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Dugout Mugs: Bringing Baseball To Your Dining Room Table!

Updated on July 27, 2017

Dugout Mugs

Dugout Mugs Fully Customizable Mugs made from a baseball bat barrel.
Dugout Mugs Fully Customizable Mugs made from a baseball bat barrel. | Source

Americas Past Time Just Got Better!

Americas Past Time just got better as the Thompson Company delivers every baseball fan a true souvenir to add to the collection. While every baseball fan may have a bat, baseball or even a baseball glove laying around their collection, no one till the Dugout Mug hit the market had a beer mug (yes you can use it for soda, juice or your favorite drink as well) made from a real life baseball bat.

Myself I am a diehard sports fan who has been around the game of baseball since I was big enough to pick up a whiffle ball bat. Since that day I continued to play to three torn rotator cuffs shut me down. Along with baseball I am a sports fan in general who attends sporting events year round. So my collection includes autograph baseballs, jerseys, bobble heads and even mugs/shot glasses from different sporting events. When I stumbled upon this I couldn't pass up the opportunity to reach out to them and learn more about the item.

Hold Up, don't worry if you haven't ever heard of this product yet because when I stumbled upon Randall Thompson and the Dugout Mug back in July of 2016 this incredible item wasn't even called this. Since that time Thompson has taken the idea of making a mug out of a baseball bat into an item that any baseball or softball should have in their collection.


Getting to Know Randall & The Creation of the Dugout Mug!

Like many of you my excitement for the game of baseball made me want to know more about this company. After reaching out to Randall last year he was able to fill me in on the company, his history and his passion for the game of baseball.

Randall is from the Orlando Florida area and has had a passion for baseball since he was a little boy. This passion grew and eventually landed him a chance to be a pitching coach for Florida Tech. While their another member of the team left a sawed off baseball bat barrel in the dugout. Immediately the creative side turned a light bulb off and the creation of what we now know the Dugout Mug.

In his free time he loves to spend time with his family and friends while also keeping up with baseball. The passion for baseball has him watching some of the games top pitchers over the years as well as just keeping up with the current playoff picture as well as the trade deadline.

Fully Customizable making the Dugout Mug a great gift idea for any occasion!
Fully Customizable making the Dugout Mug a great gift idea for any occasion!

Fast Forward to 2017: Question & Answer Session W/Randall

Me: How is life treating you?
Randall: Life is good. I am beginning to see my vision grow and it’s exciting – yet, it’s unlike anything I have ever experienced. There have been countless moments that have forced me to grow, especially over the past six months. Overall, I trust it is making me a better businessman and a better person…it’s exciting, nerve-racking, and humbling wrapped up in one venture.

Me: Since we last talked has the company has continued to grow. Anything new going on with the brand?
Randall: Yes! Many things have changed. I brought on a strategic partner that is opening doors I would still be knocking on. So, the addition of him has been immeasurable.

We decided to give the baseball bat mug a name that it can be easily identified by an everyday baseball player or fan – the “Dugout Mug”…it’s a play on words, as in the barrel being “dugout”– in addition, the idea of the baseball mug came to me in a dugout while coaching baseball.

One of my favorite things to do is create – so, in addition to growing the awareness of the Dugout Mug…we are continuing to work on designing new products to introduce to the world. We recently created and tested the home plate tray – a 17 inch tray that is crafted from wood in the shape of home plate – it’s designed to carry up to four mugs at a time.

Me: Your approaching your first year, how has everything gone with the company and the brand?
Randall: We just finished up our first year of business in June…it’s been a ride! Sales have been great, and we have been working through growing pains within all sectors of the business. A big learning point for me: I no longer try to predict the best path to take, because a lot like baseball - business and entrepreneurship are best approached with a day by day mentality…the uncontrollable aspects of business are ever changing; therefore, my approach has to remain liquid.

Me: Can you tell us a little more about the product, the name change to the Dugout Mug as well as any changes to your company.
Randall: We still operate as Thompson Mug Company – the flagship product is referred to as the “Dugout Mug” It was a move that we believed help customers and potential customers recall the name of our baseball bat mug.

With the addition of a new strategic partner – we have also hired on full time help; in which, she has been an amazing piece to the puzzle. She is eager to grow with us, and believes in the company as much as we believe in her…it’s a great situation.

What do you think of the Dugout Mug?

What do you think of the Dugout Mug?

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