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Eder Are Like The Ugly Duckling Into a Swan Story Of The Beautiful

Updated on July 13, 2016

He is a player who has never won the hearts of fans not only in Swansea, even many supporters of Portugal 'weird' with his selection.

Eder through the league season with a badly last season. But he was a goalscorer for the under dog team in the final.

Fernando Santos proclaim that he turned like a fairy tale The Ugly Duckling to The Beautiful Swan. It was he who disliked Swan Swansea supporters prior to Paris.

"Eder came up to me and said he was capable of scoring. The ugly duckling really scored, now he is a beautiful swan "- Fernando Santos.

A statement irony in which Eder of players who were despised and scorned by a handful of fans has become the hero who engraves the name of Portugal among the elite team that won the European Cup.

Santos never listen Eder Portugal fans booed their own in stadium.Ia occurred when he was elected Santos and played for Portugal in March.

ESPN reporter who followed the development of football Portugal, Mariana Cabral said:

"He was often the subject of ridicule among fans of Portugal as a 'panic' in front of goal."

He added that Portugal never had a striker like Nuno Gomes, Pauleta and Domingos.

When you get to name Eder this time, all fans chuckled and shook his head because he knew it was a choice 'unfairly' because there is no characteristic Eder striker for the national team and he is not going to score!

A tactical analyst, Luis Catarino said palingb Eder is a player who is despised by fans of Portugal itself.

Their fans are expecting names such as Hugo Vieira and Bruno Moreira should be called from Eder.

But Santos said he could not judge the players more closely after he emigrated to Southeast Asia joined Buriram.

Eder has started 11 games for Swansea without any shots on target was his.

But in the European Cup this time, the only shot on target from his feet enable Portugal to win the European Cup.

Things are not able to do any sensation Portugal before.

From Small Alley To Paris

Eder is one of five members of the Portugal squad born outside Europe together with Danilo (Guinea Bissau), Pepe (Brazil), Nani (Cape Verde) and William Carvalho (Angola).

His full name Ederzito Antonio Macedo Lopes. His family emigrated from Guinea Bissau since Eder was 2 years old because hardship there.

Her parents wanted a better life for them. He lived a life full of religious.

Eder always respect others and really take care of her behavior and conversation.

When small, he spends time playing football in an alley lanes and fields around their town.

He always wanted to be like Ronaldo of Brazil. Eder had interviewed a magazine Lar O Girasol, Eder said the power of the story and Ronaldo (Brazil) are very much influenced him in football.

His talent spotted by Academica De Coimbra and was loaned to the club Academica feeder Tourizense third division side.

He then managed to register his name to a major club Academica Coimbra.

He played four seasons there before spending the next three seasons with Braga and play at a higher level.

Eder made his international debut against Azerbaijan in 2014, but after that she has been marginalized.

Eder was taken on the 79th on Sunday after a final Santos decided he needs more physical up front.

Beautiful cover

Eder replaces Renato Sanches. An exchange which was then unpopular fans.

"I know Eder was a player can hold the ball in attack and give trouble to the French when in the air," said Santos. Eder scored in the 109 matches and celebrate together with the Portugal camp.
"I know Eder was a player can hold the ball in attack and give trouble to the French when in the air," said Santos. Eder scored in the 109 matches and celebrate together with the Portugal camp.

Jose Fonte said it is a story of a Hollywood-style finish. Eder came to Paris with the mental pressure of its own after reading and hearing a lot of negative comments about his selection.

He only scored 3 goals for the Selecao De Quinas before this and all the matches of Amity.

This week he needs to work out a deal on the loan agreement to Lille from Swansea after celebrating the success of Europe.

A story of a player who has always been committed even though he knows he may not be comparable to the ability of another attacker.

He focused on the assignment and keep trying. Eder Congratulations! You have given many lessons to the world.

He has become a hero to his country as ever conducted his idol Ronaldo.


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