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Don Wilson

Updated on March 10, 2018
Don Wilson as seen on a cover shot of German fighting sport magazine Kung Fu Revue in 1988
Don Wilson as seen on a cover shot of German fighting sport magazine Kung Fu Revue in 1988 | Source

Don Wilson short bio

He is one of the best kickboxing champions of all times: Don 'The Dragon' Wilson. Of course, most younger folks have never seen him fight because his active career is over, but have learned of him from action movies such as 'Bloodfist' series and 'Grid Runners'. Don has also been commenting various TV broadcasts including final events of 'The Ultimate Fighting Challenge' and pro kickboxing events on Mike Sawyer's pro kickboxing shows on ESPN.

Don Wilson has fought against so many big names during his pro-kickboxing career and beaten them including James Warring who later became and World Professional boxing champion and Maurice Smith, a two time UFC champion and Men's Health cover model. Don Wilson's greatest fights included victories over Dennis Alexio, K-1 Champion Branco Cikatic and a 9th round knockout over famous WAKO superstar Ferdinand Mack during his only World title match held in Europe. Don won over 10 World titles and championship belts, most of whom were sanctioned by WKA, World Kickboxing Association.

Today, the Dragon lives in Los Angeles together with his wife Kathleen and his 3 kids. He travels frequently for appearances during high profile martial arts events and movie shows. From time to time he engages in exhibition fights and conducts flghting seminars.

Don has been voted the all-time pound-for-pound best kickboxing champion by German kickboxing magazine 'KICK Illustrierte" in 1996 and been the highest rated kickboxer by Paul Maslak's Star System ratings, the only independent kickboxing rankings published in martial arts magazines worldwide from 1978 to 1993. He accepted all rules and never ducked a fight. A true champion who remains very popular among all martial artists worldwide.

Interview with Don Wilson from 1996 (German)

The ex world champion is actively endorsing protective gear that deems to make fighting sports more safe for fighters and practitioners. He is wearing sparring gloves and Top Ten head gear while fighting on exhibitions and sparring in the gym. His last exhibition bout took place in Germany in June 2017 when he squared off with German top fighter Ferdinand Mack for a three rounder at an WKU event.


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    • wako-wka profile image

      wako-wka 3 years ago from Berlin, Germany

      Don Wilson has always been one of my favorite kickboxers from America. I remember his fight in Berlin against Mack. he was very lucky to win that one.