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Do you like fly fishing?

Updated on April 18, 2011

Do you like fly fishing?

It's been awhile, but I'm back and answering a question asked by beverlyannblock.

Here is the link if you are interested

The question asked was, "Do you like fly fishing?"

I figured I better try it before I answer. Below is my account of a day fly fishing.

Where to begin?

Knowing nothing about fly fishing I decided to ask the good people at Google for some information. They let me down. I got a bunch of crap concerning fishing for fish. After a few different ways of wording my search I just gave up. I just couldn't get Google to understand I was Fly fishing, not fish fishing!

Obviously I was going to have to do this on my own. I went to the garage and dug out the old fishing pole.I went to the tackle box and got an assortment of hooks. I grabbed the fly swatter to whack the really big ones I caught. I packed my self a lunch and got into the car excited to catch some flies.

I sat behind the wheel stunned. Where do I go to go fly fishing? Exactly where do flies hang out. I thought of going to the landfill, but decided they would never let me in. Then it hit me!Turns out it was garbage collection day. Everyone had their trash cans out for pickup. It was my lucky day!

I walked around the neighborhood looking for the smelliest trash can I could find. After a few minutes of lifting trash can lids and sniffing the contents. I choose my spot.

Hope they are biting!

I pulled another trash can over to use as a seat. I got out the pole and some hooks. I choose my hook, attached it to my line, and dropped it into the trash can. As I sat on my can I could see the flies buzzing around. With all this activity I just had to see some action. Then it dawned on me. I didn't bait the hook!

Once again I'm at a crossroad. What do I use as bait? Food of course! Flies are attracted to food. So, I sacrificed a small piece of my lunch. I placed some on the hook, and dropped the line back into the trash can.

I sat there for quite awhile. Flies landed on the bait, but I just couldn't hook them. Every time I jerked up to  set the hook the fly got away. I was getting quite frustrated. On top of my frustration, I was uncomfortable sitting on a trash can with the hot morning sun beating down on me.  I'm sure things would be better after my first catch.

Who knew?

Suddenly, a loud noise can be heard in the distance. It sounded like a truck. Sure enough, the garbage truck comes around the corner. It stops in front of my fly fishing spot. The last thing I want to do is share my location with someone else. I researched this site and have invested hours waiting for one fly to take my bait. These guys have to go!

"Excuse me sir," says the driver of the garbage truck. "Exactly what are you doing?" he asks. "Fly fishing", I reply. "Fly fishing?" he asks with a strange look. "Yes, and they aren't biting here. You might want to try a different spot", I suggested.

We conversed for a little longer, then the driver made a call on his cell phone. I tought to myself that that couldn't be good. He was probably telling everyone about my spot. Soon everyone would be dipping their hooks into my fishing hole.

I was wrong. A few minutes later a policeman arrived. It seems that Google was right about fly fishing and I was wrong. It's a quirk in the English language. I took it literally, and that was a mistake. I've been charged with obstruction of a municipal employee performing his duties. They say I littered because my food was on the ground. And I must undergo some psychiatric testing.

So to answer the question...................No I hate Fly Fishing . I'm hoping beverlyannblock,  that you will come to court with me to explain how this all happened! Send me an email and I'll let you know the court date.


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    • freecampingaussie profile image

      freecampingaussie 6 years ago from Southern Spain

      funny hub ! found you while hub hopping !