash Guard Shirt

This body glove is make of a 6 ounce spandex material that is lightweight and comfortable.

  • High Stretch Diving Gloves

These gloves range from a variety of thicknesses to include 2.5, 3, and 5 mm thick. They allow for the ideal sensitivity and protection from cold water. The gloves are made from a high stretch neoprene material that counters as a nice non-slip material, and they are lined with Metallite. The gloves are great for underwater diving.

  • MICRONET Microfiber Towel

Not so much an apparel piece, but this microfiber towel is made of a high density material that is awesome for a quick dry. The towel comes in various sizes, and includes a carrying case.


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