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Do just ONE thing for a great golf swing.

Updated on March 7, 2013

What every golfer should know.

Golfers everywhere are searching for a great golf swing that works for them. Little do they know, they already have a great golf swing. It's already set up inside them.

The perfect golf swing for each golfer is their own unique golf swing.

Sometimes it takes a trick to find that golf swing.

How come a golf swing fails?

Golfers just don't know how to get out of their own way. They TRY to make the golf ball fly monster distances, distances that simply are not necessary. That's their ego playing golf and that surely is the death of a golf swing.

Golf, like all other individual sports requires the player to have faith in themselves. Trust what you got. Tiger Wood's golf swing is very little use to you, if you haven't got his physical specifications, his fitness and flexibility, his mental outlook and tempo, discipline to practice, his work ethics, his resources and (not or) his preparation for every shot let alone every game. Use what you got, but use it wisely.

Perhaps golfers shouldn't grow up, watch the kids play because they naturally make the swing work. They simply don't care how it works, they just get in there and do it and it works. It's not about supple young bodies. It's about - let it happen.

They love to just do. It all comes unstuck when they start to copy, when they start to TRY.

So how can you get back to just letting it happen?

Just 1 thing. Do you believe it?

Do just 1 thing for a great golf swing.

Isn't that a bit too hopeful. Surely if you went to a Golf Pro you would get a whole series of lessons, wouldn't you? Not just 1 thing.

Yes, and so you should.

How on earth will 'just 1 thing' make any substantial difference?

How can an online golf swing suggestion make any difference? I mean seriously, the Under Cover Agent doesn't know anything about you.

It's got to be all smoke and mirrors, a trick.

Yes, you are correct, it is a trick and you are going to play it on yourself.

You are going to play the trick on your conscious mind and that is going to allow your golf swing to happen as it should.

The 1 thing.

If you are only going to do just 1 thing to get a great golf swing, this is it.

Think this swing thought throughout your whole golf swing -


That's it, that the 1 thing.

I picked this lesson up from a golfer who had really struggled with her golf. She considered that if she knew what the golf swing should look like at the finish, then everything else would be taken care of to get the swing to that point. She said she couldn't think fast enough to cope with all the other things she had been told to do. Her swing thought was "Hollywood Finish, Hollywood Finish" over and over again.

This lady plays off the men's tees and for cash. She took mine very easily.

Disclaimer: If you haven't aimed in the right direction, your ball still won't go in the right direction. Under Cover Agent says there is more than 1 thing to playing great golf. This is about your golf swing, not your golf game. There is a massive difference between those two subjects.

How does it work?

If you think 'hold the golf swing high at the finish' throughout the whole swing, you will have let your sub-conscious mind do its job. Take the club back, then forwards through the ball position with reasonable force.

You will not have been able to think all the sabotaging thoughts, you will not have been able to try any of those fan-dangled tips. Your body will work at its very best for you. It will have navigated itself around those old injuries, that one leg shorter than the other. That's the important stuff your sub-conscious mind takes care of, your conscious mind doesn't factor in or does at the expense of everything else.

Thinking the swing thought has given the conscious mind some work to do and it will go do it with extreme enthusiasm. You will end up in that position of holding the golf club high over your target side shoulder, and you will be looking straight down the flight path of the golf ball.

That's where your golf swing should finish up, your sub-conscious will be pretty much delivering you those results, if it is left alone to do so.

Just 1 thing?


Will that alone produce a great swing, a great game?

No, it will sure help your swing, but to play great golf takes a bit more than 1 thing.

If that great golf swing is made with the wrong golf club selection or pointing in the wrong direction, then the ball will go where you don't want it to. Now that's not helpful to playing good golf.

The golf swing is important and together we will look into the many aspects of it. We'll also look at the other stuff which will make the whole game simple and get great golf results.

Good golf is easy to play, bad golf takes a lot of effort, is frustrating and exhausting.

Let's play easy, good golf.

For on-course or during practice golf swing maintenance, check this out.

Click the follow Under Cover Agent and learn how to make your golf easy, injury free and more fun with lower golf scores.


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    • profile image

      JPW1979 2 years ago

      I have just started to focus on high finish in my swing and stumbled across your piece, im up the range this evening to try it out, thanks

    • profile image

      Rich Kub 6 years ago

      I was a 9 handicap and have struggled of late, up to 14. This tip will really work. Before I read this article, I was at the driving range and thought I would try to copy Luke Donald's high finish (because it looked good) and hey presto long and accurate again!! Under Cover agent knows his stuff, the sub-concious should rule the swing!

    • Under cover agent profile image

      Under cover agent 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Hi Nr 1 WLP

      You were lucky to have such a thoughtful and helpful father.

      The lesson is really simple, but so difficult to accept.

      As it is in life, it is in golf.

      Cheers and happy golfing.

    • profile image

      Number 1 Weight Loss Pill 6 years ago

      This is exactly what my father has always told me about my golf sing, and is the exact reason that he is the only person that I will take swing advice from. To many golf pro's try and teach you to swing a generic way, but the best swing for you is what works best for you, so get the best out of that, and work with it.

    • Butch45 profile image

      Butch45 6 years ago

      Yes I agree it is a good idea to carry with you.

    • Under cover agent profile image

      Under cover agent 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Thanks Shell, you're right about KISS. As it is in life, so it is in golf. Glad you will follow, Your swing will become very consistent by doing the little things and letting the swing happen. There will always be a nasty one here and there, don't let it get you down. In fact that's sort of what the next article is about.

      Meantime, great golfing.

      Under Cover Agent

    • profile image

      shell 6 years ago

      Hmm. am new to this golf thing and looking for some KISS advice so it was grat to reaf your KISS style tip. Also tickled that a lady golfer took your money. The good golf ideas always seem to be aimed at men -or maybe it just feels that they aren't thinking about me and my golf. I am short, small and female and my swings are so inconsistent. I can follow a series of really good swings with a bad one and then stay there, so I am gonna go out and put that swing thingy into action. I like the idea of focusing on one thing

      Thanks, I’ll follow your hub.