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Dwayne "Pearl" Washington's 10 greatest moments!

Updated on April 28, 2016

Step aside and let the man come through!


The legend of the Brooklyn Baller.

The Pearl was an outstanding point guard and shooter that went straight to the N.B.A.. Before that, he was a legend at Boys and Girls High school in Brooklyn, N.Y. Then he was the leader at Syracuse University. He single-handedly poured tremendous amounts of fuel on the rivalry between S. U. and Georgetown. The Hoyas found out how competitive and courageous he was, and in a hurry.

Many say that he put Syracuse Basketball on the map. Where I believe that was done by the likes of Louie and Bowie, and Danny Schayes or the Tony Bruin, Eric Sanifer, and Leo Rautins team, No one brought the type and amount of enthusiasm to this town that Dwayne Washington did!

His Highlights

The top 10 moments.

10. MVP in the Big East. Though Syracuse did not win the whole tournament, the Pearl had a great game against Georgetown to put them in the Championship game with St John's. The Pearl almost made the winning shot, but remember Chris Mullen and Walter Berry? I do!

9. The Pearl gets a timeout. Before taking down Pat Ewing, the Pearl tussled with another big, bad, Hoya. Raulph Dalton was a 6'9" behemoth that towered over most and was heavier set, than everyone on the court. The Pearl didn't care, and decided to no longer tolerate the pushing and elbowing. He shook his finger at Dalton to warn him, and then the mighty one from Brooklyn drew back his fist and let it fly. Just as he was throwing that punch, Coach Boeheim came running up from behind and bear hugged the Pearl and brought that arm down. Then Coach walk Pearl away and calmed him down, before he got ejected. No one could question Washington's backbone after that!

8. The Pearl's cross over part 2- He did a huge dribble cross over and then scored a layup on Boston College, to set up the tie breaking half court shot at the buzzer.

7. The Pearl's cross over part 1- The warlord and worst nightmare of Georgetown fans scored on a cross over dribble with triple coverage (including Pat Ewing), and got two points to set up the win.

6. 18 assists in a huge win. Feb. 27, 1984, Syracuse knocked off the favored St. Johns due to the 18 assists by the master point guard.

5. Pearl's shot topples No. 1 -- Jan. 28, 1985: The Georgetown Hoyas were ranked number and were supposed to beat Syracuse that night. However, the master of the clutch time crossover, hit the game winning shot from the left elbow, and the Orange knocked out the number 1 team in the nation, for the first time ever.

4. The Pearl dodges Ewing. While he was falling to the floor, the 7 foot monster from Georgetown threw a hay maker at Dwayne. The Pearl ducked back ward and watched the big center hit the deck.

3. The Pearl takes down Goliath. After having had enough of Pat Ewing's style of play (so to speak), number 31 hauled off and landed a hard punch on the giant Hoya. The referees never saw it and Ewing's punch missed as he fell to the floor. That knock out punch by the 6'2 guard, was heard around the Big East. No one else found it necessary to cross the Pearl like that again!

2. Becoming such a legend that only he could have that nickname, and never get mocked for it!

And now for the one that you already guessed...

1. The Pearl buries the game winning half court shot against Boston College. Jan. 24, 1984: At the Carrier Dome, time was running out in a game against Big East rival, The Boston College Eagles. The game was tied and the Pearl was racing down the court with the ball and at the last second, he took and made a half court runner to put the game away! The was an almost impossible shot, but that was the Pearl. He had no fear what so ever. Well, he may not have like crowds, because he kept right on running all the way to the locker room. When the crowd rushed the court, the hero was already gone and in the shower. Later in an interview, he said"That one was for my mother".


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