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Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat Review

Updated on April 22, 2016

If you’re looking for control, speed and an overall superb performance, the Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat may be the bat for you. This bat is evenly balanced and designed to be super lightweight. But is this bat worth your hard earned money? And what exactly is it that separates this bat from the competition? In this review I hope to show you just that.

Superb aluminum alloy

The Easton s50 is made entirely of aluminum alloy, which means that unlike composite bats the “wall thickness” is a major issue in this bat. The wall- thickness in S50 is a standard in the industry this makes the “Sweet spot” on this bat better than any brand. Many customers, particularly on amazon can verify my claims.

An Ultra-thin handle

The Easton youth baseball bats handle extremely thin, at just 29/32 inches, the grip on this bat is very easy for young batters to hold on to. Usually, at a young age many of the “Power hitters tend to have smaller palm widths. The salient feature on the S50 really allows younger players to get a proper grip on the bat allowing for them to swing it very easily.

“– 10 Drop”

The S50 is known to have a -10 drop; this is something most baseball players prefer. Power hitters in particular prefer this kind of drop because it allows for a variety of swings and manipulations.

This bat is BPF certified (1.15)

The BPF (Bat Performance Score) score on the S50 is 1.15 which the standard in the industry. What this score means is that it conforms to the USSSA (United States Specialty Sports Association) standards of excellence. This score is also a representation of the bats “trampoline-like” effect achieved through its barrel. This means is that the “Kickback” effect on the S50’s barrel when contact with the ball is made is similar to that of a wooden bat. This score is also a representation of the bat’s safety for use. It is the approved for all little league games including the major divisions.

The S50 has a rating of 4.5/5 stars on amazon which shows that the bat is well accepted by many. However, like most things in life, this bat is not without its flaws. This bat seems to bend when going up against strong pitchers. This fortunately isn’t common and can probably be attributed to one of few faulty products. The bat also seems to be slightly on the expensive side


The Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat is an amazing bat and well worth the money. It provides a very enjoyable experience for those that use it. It gives you that sweet spot feeling and provides smooth swings allowing for hard hits. Its barrel is very balanced and with its MOI so low, hits with this bat feel effortless. If you are looking for the perfect bat for your little leaguer aspiring for the majors, the Easton YB14S50 S50 Youth Baseball Bat is the perfect bat for you.


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