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ECW dvd review: Raven vs. Sandman feud

Updated on July 20, 2017


The ECW dvd contains one of the most emotionally charged feuds between Raven and the Sandman next to his feud with Tommy Dreamer in this 6 Disc edition. The ECW dvd is action packed, emotionally heated, a highly controversial feud filled with fancam matches, promos, and more. The ECW dvd is an exclusive boxset rarely found anywhere else online which makes it a noteworthy buy for diehard ECW fans.

The Sandman
The Sandman

Production information:

Actors: Raven, Sandman, Tommy Dreamer, Beulah, Stevie Richards, Missy Hyatt, Kimona, Tyler, Peaches, Tery Gordy, Shane Douglas, and more.

Format: DVD-R

Producers: RF Video


Amazon Best Seller's Rank: #179,602 in Movies & TV


The entire ECW feud began when the Sandman lost the World Heavyweight championship to Raven until the two engaged in a series of matches trading it back and forth. Finally, the Sandman joined Raven's most hated rival Tommy Dreamer in an attempt to regain the ECW World Heavyweight title. Raven retaliated by brainwashing his wife and son in a cult-like following as he set out on a quest to keep the ECW World Heavyweight championship title away from the Sandman. The Sandman had lost everything and his only chance of redemption is to fight against Raven to regain it all.

ECW Sandman "love is strong"

My thoughts:

What i loved most about this feud as i was watching the ECW dvd was that there was character development and in a way, an even balance of power. While Raven had the title and the Sandman's family, the Sandman managed to somehow inflict punishment on him in some matches and later land a few fatal blows. Raven severely crippled the Sandman by what he did to him psychologically and emotionally. One of the most memorable and greatest highlights of the ECW DVD was when they faced each other in a barbed wire match. What Raven did to the Sandman's family was ingenious because it was completely original and brutal. Instead of delivering chair shots or the sort, Raven rendered Sandman utterly helpless by using his son as a shield.

The Sandman and his son Tyler Fullington.
The Sandman and his son Tyler Fullington.

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The Script:

What i love about the script in the ECW Raven/Sandman DVD is that it combines Raven's traumatic past with his justification for his present actions towards the Sandman which would ultimately affect their future at ECW. Raven reveals his abusive nature by allowing the Sandman's family to verbally lash out against the Sandman. The Sandman responds by begging them to reunite with him. Raven and the Sandman develop the plot by taunting each other in the ring leading to more hardcore matches. The glaring eyes and harsh tone of voice sets a dark mood for the feud along with the insults. The costumes worn by every character pays homage to who their loyalties lie.


When both Raven and the Sandman engaged in a series of brutal matches, they had the desire to humiliate each other evidenced by allowing their allies or pawns to interfere. For example, Raven often used his wife and son as distractions while he costs Sandman the championship title. They also prolong each other's agony. An example of this was when the Sandman refuses to pin Raven and instead drives him through a table. Both engaged in a series of vicious brawls demonstrating their utter hatred for each other such as when the Sandman crucifying Raven on the ring ropes.

Pros and cons:

There are a number of benefits of buying the ECW DVD of the Raven and the Sandman feud in addition to several flaws.


* The ECW DVD contains most of the feud between Raven and the Sandman in chronological order.

* Includes promos, music videos, PPV matches, fancam matches, and more.

* Decent television quality


* Doesn't include all the content of the feud. Only a considerably small part of the feud is missing including Raven and the Sandman Three Way Dance promo.

* Comes in DVD-R format which may not be compatible with all devices. Programs such as VLC player should instantly resolve the issue.

In summary, the ECW DVD of the Raven vs. the Sandman feud is a must have for all ECW wrestling fans. This exclusive product is worth every penny you put in for your own ECW DVD wrestling collection!

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4 stars for ECW Raven vs. Sandman feud

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