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Eagles-Buccaneers Postgame: What a Joke

Updated on November 23, 2015

What a joke this Philadelphia Eagles has become.

I knew this team was absolute garbage after they blew an early lead last week in losing to the lowly Miami Dolphins, but this week's loss to the Tamp Bay Buccaneers was even worse.

Consider these facts in the excruciating 45-17 home loss by the Eagles:

  • Tampa was averaging 354 yards of offense per game before Sunday. Against the Eagles, they accumulated 521 yards.
  • Tampa's rookie quarterback, making only his 10th start, threw for 5 TDs.
  • They allowed the Bucs to rush for 283 yards.
  • Average-at-best RB Doug Martin rushed for 235 of those yards.
  • The Bucs had 216 yards rushing in the first half.
  • The Eagles only had 215 yards of total offense in the first half.
  • 216 is more than 215. Pathetic.
  • Starting LB Kiko Alonso played the whole game and had as many tackles (1) as LT Jason Peters.
  • Mark Sanchez threw three more interceptions. One was returned for a TD.
  • Sanchez and Darren Sproles, his intended target on that Pick-6, got into a shouting match on the field and on the sideline.
  • Head coach Chip Kelly blamed everyone but usual.

Philadelphia Eagles head coach / GM Chip Kelly
Philadelphia Eagles head coach / GM Chip Kelly

It's not worth going into detail of the scoring. I will just say that the Eagles scored the first TD, then were lucky to only be down 28-14 at halftime.

The offense doesn't get a pass for this debacle, but there is no denying that this loss rest squarely on the shoulders of the defense. You don't give up that many points and that many yards unless you are a bad team. This Eagles team is bad. The defense was playing well earlier in the season, but that is no longer the case.

The Eagles had the No. 2 run defense in the NFL as recently as Week7. They are currently ranked 28th. How is that possible? Well on Sunday the answer was clearly a lack of tackling. It didn't seem like any Buccaneer was tackled by the first Eagle to make contact. Whether that's technique, talent or effort is unknown. But we do know that Chip Kelly doesn't believe in tackling during training camp and his hand-picked players like Alonso absolutely stink. Seriously, is there even still one person that doesn't think that Alonso for McCoy trade was an unmitigated disaster?

Chip Kelly showed LeSean McCoy the door
Chip Kelly showed LeSean McCoy the door

Doug Martin had 165 yards rushing in the Bucs' previous three games combined before he dropped 235 on the Eagles porous run defense. The Eagles gave up 4 runs of 17 yards or more, including Martin runs of 84 and 58 yards. The fact that Martin had all those yards and didn't score a TD just shows you how average he really is. On both of his long runs, a defender ran him down from behind because he isn't very fast. Give a few of the Eagles defenders credit for not giving up on plays, but on the whole this defense absolutely quit during this game.

And it wasn't just the big plays that killed the Eagles on Sunday. The Bucs had long, sustained scoring drives that sucked the life out of the Eagles defense and the crowd. The Bucs had scoring drives of 75, 59, 85, 80 and 70 yards on offense. The worst one of them all for the Eagles defense was the 15-play, 80-yard drive the Bucs had to start the second half that pushed the score to 35-14 and effectively ended the game. The drive ate up 9:46 of the clock and was aided by several key third down conversions. Bad defenses allow the opposition to convert third downs and that's what the Eagles did.

Tampa Bay Bucs RB Doug Martin rushed for 235 yards against the Eagles on Sunday
Tampa Bay Bucs RB Doug Martin rushed for 235 yards against the Eagles on Sunday

NFC East Standings

New York Giants
Washington Redskins
Philadelphia Eagles
Dallas Cowboys

Tampa QB Jameis Winston came into the game with the 3rd worst QB rating in the NFL, but the Eagles allowed him to complete 9 of 12 third down passes for 101 yards and 3 TDs. Eight of those nine completions went for first downs. Winston had thrown 4 TD passes in Tampa's last five games combined had 4 in the first half alone on Sunday. He also didn't throw an INT and was sacked only once, as the Eagles decided to use a "Mush Rush" to keep Winston in the pocket. That didn't work out so well, did it?

