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Do You Like to Play Dangerous Sports

Updated on June 18, 2017


Initial Thoughts

Sports are made for entertainments. Like basketball, football, and lawn tennis, these sports amuse athletes. Indeed, athletes engage in sports to hone their athletic skills, while others strive hard to engage in some dangerous games. Even if certain sports are risky and death-defying, they choose to involve in perilous ones to challenge their fears. Although athletes can play harmless sports for them, they play those hazardous games to satisfy their adrenaline haste, overcome their fears, and achieve their extreme desires.

Deer Hunting

Complying with the Physical Urge

Generally, athletes play treacherous sports to satisfy their adrenaline rush. They like to hunt wild animals, participate in bull riding, and join in the world wrestling federation. For them, they want to acquire exceptional skills when they accomplish them. They completely feel satisfied with what they attain in their extracurricular activities. As they put their lives in danger, they firmly argue that they only quench their thirst for sports. Without any reservations, they bet their lives and expect to win. Even if they nearly kill themselves along the game, they opt to play to comply with their muscular drives.

Acknowledging Limitations

Certainly, athletes join precarious sports to overcome fears. For example, they go for sky diving, water surfing with strong waves, and mountain climbing. Even if the weather conditions put them at risks, they still join in the sport thinking that they can defeat their dreads and emotional terrors. Truly, such games like sky diving, water surfing with strong waves, and mountain climbing sound risky, but they only want to surpass the boundary of their everyday horrors. No persons can hamper them if they really want to participate in those sports to test their fear. Therefore, they attend hazardous sports to acknowledge their limitations.

Gratifying Extreme Sports Desires

Furthermore, many sports enthusiasts play risky games to achieve their extreme desire. Boxing, sparring, and thumping, which are dangerous games, may endanger athletes that lead them to deaths. Even if they want to prove their yearnings, they can cut their legs, become blind, and grow incapacitated ones. They can make their lives even miserable that they do not know where to live after the pain and agony. Risky sports like them make athletes' lives problematic. However, they remain firm and dauntless. As long as they gratify their extreme desires, they still attend and play for them.

Final Thoughts

Overall, athletes play daring and deadly sports to fulfill their adrenaline haste, overcome their fears, and achieve their physical desires. As they believe that sports are made for entertainments, they consider those perilous sports part of their lives. Even if the sports are nerve-wracking, athletes still engage in unsafe physical activities to enjoy themselves. What they never understand is that sports can make their lives become sorrowful when they get injuries. Additionally, they may face trouble with the pain, the hospital bill, the time, and the good life. Do you still play dangerous sports?


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