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Buy The Best Portable Hunting Blinds, Gift Ideas for all Season Hunting

Updated on February 13, 2015

Pop-up Hunting Blinds Work Great for all Seasons

Pop-up hunting blinds are easy to set-up, safe, and make it easy to bag that old long beard or monster buck you have been dreaming about.
Pop-up hunting blinds are easy to set-up, safe, and make it easy to bag that old long beard or monster buck you have been dreaming about.

Popular Deer and Turkey Hunting Methods

The most popular hunting methods used by turkey hunters, whitetail deer hunters, and black bear hunters incorporate the use of camouflaged hunting blinds. The problem with permanently built hunting blinds, is just that, they are permanent, which is to say, when the game changes, a hunter must build another blind or be left on the sidelines.

Give The Best pop-up Hunting Blinds this year

Many hunters have constructed so-called portable hunting blinds. The kind of blind we built ourselves using fiberglass rods, or wooden dowels, we would simply, stick into the ground to support a piece of camo netting, or camouflage fabric as a make shift hunting blind.

The problem with these types of make shift blinds, they are hard to set-up and take down on the fly. They do not work well in the wind or rain, and they are a pain in the butt to pack in and out of a newly found hot spot. There really is a better way, discover, Double Bull hunting Blinds and enjoy the easy set-up of an effectively camouflaged hunting blind.

Portable Blinds, make the best Gift Ideas for all season hunting

Double Bull Archery hit the market with their T5 blind in 2002, at a $499 price point. I must admit, at first I balked at the rather lofty price. Then after I checked out all the other pop-up blinds on the market, I reconsidered my knee jerk reaction.

Just about all the other portable hunting blinds I looked at were constructed of low quality, cheap materials, poorly camouflaged nylon fabric, noisy hard to open and close zippered window and door openings, making matters worse, they were simply too small. Not even large enough for me to get my bow to full draw, let alone accommodate my son and I turkey hunting.

This is the best folding hunting chair I have ever used

The most comfortable Hunting Blind Gift Ideas

Double bull, took a different approach with their T5 hunting blind. Setting their sights on the wants and needs of serious archery and firearm, turkey, whitetail deer and black bear hunters, who had a need that was not being satisfied. The discriminating hunters that were looking for, a portable blind made of High quality materials, easy to set-up design, and last but certainly not least, easily packed into and out of their favorite hunting hot spots.

Double Bull pop-up hunting Blinds

Yes, I purchased my first Double Bull T5 way back then, and have put it through its paces ever since. I have used it in windy and rainy weather conditions that have turn lesser blinds inside out, leaving them nothing more than an armload of torn fabric, bent or busted poles and rods. The Double Bull still looks good, a little faded after spending a few months in the hills and hollers of western Kentucky, on more than one occasion, but it still is easy to set-up and fool and ole gobbler, or whitetail deer.

Buy Double Bull portable Blinds, The Best Turkey Hunting Blinds Gift Ideas for all Occasions

Since that time, Double Bull has continued to improve on their portable hunting blinds. They introduced their Matrix model, its acclaim to fame among hunters and outdoor enthusiasts was the large 360-degree quiet and easily adjusted window openings. Larger openings provide turkey and deer hunters, cameraman or anyone for that matter more flexibility. After all, I think you will agree, more wide-open viewing and opportunities for a good shot is what a good hunting blind is all about anyway.

The Matrix was a great blind, however there are hunters who like the layout of the T5 better. Responding to their customers likes and dislikes, Double Bull combined the best of both, the T5 and the Matrix to satisfy the wants and needs of their loyal customers with a hybrid called the Primos Dark Horse Ground Blind.

Enjoy the hunt, reward yourself by using the very best hunting gear and pop-up hunting blind you can buy online. Best of luck, Happy Hunting and share the outdoors with a kid, Mike

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    • katiem2 profile image

      katiem2 7 years ago from I'm outta here

      WOW the product improvements and availablity in the hunting sport is amazing. I learned a great deal from your article Double Bull Blinds Make the Best Hunting Blinds Gift Ideas for All Occasions. Great pointers and tips.