I'll pause here to point out the obvious. Bill Davis will not be the Eagles defensive coordinator next season. If Kelly goes back to college where he belongs, the whole coaching staff will be gone. If Kelly stays, because owner Jeffrey Lurie is a complete idiot, then Davis will be fired as a sacrificial lamb. It's sickening to listen to Kelly blame everyone but himself for the abomination this team has become under his watch. And let's not forget that Kelly reshaped this roster after getting full control of personnel. Somewhere in the broom closet he now calls an office, while measuring out how much tape each trainer can use during games, former GM Howie Roseman is laughing.

Current Philadelphia Eagles GM Chip Kelly (L) with former GM Howie Roseman (R)
Current Philadelphia Eagles GM Chip Kelly (L) with former GM Howie Roseman (R)

Could Chip Kelly be any worse as an NFL GM?

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Kelly made sure to throw the entire defense under the buss in his postgame news conference because that's what gutless weasels do. Kelly doesn't have anything to do with the defense, but his offense isn't doing anything to help the team win any games either.

Kelly chose to sign Mark Sanchez as his backup QB. Sanchez has now thrown 4 more INTs in a little over 5 quarters this season. Par for the course for the turnover-machine that is Sanchez. And with reports that Sam Bradford has been cleared to practice after passing the NFL's concussion protocol, it looks like he may be able to start for the Eagles on Thanksgiving. Personally I was hoping that Sanchez would get another start, if only to enjoy all those wonderful "Butt-Fumble" references and videos.

As bad as Bradford has been this season, Sanchez is ever worse. Neither is a good QB, but when Kelly was asked during the postgame press conference if he thought about playing third-string QB Thad Lewis, he scoffed at the reporter. It was another typically sneering answer from an arrogant jerk who obviously doesn't know what he doesn't know. Kelly's shortcomings running a legitimate NFL offense are second only to his shortcomings at judging NFL talent. I still can't believe the Eagles traded their second round pick next year along with Nick Foles for Bradford.

The Infamous Butt-Fumble

The Eagles WRs continue to be the worst in the NFL. Josh Huff had a 39 yard TD reception to start the scoring, then failed to catch another pass the rest of the game. Jordan Matthews had 4 catches for 13 yards and Nelson Agholor had 3 catches for 11 yards. That's just sad. Somehow Riley Cooper had 2 catches for 42 yards though. I'm guessing the Bucs just decided not to bother covering him all game. What else could it be? He's still Riley Cooper.

The one positive I took from this game? Well, DeMarco Murray averaged 4.9 yards per carry. Unfortunately, since the Eagles got behind early, Murray only got 13 carries and 64 yards. Yeah, that's all I've got for the positives on this game.

The loss dropped the Eagles to 4-6 on the season and they have a 5-9 record in their last 14 games, dating back to last season. And this is the team that Chip the GM wanted for Chip the offensive "genius". Both Chips have destroyed this team.

Now we have a short week and a trip to Detroit to face a Lions team that is suddenly on a 2-game winning streak. I'm guessing the Eagles will actually be the underdog and who would have guessed that eight days ago?

With this loss, the Eagles have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are a horrible football team. It also proves that Chip Kelly is not an NFL coach and he most certainly is not an NFL GM.

I know it will be hard, Eagles fans, but it's better if the Eagles lose the rest of their games. I sit there in my seat at the Linc during every home game and cheer for them to win, until it becomes obvious that they don't deserve our cheers. This team deserves the Boos they are getting and I give it to them with all the power my lungs can muster. Eagles fans deserve better than Chip Kelly. The only way to start the rebuild is to lose and get rid of Kelly. That starts on Thanksgiving in Detroit.

This Eagles team is a joke. Unfortunately, the joke is on the fans.


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