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Draft Needs for Every NFL Team as the Draft Approaches

Updated on April 14, 2015
Jameis Winston has the best opportunity to become a franchise quarterback from the 2015 draft class.
Jameis Winston has the best opportunity to become a franchise quarterback from the 2015 draft class. | Source

Two Quarterbacks worthy of being first round picks

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Needs: Quarterback, Offensive line, Safety.

The Buccaneers are likely to prioritize the quarterback position with a couple of good options at the top of this year's draft. They will look to improve the interior of their offensive line by making that their priority after the first round. The team could also use a really athletic safety to cover plenty of ground in deep coverage.

Tennessee Titans

Needs: Defensive line, Cornerback, Wide receiver

The Titans have multiple defensive line options available to them here, but taking a wide receiver here would not be out of the question. With a deep draft at both cornerback and wide receiver, the Titans are likely to wait until the second round to take either a perimeter offensive player or defender.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Needs: Outside linebacker, Cornerback, Running back

The Jacksonville Jaguars need impact players with their early picks, and this includes a pass rusher that they can develop into an elite defender. With Jonathan Cyprien at safety, the team now could use some help at the cornerback position in order to continue to build a strong pass defense. With former quarterback Denard Robinson being their most effective runner last season, the Jaguars need a potential feature back to add to their offense.

Oakland Raiders

Needs: Wide receiver, Tight end, Running back, defensive back

Derrick Carr needs weapons on the perimeter in order to continue the success he established in his rookie season, and this could lead to Oakland drafting a wide receiver early. A secondary need here, is an upgrade at the tight end position, but running back is the other big offensive need for Oakland. The retirement of Maurice Jones-Drew and the departure of Darren McFadden have created this need. Oakland has started to rebuild their defense, and that should continue as they look for quality young defensive backs in this year's draft.

Washington Redskins

Needs: Outside linebacker, Defensive back, Wide receiver

With the Redskins in need of rebuilding their defense, they are likely to prioritize a pass rusher early in the draft. With Terrance Knighton joining the team as a free agent, their defensive line should be in position to be strong this season. Their other priorities in their defensive rebuild will focus on bringing in defensive back talent at both the safety and cornerback positions. The team could also use another wide receiver in order to make life easier for Robert Griffin in 2015.

New York Jets

Needs: Outside linebacker, Quarterback, Running back

The Jets need to improve their pass rush, in order to complement their rebuilt secondary and defensive line. With Geno Smith and Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, the Jets could prioritize that position in the draft. While the Jets do have their feature back for 2015, Chris Ivory is not likely to be their future at the running back position.

Chicago Bears

Needs: Nose tackle, Outside linebacker, Wide receiver

The Bears need to rebuild their defense, and that all starts in the middle as they make the move to a 3-4 defense. They could also use a pass rushing outside linebacker after losing Lance Briggs recently. They traded away star receiver Brandon Marshall, which leaves an offensive need at the wide receiver position, as the third of their top priorities in the draft.

Atlanta Falcons

Needs: Outside linebacker, Defensive back, Running back

The Falcons have a prolific offense, but they need to improve in areas that limits their opponents from scoring. Pass rush is their primary need, but right after that comes their need for upgrades in the defensive backfield at both safety and corner. Steven Jackson remains as the team's primary option at running back, but the Falcons would jump at the opportunity to add an impact player at the running back position in the draft.

La'el Collins is one of the better offensive tackle prospects available to teams in a deep draft class at the position.
La'el Collins is one of the better offensive tackle prospects available to teams in a deep draft class at the position. | Source

Depth at offensive tackle is evident

New York Giants

Needs: Offensive tackle, Offensive guard, Center, Linebacker

The Giants need upgrades on their offensive line as they head into the 2015 season, but they do have a couple players from that unit that they will bring back as starters next season. Beyond needs along the offensive line, the Giants need outside linebacker help in order to improve against the run and in pass coverage. They have enough depth at cornerback, but they could target a safety late in this year's draft.

St. Louis Rams

Needs: Offensive tackle, Cornerback, Wide receiver

After the departure of Jake Long, the Rams once again need an offensive tackle early in the draft. While the Rams do have some cornerback depth, they need another starting caliber cornerback, and one should be available in a draft class deep at that position. With players like Brian Quick and Kenny Britt having significant roles in the Rams' offense last season, they could use another impact wide receiver with speed on the perimeter.

Minnesota Vikings

Needs: Offensive tackle, Cornerback, Wide receiver

The Vikings need an offensive tackle to prevent edge rushers from getting to their quarterback so frequently. They could also use another cornerback to complement Captain Munnerlyn in an improved secondary. With Greg Jennings leaving and Cordarelle Patterson struggling to meet his potential, the Vikings could use another quality player on the perimeter offensively.

