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Edc Uk

Updated on July 29, 2015
light everyday carry
light everyday carry | Source

What is Everyday carry?

Everyday carry, every day carry or the abbreviation EDC refers to a small collection of personal items that are consistently carried on ones person to enable to assist with every day needs and possible emergency situations.

The quantity and different types of items carried between different individuals may differ depending on many different factors from surrounding, ability to carry, and possible every day scenarios and situations. Some people will decide to carry fewer items that may come in useful in different ways whereas others may decide to carry more items on their person within a large pocket, satchel or even rucksack.

Most EDC Kits that I have seen throughout my time looking at different variations from wide ranges of people across the world it is often that EDC kits will be placed throughout different pockets on the clothing that they wear that day, this however can lead to leaving items at home due to being too bulky, heavy or not the right 'style' to fit in to everyday life. This however is why many who hold EDC kits will wear accessories such trousers that are specifically cargo pants, backpacks or day bags and often fanny packs. Most EDC users will also often not wear everyday footwear and instead be wearing suitable shoes for any scenario that may occur which include, hiking boots, walking boots, steal toe cap boots and other military or high top boots.

How to Store your EDC Kit

Storing your Everyday carry will be a personal preference as everybody is different with how they like to be portrayed by others, some may not want to be seen to be wearing a fanny pack due to it possibly 'damaging' their look or reputation, where others may not want to be known to hold such a piece of kit! However, for most people it is down to comfort and need!

It all depends on the quantity and bulk of your personal EDC and if you do indeed look to having it on your person everyday. Which, if you don't look to having it on your person everyday is a little pointless in reading this article unless you are just purely interested in the reasoning behind carrying an Everyday carry kit, which I will talk about a bit later on in this article.

Say that you work in the city but live outside of the city within a more rural area, you rely on public transport for your daily commute. This would lead me to suspect that you carry on your person a rucksack to carry your lunch, possibly a change of clothes and any items that you may need during the day! If this is the case then I would make use of the ready used accessory and make your Every Day Carry kit as large as you want! You are bound to come across much more scenarios and have a higher probability of needing an EDC than others and I will explain this further down In the article!

My everyday back pack is a us army bag. Any back pack is fine though

Choosing a Backpack

When choosing a backpack it really doesn't matter about style as long as it's durable and well made as you will be wanting to use this on a daily basis and your life could one day depend on the contents within it

I use an ammo belt like this one

The Fanny Pack and military or ammo belt

The other option that is available that doesn't appear to everybody due to 'fashion' and 'style' is the fanny pack and Military or ammo Belt! This type of accessory is my personal favorite when it comes to packing my EDC due to the space and multiple compartments and pockets!

Fanny packs style belts also known as military or ammo belts are believe it or not, used by the army, special forces, police force and security groups to provide space and storage for carrying a multitude of Items on their person! They are an absolute godsend when it comes to holding a well stocked EDC!

I own a military black ammo belt that i wear on a daily basis that has a buckle clip for quick release and durability and a huge variety of pockets that carry just about everything inside of it! From hay fever and paracetamol tablets to spare money, ID, wallet, keys, first aid kit, lighter and flint and steel, knife and so! It really is THE best way to carry your EDC

For small everyday carry items i use a tin

Small Everyday carry storage

For smaller everyday carry storage ideas there is many different ways of holding your kit with new ideas coming out every other week.

The most famous and most used Everyday carry kit holders which are often seen in mostly all search results are the old tobacco tins! These tins have been used for many years amongst survivalists and preppers due to the small compact feel that is sturdy and can slip straight in to your pocket! These tins come in various sizes and makes, some are manufactured these days to have a trim of waterproof sealing around the top of the casing too!
Personally I do have one or two of these small storage tins with little survival kits in side dotted around my home and Inside my vehicle and at my workplace. But i would never rely on it to be my main Everyday carry kit!

I use a Carabiner Snap Hook Keychain for any small items

Alternative Everyday Carry Storage

Another way of carrying your everyday carry kit is by simply carrying the contents of your kit within the pockets of your clothing. This however can lead to missing items and contents dropping out of your pockets and getting lost.

An alternative to this is to hold all of your Everyday Carry items on a key chain or carabiner if your whole EDC kit is small enough.

My first ever EDC kit was carried on my person at all times alongside my keys attached to a carabiner that went everywhere with me. At the time i didn't have many items attached to the carabiner for my everyday carry kit but it came in helpful very often and i always felt safe knowing that i had the items attached to me and by my side at all times. This consisted of a folding knife, whistle, multi tool, flashlight and small metal holder that i kept a ten pound note in.

a well stocked everyday carry kit
a well stocked everyday carry kit | Source
Central England July 2007
Central England July 2007

Why Carry an Every Day Carry Kit

This question is asked around constantly towards those who have EDC kits by colleagues, friends, family members and by hundreds of people daily across websites and forums throughout the world wide web! The answer, simply, why not?

