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Eagles-Seahawks Postgame: The Wake-up Call

Updated on December 7, 2014

Well, now we know for a fact that the Philadelphia Eagles are complete frauds.

The Philadelphia Eagles have beat one team with a winning record all season and that was the Indianapolis Colts, before they really got going. Other than that, they have come up woefully short against all of the better teams in the league this season.

This Sunday it was the Seattle Seahawks that came into Philadelphia to deliver a cold dish of reality to the Eagles in the form of a 24-14 ass-kicking that wasn't even as close as the score makes it seem. The Seahawks dominated the game in every phase and coasted to an easy victory over a team that looks like nothing more than a pretender in the NFC playoff picture.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson

The only reason the Eagles were even in this game early is because the Seattle punter couldn't handle a low snap at his own 14 and the Eagles got a gift TD in the first quarter. Other than that, the Eagles offense was absolutely nonexistent.

Seattle out-gained the Eagles 242 - 67 yards in the first half, yet only led by 10-7 thanks to that fumbled snap on a punt. Mark Sanchez connected with Jeremy Maclin on a 1-yard TD pass after that fumble, but that was all the offense the Eagles could muster in the first half. Meanwhile, the Eagles defense couldn't stop Seattle QB Russell Wilson from scoring on a 26-yard run, where the entire defense bought the fake to Marshawn Lynch. LB Trent Cole was horribly faked out on the play, as he completely lost contain on Wilson and allowed him to walk into the endzone untouched. It was embarrassing.

"Right this way to endzone Russell Wilson"
"Right this way to endzone Russell Wilson"

The second half didn't get any better for the home team, as the Seahawks defense utterly dominated the Eagles offense. LeSean McCoy managed to become the Eagles all-time leading rusher during the game, but he also took the time to fumble the game away on his team's first possession of the second half. McCoy gained 50 yards on 17 carries, including that momentum-changing fumble. But McCoy's struggles were only part of the Eagles problems in this game.

Wilbert wouldn't have fumbled in such a crucial game

The Eagles defense played relatively well, even though they allowed Seattle to gain 440 yards in this game. Part of that can be attributed to the fact that the Seahawks were able to run 85 plays and totally dominate the time of possession. But they did allow Wilson to complete 22 of 37 passes for 263 yards with two TD passes and that rushing TD. It was more than enough to seal the Eagles fate on a day when the offense failed to show any signs of life.

The Eagles held Lynch to only 86 yards rushing, but he still managed to catch a 15-yard pass from Wilson after that fateful McCoy fumble in the third quarter that essentially iced the game for Seattle.

It's hard to place any of the blame on an Eagles defense that held the Seahawks to 24 points in spite of the fact that the Eagles offense only ran 45 plays and gained only 139 yards all game. That was a major blow to an offense that led the NFL in plays run coming into this game and gives you an idea of just how dominant this Seattle defense really is. Seattle dominated the time of possession 41:56 to 18:04, but Eagles coach Chip Kelly doesn't think that statistic matters much in the NFL. Maybe he'll rethink that stance now that he had his ass handed to him by the Seahawks.

Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch
Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch

Kelly's offense was completely dominated in every facet on Sunday. The Eagles couldn't throw the ball of run the ball. Sanchez was held to 96 yards on 10-of-20 passing and he threw one of the worst interceptions of the year in the third quarter, when the Eagles somehow still had a chance to make it a game. It wasn't much of a surprise that Sanchez threw a killer interception, given his track record of turning the ball over constantly, but it was still tough to watch.

The Eagles defense actually forced a Lynch fumble at their 30 yard line in the fourth quarter, while only trailing 24-14, but Sanchez threw that horrible pass that was easily picked off on the very next play. At that point the game was essentially over and everyone in the stands knew it.

There was also a terrible pass by Wilson, late in the fourth quarter, that hit Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins right in the hands that he couldn't catch. It would have been an easy pick-6 if he could have handled the pass and given the Eagles some life in a game where their offense never showed a pulse.

I don't know what was worse; Kelly's play-calling or Sanchez's passing. I know the Seahawks defense is great, but the Eagles seemed to give up on the run far too easily in a game that was never too far out of reach. I know the Eagles had an almost even split between their runs and passes, but when Mark Sanchez is your QB, you need to run the ball early and often to minimize the chance that he can literally throw the game away. Kelly didn't do nearly enough of that and the Eagles didn't stand a chance.

This was an ugly loss for the Eagles that proves that they aren't even close to being among the NFL's least not with Mark Sanchez as their QB.

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The Eagles have now lost to all of the NFC teams in the playoff race. Even if they hang on and win the NFC East, they would only host one playoff game before having to travel to either Green Bay, Detroit or Seattle. They simply aren't going to beat any of those teams on the road.

Apparently, the Eagles are good enough to win a pathetic NFC East, but they are going to come up short against all of the good teams in the NFL until they get a few more good players on the roster. With Nick Foles' shoulder healing slowly, I'm already looking towards next season.

Thanks for the wake-up call Seattle.


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