Cleveland Browns

Needs: Quarterback, Defensive line, Wide receiver

The Browns have gone through a number of quarterbacks in the past two decades without finding their franchise quarterback of the future. They would like to find their quarterback of the future on draft day this year. The team also is in need of an upgrade on the defensive line, in an effort to improve their pass rush. Josh Gordon's issues have created a situation where the team is once again in need of talent at the wide receiver position.

New Orleans Saints

Needs: Defensive end, Tight end, Linebacker

The Saints need to improve their pass rush after a season in which their pass defense struggled. After trading Jimmy Graham, upgrading their current tight end situation becomes one of the team's top priorities. The team could also use an upgrade at the linebacker position to help their run defense and pass rush throughout the coming season.

Miami Dolphins

Needs: Wide receiver, Cornerback, Linebacker

After trading away Mike Wallace the Dolphins have a big need at the wide receiver position. They also need a cornerback to start opposite Brent Grimes, even after signing Brice McCain this offseason. After that, the Dolphins are likely to prioritize an impact player at the outside linebacker position to star opposite Cameron Wake.

San Francisco 49ers

Needs: Defensive tackle, Inside linebacker, Outside linebacker

The 49ers saw multiple players leave or retire from their defense this offseason. While they brought in Darnell Dockett to start on the defensive line, they could use a nose tackle to anchor the middle. With Patrick Willis gone, the team needs multiple inside linebackers to rebuild their defense back to what it once was. They could also use an outside linebacker to improve their pass rush, or they could add a cornerback to improve their secondary.

Houston Texans

Needs: Wide Receiver, Quarterback, Defensive back

Andre Johnson's departure means the Texans have a need at the wide receiver position, even though quarterback may materialize as an even bigger need in the near future. With Brian Hoyer competing for the starting quarterback job, the Texans may need to use on of their first two picks on a quarterback again this year. Their defensive backfield could use added depth at either cornerback or safety, since they have to face the high flying Colts offense twice each season.

The presence of Bud Dupree in this draft class, signals the depth at outside linebacker in this year's draft.
The presence of Bud Dupree in this draft class, signals the depth at outside linebacker in this year's draft. | Source

Teams in need of pass rushers have options

San Diego Chargers

Needs: Running back, Offensive tackle, Wide receiver

After Ryan Matthews left the team as a free agent, running back could be the top priority for the Chargers as they enter the draft. Last season's finale proved that they need some help at the offensive tackle position, as the Kansas City edge rushers took over that ballgame. With Vincent Jackson and Eddie Royal now gone, the Chargers need to add more depth at wide receiver.

Kansas City Chiefs

Needs: Offensive tackle, Wide receiver, Inside linebacker

If the Chiefs want to build up the offensive lines that have made them successful in the past, they are going to need some help at the offensive tackle position. After having none of their wide receivers catch a touchdown pass last season, and the departure of Dwayne Bowe in the offseason, the need for a wide receiver is quite evident. The Chiefs had an excellent pass defense last season, but they need to improve against the run by adding an inside linebacker.

Philadelphia Eagles

Needs: Safety, Offensive guard, Wide receiver

In order for the Eagles to once again put a great defense on the field, they are going to need a physical presence at the safety position that Brian Dawkins once provided. After the departure of Todd Herremans, offensive guard becomes a need this year in the draft. With DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin leaving the past two years, the Eagles need to add another wide receiver in this year's draft.

Cincinnati Bengals

Needs: Defensive tackle, Safety, Defensive end

The Bengals need to improve at the defensive tackle position in order to play the dominant run defense that they are capable of. Even though the Bengals are strong at cornerback, they had a tendency to allow big plays to signal their need for an upgrade at the safety position. They could also help to improve this area by bringing in depth at defensive end to create more of a pass rush.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Needs: Cornerback, Outside linebacker, Tight end

The Steelers' secondary gave up too many big plays last season, and they could improve in this area by adding young athleticism at the cornerback position. Their pass rush has not been very good each of the past two seasons, which brings the need at outside linebacker to the forefront. With Heath Miller aging, the Steelers could use another tight end with the potential to lock down that position for the team in the future.

Detroit Lions

Needs: Defensive tackle, Cornerback, Safety

With Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley both leaving, the Lions need to add another defensive tackle early in the draft. With their pass rush likely to see a drop off, the team is going to need to improve in the defensive backfield. Upgrades at both the cornerback and safety position are needs for the team as they head into the 2015 season.

Arizona Cardinals

Needs: Running back, Inside linebacker, Defensive line

With Jonathan Dwyer being the team's feature back last season before his suspension, the Cardinals need for a new feature back is apparent. The Cardinals have a fantastic defense, but they could make it even better by adding depth to replace age at the inside linebacker position. After losing Darnell Dockett this offseason, the Cardinals could use depth at defensive tackle or defensive end to help maintain their great defense.