People often think that those who carry everyday carry kits are often paranoid, survival nuts or preppers but it's not just these like minded people who take precautions as I can guarantee at least one in every two people plan ahead naturally, And that all everyday carry is. It is planning for the possibility that we may need these items on our person sometime in the future.

Take a person who drives for example, Most drivers will have the following in their car

  • jack
  • spare wheel
  • jump leeds
  • Tyre iron
  • first aid box

That is the same thinking as those who carry everyday carry kits, just instead of planning for a journey in the car and having these necessary items at hand just in case we blow a Tyre, those who carry everyday carry kits are planning for much more varied and multiple events. Everybody plans, and it's a very good thing to get used to doing.

With rapidly changing climates with the potential for worsening roads due to snow and ice, flooding and more and more drivers on the road everyday we risk collisions, being stranded due to weather or being stuck in traffic for hours on end due to accidents. It's okay to think that you yourself are a safe driver and nothing is bound to happen to you but it is the actions and consequences of other peoples actions that we need to plan for, And that my friends is just a small section of possible scenarios.

With ever growing terrorism, riots and crime rates sky rocketing more than ever we can never know what events may lay around the corner for us and this is why it is necessary to learn to carry at least a small EDC kit.

Lets have a look at a list of events and scenarios where an EDC kit would come in useful

  • Your public transport closes down, leading you to be stranded at work
  • Your car breaks down on the way home from a late shift at work, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere with a phone with no battery or people in sight for miles
  • There is a storm that has developed whilst you and your children are out walking and torrential rain has led to localized flooding
  • You are out jogging to keep fit, you stumble breaking your foot in the woodland and there isn't any phone signal
  • A terror alert has been introduced within the city where you work, in the panic of leaving work to get home you have forgotten your wallet and you need to get home

These are just some very few but very real scenarios that can happen on a daily basis to anybody within the UK and having an EDC kit on your person could make all the difference in survival or even just comfort. EDC kits aren't carried by people for the possibility of a life and death scenario but carried on ones person to make any scenario or situation as easy, comfortable and manageable as possible.

Everyday Carry Essential Items

The most essential items to carry in your EDC will differ dramatically due to personal preferences, whereabouts, surroundings, natural climate, habitat and so on. This is not a guide to what you should carry on your person within your everyday carry kit but a list of accessories and items that i think should be carried in your kit.

Keyring LED Torch


Wherever you are within the UK you will undoubtedly need a torch at least once in your life and the possibilities and events that may lead you without light are endless!

I would highly recommend purchasing a mini mag light that attaches to a keyring that you can have on your person at all times. You may only end up using it to help find your keyhole in your door when you're drunk but it could be vital in multiple situations where you may need light. From reading maps in the car to seeing where your going when traveling up unfamiliar dark alleys to identifying your tent at festivals or finding your way out of a pitch black building that has just been hit by a blackout. Flash lights are a mans best friend.

You can keep the batteries within flashlights that require two batteries the wrong way around to stop the flashlight turning on by accident in your pocket, pouch or backpack and draining all of it's power.

The multiTool of my choice is a Leatherman but any will do


Multitools are no doubt one of the greatest creations ever and they can come in useful for so, so many different things. I have to admit that I am a firm admirer of multitools due to there usefulness and durability.

I haven't gone a week where I haven't picked up one of my multitools for one job or another and I never think I will ever leave the house without one again.

From using it to cut, open, fix and undo just about anything you can come to, they are an everyday carry essential. They are pretty much a piece of everyday carry in themselves as they contain multiple devices purposely built for helping us deal with multiple situations.

If you don't carry a multitool on your person everyday yet, then i advise you to make a start as i can guarantee you won't be able to go a week without using it yourself or offering it to somebody else to use!

UK Legal Knife


For me a knife in my EDC kit is something that i just can't go without, I have always carried with me a small knife on my person when i am at work, going out at night, walking or even shopping. I don't however flaunt it around and show it off or talk about it in public.

Now, knives within the UK are illegal to carry if the blade is over 3 inches in length and a new law for carrying knives has just been recently introduced to the country. So I will provide you with a link to the updated knife law here and I advise that all of you read it thoroughly!

Knives play an important role when it comes to survival and play an important role in many scenarios to be safe. As much as that sounds wrong, due to knife crime and the dangers of knives in the hands of wrong people, Knives are a tool of good and may well save your life one day!

Any Eternal battery charges work wonders!


Believe it or not, back when cellphones were just coming affordable and available to everybody, it was hard at first to get kids to leave the house and remember it, Which considering the amount of time both adults young and old and even children as young as four years of age spend on their mobile phones these days is a complete surprise!

Cellphones may be an odd one to find on this list but with the technology that is on mobile phones these days they are an amazing piece of technology to have on you and I along with many other people, as much as we despise them for overtaking social situations and becoming attached to our hands always leave the house with our phone.

The problem these days is that with the screen sizes getting bigger and the apps that are on our devices get higher in quality every other year, the battery capacity just cannot keep up and they drain away faster than water in a holey bucket!

