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Divisional Round 2012 Picks.

Updated on January 12, 2013

Ravens at Broncos- Broncos.
It was great for Ray Lewis to have such a big game, such a great send out in Baltimore last week, and his last dance will be on youtube for the rest of time. However... Beating the Indianapolis Colts? A team made up of mostly rookies and washed up has-beens? Not really that impressive. Beating a rested Peyton Manning, at Denver? Completely different story. I think the Broncos will steamroll the Ravens next week.

Texans at Patriots- Patriots.
The Texans barely beat the other struggling team, the Bengals, and the Patriots have had a week to rest. I tried to find a way for the Texans to win. Maybe Arian Foster churns out a great day, hogging the clock and getting first downs. but... I still see Tom Brady carving up the overrated defense... Again./

Packers at 49ers- Packers.
Yet again, the NFC games are much, much better than the AFC games. This one just keeps repeating itself over and over. I can't wait. I'm taking the Packers because... Well... I don't like the direction that the 49ers offense is going. I don't like the power run game with Kaepernick, I don't like the aging receivers, and I don't like the lack of catches for Vernon Davis. The Packers offense? red hot. and the defense? Just got a whole lot better with the return of Charles Woodson. I can't wait for this game, and for a big Packers win.

Seahawks at Falcons- Seahawks.
Anybody who's followed my picks this season know how I feel about both of these teams. I feel like the Falcons are a huge fluke. I don't trust Matt Ryan. Michael Turner is far too old to carry the team by himself, and the defense is incredibly overrated. The Seahawks are smart, tough, and red hot. Marshawn Lynch is running hard and Russell Wilson is making a strong case for Rookie Of The Year. I can't wait to see Browner and Sherman match-up against Juilo Jones and Roddy White.


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