Byron Jones' huge performance at the combine adds another strong option to the cornerback draft class.
Byron Jones' huge performance at the combine adds another strong option to the cornerback draft class. | Source

Cornerback depth is there for teams

Carolina Panthers

Needs: Offensive tackle, Defensive end, Wide receiver

The Panthers need help at the offensive tackle position after struggling to protect their passer last season from edge rushers. The Panthers also need to improve their pass rush on the defensive side by adding a defensive end with significant pass rush ability. This will help them to put a better pass defense on the field, after struggling in that area last season. With Kelvin Benjamin now as the Panthers' primary perimeter threat on offense, they need some more depth at the wide receiver position to complement him.

Baltimore Ravens

Needs: Wide receiver, Defensive tackle, Cornerback

After the departure of Torrey Smith in free agency, the Ravens now need another wide receiver to start opposite Steve Smith. Trading away Haloti Ngata opened up a need on the defensive line for the Ravens who will look to continue to rebuild their defense by adding to their secondary at the cornerback position.

Dallas Cowboys

Needs: Running back, Cornerback, Linebacker

DeMarco Murray's departure in free agency means the Cowboys will look to add a running back early in this year's draft. They also need to add to their defensive back depth, especially at the cornerback position after this emerged as an area of need last season. With the Cowboys losing players at the linebacker position, this could also be an area of need that they focus on early in the draft.

Denver Broncos

Needs: Defensive tackle, Tight end, Wide receiver

With Terrance Knighton leaving the team, the Broncos need another defensive tackle to anchor the middle of their defense in the coming season. Julius Thomas' departure means that the Broncos could also use another tight end early in the upcoming draft. Wes Welker no longer being with the team, means they could target a wide receiver early in the draft as well.

Indianapolis Colts

Needs: Running back, Safety, Inside linebacker

The Colts need a feature back in their offense, and they do not have one right now. LaRon Landry getting cut by the team opens up a need at the safety position, but perhaps their most important need is at the inside linebacker position. Teams gashed the Colts in the running game last season, and they need a significant presence on the interior of their defense to help stop that from happening again.

Green Bay Packers

Needs: Inside linebacker, Defensive tackle, Cornerback

The Packers struggled against the run a season ago, and their top needs reflect that as they head into the draft. They need to anchor the middle of their defense with added depth at the inside linebacker position and the defensive tackle position. The team could also use some cornerback depth after losing Davon House as a free agent this offseason.

New England Patriots

Needs: Cornerback, Defensive tackle, Wide receiver

After losing Darrelle Revis and Brandon Browner this offseason, cornerback may be the Patriots top priority in the draft. With Vince Wilfork leaving as well, defensive tackle could be their focus in the first round with most of the top cornerbacks likely to be off the board. With Brandon LaFell as the Patriots biggest threat on the perimeter, they have a need at the wide receiver position as well.

Seattle Seahawks

Needs: Center, Wide receiver, Cornerback

The Seahawks traded away center Max Unger in their recent offseason trade for star tight end Jimmy Graham. This opens a need for the Seahawks at the center position even though they do not have a first round pick in this year's draft. They also need to add depth at wide receiver in order to give their star quarterback more downfield options. With Walter Thurmond, Brandon Browner and Byron Maxwell all leaving the team recently, the Seahawks need to add to their cornerback depth in this year's draft.

Buffalo Bills

Needs: Safety, Inside linebacker, Tight end

The Buffalo Bills also do not have a first round draft pick, but they do have a need at safety since they have lost quality players in free agency at the safety position the past two offseasons. With Kiko Alonso traded away, and Brandon Spikes not signed back, the Bills need another inside linebacker added to help their defense maintain their strong level of play. The team could also use a good tight end from the draft class, to help improve their red zone offense.

NFL Draft 2015

Which position will yield the top player in this year's draft?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      The Phins! we gettin Mariota

    • Josh Ruga profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Ruga 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      darkprinceofjazz, I almost put quarterback as a draft need for the Bengals, however I decided not to insult Andy Dalton like that. The Bengals draft in the bottom half of the draft each year, so finding a quarterback in the first round is not likely. They could prioritize quarterback soon after the first round though, and they could end up with a player like Bryce Petty.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I can tell you this, as far as the Bengals go: They still need a QB, We Bengals fans have intimate knowledge of Dalton's "wilting under pressure persona".

      With all the tools he has at his disposal, it's painfully obvious that he can not get any better, in fact he's worse now than his rookie year. Where else but Cincinnati could a coach be 0 for 6 in the playoffs and still be there?

      It's the owner, where we are now, is as good as it will get for the Bengals under Mike Brown as owner.

    • Josh Ruga profile imageAUTHOR

      Joshua Ruga 

      3 years ago from New Jersey

      Yes, I think the young athletes who are entering this draft, have done a great job of preparing their talents to best fit the needs of NFL teams right now. Other than a thin quarterback class, this draft should upgrade the quality of football played in the 2015 season.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Going to be an interesting draft this year. It always is.


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