This is why I would recommend everybody to invest in a portable charger or solar charger. These can come as small as a cigarette lighter these days and come in all different shapes, sizes and prices! And most importantly they're affordable!

cash stash capsules are a great way to keep extra money on your person


Money is always going to be of use in any situation and this can truly be your way out of any situation. It can be used as a bribe, as fare for public transport, an offer for a lift and also it is always handy having money on your person in case of a blackout and all cash machines are down!

I keep my money rolled up tight in a small metal casing that is attached to a keyring that looks like a torch! You can make these yourself by taking the inners out of a flashlight or purchase similar things off of the internet

Flint and Steel

Lighter or Flint and Steel

A lighter or Flint and Steel are one of the most crucial things within any EDC kit due to them being able to produce light, flame and heat.

Even if you aren't a smoker, or you don't plan on going camping and trying out your skills in flint and steel I would highly recommend getting a flint and steel over a lighter due to the durability that they have over regular lighters.

Lighters are an amazing tool to have on your person in any scenario that calls for light or ignition but they are prone to damage, lack of fuel and getting wet. Flint and Steel however, will last for an age and work in almost any weather conditions and still produce a spark! It is however not the easiest thing to use to make fire and practice does make perfect!

I carry a flint and steel with every EDC kit I own and also have one in the car and within my camping kit. I think they are so cheap and important that you can pop one just about anywhere you may need fire or light!

Survival Straw

Survival Straw or Water Purification Tablets

I would highly recomend investing in some water purification tablets or purchasing a survival straw as they can come in useful in so many situations that we may get ourselves in to. Water in the UK is far from scarce and plentiful if we look properly but we still fear of drinking from specific places. I personally have no problem with drinking from a clear, running stream that i know to be clean or drinking from an outdoor tap, that's just how i am and how I've been brought up but many people i know and have met wouldn't even think twice of drinking from a tap that isn't the tap in the kitchen.

If however you were stuck without water, you need to drink! And water purification tablets or survival straws enable you to do this in just about any place!

Other EDC Essential Items

  • Hay fever tablets, Paracetamol tablets and spare medication
  • Small survival blanket
  • Small sewing kit
  • condom/s (not for sex, you can carry water in them, seal bottles and lots more)
  • Cord/string
  • ID/Passport
  • Spare contact lenses
  • Mini button compass
  • small hacksaw blade
  • Personal Alarm

The list can be endless and I have loads of other things that i carry with me on a daily basis and there are endless lists of other peoples EDC kits around on the internet that will contain many different items. The best thing to do is to sit down, go through possible scenarios and think of key items that would be of help in those situations! Everybody will be different and everybody will have a different idea of what is needed and what is overkill, but it's up to you!

Do you carry an everyday carry kit

See results

My Top 3 Ready Made Everyday Carry Kits

Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival Kit with Gerber Tool Light

''We took the standard keychain multi-tool and made it better. In addition to stainless steel pliers, wire cutters, a fine edge blade, spring-loaded scissors, flathead screwdriver, crosshead driver, tweezers and file, the Dime includes a unique blade designed to safely cut and score plastic packaging and a bottle opener that is exposed even when the tool is closed.''

This Kit Contains

Waterproof bag, Survival Blanket, MultiTool, Snare Wire, Emergency Cord, Waxed Thread, Fishing Kit, Sewing Kit, Hand Saw, Mirror, Fire Starter, Waterproof Matches, Fire Tinder, Mini Light, SOS Instructions, Survival Guide

Bushcraft BCB Ultimate Survival Kit

''The Ultimate survival kit packed into our super lightweight, airtight aluminium mini mess tin with a rubber seal and roll over clasps''

Box Contains

Water bag, Nylon cord, Button compass, Candle, Flint & Striker, Hack saw blade, Tinder, Fishing kit, Mini multi-tool, Matches, Sewing kit, Purification tablets, Safety pins, Single edge razor, Salt sachets, Signal mirror, Whistle, Snare wire, Wire saw, Grip lock bag, Pencil, Survival instructions

Mini Survival Tin

''A carefully selected kit of survival essentials, packed into a hinged metal tin, and sealed with a Ranger Band. This kit fits easily into even the smallest pocket or pouch, or can be securely attached with the band to your belt or rucksack strap''

Contents of the Tin:
Metal Tin, 1m Paracord, 550lb Ranger Band, Fire Steel, 6.5mm, Fire Steel Striker, Liquid-filled Compass, Glow Stick, Whistle, 2x 1m Brass Snare Wire, 2x Swivel, Size 10 8m Fishing Line, 6lb Hooks: 2x Size 10, 2x Size 8, Sewing Needle, 2x Safety Pin, Scalpel Blade, #10 Water Carrier (Condom), 4x Water Purification Tablet, Adhesive Dressing Strip, IPA Alcohol Swab

What do you carry in your EDC Kit?

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