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Do You Want to Become a Football Coach?

Updated on August 10, 2015

Become a Football Coach

Do you want to become a football coach? Think you have what it takes? Of course, I'm not talking about becoming a football coach in the NFL or Division I college. This is all about starting out at the bottom – coaching youth football, and maybe moving up to high school.

Why Coach Youth Football?

Most youth football coaches get their start because they want to coach their sons – they become a football coach to spend time with their children and help teach them the right way to play sports. Of course, there are the few dads who get into youth coaching to fill some void in their lives and become the crazed, over-zealous coach who we see in viral videos. Don't be that coach!

How Do You Become a Football Coach

It’s not easy to become a football coach, but the steps are possible for most people. Here are the basics:

Degree – None required if you want to coach youth football; coaching high school usually takes at least a bachelor’s degree. Good degrees to earn include sports coaching education, physical education, exercise and sports science, and some type of education degree.

Certification or License – None required to coach youth football, though some leagues may require you to take CPR classes, other safety courses, or other sessions on coaching youths. Coaches who want to teach for schools must earn a state teaching license.

Experience – You don’t need to have played the game to become a football coach, but it certainly helps; for high school it is most likely a necessity. Experience as an assistant coach is also good.

Skills – Whether you are coaching eight year olds or eighteen year olds, you need to have great communication skills, incredible leadership qualities, and a solid understanding of the right way to play the game. With injuries becoming such a hot topic in football, you really need to know how to play the game safely if you want to coach football.

Become a Football Coach Who Has an Impact

Wins matter, but they aren’t everything. If you are coaching at the youth level, wins are really only a small part of the picture. Here are four traits that will make you a great football coach who impacts his players the right way:

Communication – you can know the game inside and out, but if you can’t communicate your technical knowledge to the players, your genius won’t make one bit of difference. You have to understand how each player learns and then deliver the information in the best way possible.

Compassion – no matter what age you coach, take the time to get to know each player. You have to understand each player’s fears and how to get the best out of them. You have to be invested in the success of each player and experience their pain and enjoy their success.

Passion – you have to love the game and you have to love coaching to become a football coach who makes an impact on his players. They will feed off your passion and elevate their game to meet your high level of passion.

Leadership – great coaches provide motivation and inspiration. They create and develop short and long-range plans and use their communication skills to put them into action. They coach and lead by example.


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