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Early WWE Wrestlemania 26 Predictions

Updated on February 3, 2010

wrestlemania 26

Although its still way to early to know the outcome or even the card for wrestlemania 26, I thought it would be fun to share my insight as to what wwe may be planning. I will surely enjoy looking back at this hub after wrestlemania this year to see how right or wrong my predictions are.

The most obvious of course will be Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon. This sounds so great to see Bret Hart back in a WWE ring and having to chance to get a little pay back for the montreal screw job. This storyline is 12 years in the making and will sell alot of pay per views and tickets, unfortunatly the match itself will be so boring. Vince sucks as a wrestler and Bret has not been in a wrestling ring in around ten years, and obviously Bret will win the match. This is just not going to be entertaining in my opinion.

WWE has been teasing a rematch of wrestlemaina 25, Undertaker vs. HBK Shawn Michaels. At this point I do think think the re-match will happen. There was rumors last year that The Undertaker's undefeated streak would be broken, and I predicted HBK to be the one to break it well before the match was thought of. If this match happens I am certain that HBK will win and break Taker's perfect wrestlemania record. I don't think they will put the world title on Shawn however due to the fact that he does not work a full time schedule in the WWE. So Taker will likely not be the world champion after the elimination chamber pay per view.

This years wrestlemania will likely continue the money in the bank ladder match tradition of the past few years. With the changes that are coming to the ECW brand it is likely that Christian will make a move to Raw. The elimination chamber is a great way to get the ECW title off of christian without him losing a one on one match breaking his momentum. There it is I'm the first to predict Christian as the new mr. money in the bank.

I can't see Sheamus headlining wrestlemania, of course I didn't forsee him being WWE champion either so we will see what happens. As for now I am expecting either John Cena or Triple H to win the WWE title at the elimination chamber pay per view. I also expect, and would like to see Triple H vs. Cena at wrestlemania with Triple H coming out on top.

As I said before I don't expect The Undertaker to be world champion going in to wrestlemania. The fact that Edge has stated that he will announce his choice of champions to face at mania after the elimination chamber pay per view provides further proof of this. Most likely Chris Jericho will be winning the world title at the elimination chamber, allowing Edge to make the easy choice as he has already stated that he has heat with Jericho.


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      BeSt In ThE wOrLd  7 years ago

      cena is the best in the world as far as my favorite player has been was the most known

    • profile image

      CHEESE GYCE 7 years ago

      go away

    • profile image

      Cena hater 7 years ago

      Cena is not good