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Early May, 2012 Catching Smallmouth Bass On The Creek

Updated on May 6, 2012

First Float Trip Of The Year With A Large Group

I've written a few hubs already this year about my fishing trips, but this was the first trip we did with a large group. It actually wasn't a fishing trip but just an enjoyable float trip. We have friends that come from all over to float with us, and usually every weekend during the summer months we load up the canoes and kayaks to go floating with large groups. Now this isn't too say I don't fish, but I usually don't try as hard or focus on it when that isn't really the intention. This particular day ended up being a really good fishing trip for me anyway.

There were 7 or 8 of us fishing pretty regularly. At the beginning of the trip we were all catching little ones, which if you have read my other recent hubs regarding fishing for smallmouth is pretty much on par for the course.

I never really put in too much effort until I got to Spider Cove again.

A Third Glorious Trip To Spider Cove

In the two other hubs I wrote before this one I mentioned a small spot on the creek I called spider cove. The week prior to this trip we caught several decent smallmouth out of this spot which I talked about in the first hub. In the second hub I included pictures of a just under 17 inch smallmouth that I caught the day before the trip I'm writing about now. This spot became a dream fishing hole on this trip.

My Tactic For Fishing For Smallmouth In A Current

In the second hub I explained a tactic that I had begun to refine on this very spot in the creek. Basically, I put enough weight on my line that it would drop to the bottom even in a fairly steady current. I keep the weight several inches above the hook, that way the hook will lift up off the bottom several inches and bounce my night crawler around in the current. I also use an entire worm and leave several inches of the worm dangling off the end of the hook.

On this trip I repeated this exact same tactic and here is what happened...

I started pulling out really nice fish one after another. Almost every time my line went in the water I brought back a really impressive fish. At any given time there were 4 or 5 people standing around me fishing the same spots. Most of them were catching fish regularly, but I was the only one bringing huge fish out.

Some of them were in awe, some were calling it luck, and some were just cursing at me. I started to feel bad and offered exactly what I was doing different, but no one seemed particularly interested in copying my exact method. The biggest thing I noticed that everyone was doing different is that the ones using worms were cutting their worms in half and not using as much split shot. Now I'm sure that to some extent I was getting lucky, but after 5 or 6 fish I don't feel like I was lucky. I feel like I was using a better tactic. I love catching big fish, but I'm not of the competitive nature of wanting to keep it all for myself. I wanted the others to have the same fortune I was, it just didn't play out that way.

Eventually we moved away from that spot, and while I continued to catch some decent fish I wasn't overly focused on fishing again. Toward the end of the trip we stopped at an area I refereed to in one of the earlier hubs as The Rootball. The stream moves quick here and I repeated my same tactic again. Guess what...

It still worked and I caught a few more big fish. I'm not saying that anyone else was doing anything wrong or that there isn't a better method, but I can tell you that this fishing tactic works for appealing to big smallmouth in a current.

This was another day where the fishing was good enough that I lost track. I'm not sure how many fish I or the group caught, but it was a good haul! If we had been keeping them we would have had more than enough to feed all ten plus people that were with us.

And just in case anyone was wondering... yes my camera smells like fish!


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