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Doing Duck Call Necklaces the Right Way

Updated on May 6, 2017

What You Need to Know

Having a duck call necklace or lanyard is essential for keeping your duck call close when you need it most.

Every hunter understands: when you need access to a duck call, you need it quickly and easily without busying up your hands. That's where a duck call necklace really comes in handy. Perfect for both the seasoned or the beginner hunter, these lanyards hold a small call easily in reach but leaving both hands free to keep on your rifle. Combining lightweight and durable construction and extreme convenience, these calls are the perfect item for the hunter in your life.

Built from sturdy acrylic that is lightweight but tough, the small duck call itself hangs from a lanyard for the utmost convenience. Nothing beats the quick access to a call that's hanging right around your neck. A duck call necklace solves the problem of easy accessibility to a call without being overly large or heavy in addition to any other hunting gear that you're wearing and carrying.

Don't always believe that bigger is better - at least not when duck calls are concerned. There's no need to buy a big, heavy wooden call that takes up space in a pocket or backpack when it's so easy to wear a small, lightweight call around the neck, wrist, or have it clipped on to a jacket for easy access in a pinch. With a lanyard cord that is adjustable for any length, it's perfect for every hunter (even the little ones) in your life.

This adjustable unisex gift item is perfect for the avid hunter or even the beginner just starting out. The duck call necklace looks just like any other water fowl call but is made smaller and from bright colored acrylic in many shades. It's durable and easy to use for anyone so keep an extra in your pocket just in case! These are functional calls, just like any goose or wood duck call that is larger, so taking it hunting means there's always a call in easy reach.

A great gift for hunters, children, friends, and family these miniature working duck calls are perfect for taking into the woods or just having around as fun toys for the little hunters in your life. With a duck call necklace around your neck or in your pocket, you'll never feel the need to dig around in your bag again for what you're looking for. Keep both eyes on the water and both hands on your rifle when there's a duck call on a lanyard around your neck.

There are several types and kinds of duck calls necklaces. You want something that will be comfortable while you are duck hunting. Some other features to look into are the quality of the product, color, and reputation of the company selling it. It is also very easy to make one yourself.

At the end of the page, there's a video and a link to Field and Stream on how to make your own. If you don't want to spend the time or would rather just buy one, check out Amazon or eBay. Both have some excellent deals. You should expect to pay for a low quality one about $5 and a high quality one at $30.

How to Make a Duck Call Necklace


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