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Either produce a .500 hitter or else? Dragging MLB into the 21st century.

Updated on December 26, 2014

Dragging MLB into the 21st Century

To: Human Resources Dept. & The General Manager

Either produce a .500 hitter with a 1.5 OPS or else?.. (An exercise in thinking outside the box and looking at the possibilities in baseball's future)

Just suppose a powerful gangster, one who is virtually above the law, who also happens to be a crazed baseball fanatic, visited the General Manager of every MLB organization and said, "I need to see a .500 hitter with an OPS of at least 1.5. This .500 hitter can come from any team within your organization, from your lowest Class A team to the Major League Team. I don't care where he does it, but if you fail to produce such a hitter in 2015, I am going to kill you and everyone in your bloodline. Also, you can't demote one of your stronger hitters to a weaker league to increase your chances."

If you absolutely HAD to produce a .500 hitter, how would you do it? Yes, I realize you currently believe this to be an impossible task, but the gangster does not care what you believe. He will not accept any excuses. He is sick and tired of watching pro hitters swing at so many bouncing balls. The gangster DOES believe a .500 hitter can be produced at the pro level and he will not settle for anything less. All he wants is a .500 hitter with an OPS of at least 1.5. Either you produce one or everyone in your family dies!

One thing is absolutely certain. If all 30 GM's continued doing exactly what they are currently doing, they would all fail miserably and would be executed by the gangster. The truth is if the GM's continued doing the same things they are doing now, none of them would even produce a .400 hitter. Therefore, in order to produce a .500 hitter, a GM would have to think outside the box and do something radically different, right? Of course. So, what are some possible courses of action you might consider?

Currently, outside of assembling a C.I.A. team of Mind Control scientists using the most sophisticated MK ULTRA mind control technology to create a hitting cyborg, your best hope for success in producing a .500 hitter with an OPS of at least 1.5 would be in hiring Bruce Winship Wright as a consultant on this project. Bruce happens to be America's premier inner game specialist working with baseball hitters. Fortunately for you Bruce, like the gangster, also believes the .500 batting average and an OPS of at least 1.5 is an achievable goal in 2015.

Here is what Bruce would do to produce a .500 hitter with an OPS of at least 1.5:

First, Bruce would want to work with a hitter at the Class A level, preferably a very young hitter who has not been exposed to the coaching within a MLB organization for very long. The current mentality pervading every MLB organization would act like a cancer to discourage and sabotage the success of such a project. A young hitter right out of high school or college would be best because they have not had their attitudes negatively infected with the antiquated and limited thinking of MLB coaching.

Ideally, to accomplish such lofty goals of both a .500 batting average and an OPS of at least 1.5, Bruce would like to find an intelligent left-handed hitter who has some decent size and good speed too. Someone, maybe 6'-2" or 6'-3" and somewhere between 190 to 210 pounds, with speed, would be good. We need a player who can beat out bunts and get some infield hits as well as hit with power.

In order to hit .500 with an OPS of 1.5, our hitter will need to hit a significant number of Home Runs, triples, and doubles with less than 2-strikes, get lots of singles with 2-strikes, and draw a ton of walks. For example, in a season with 600 Plate Appearances, what are the specific numbers we would need in order to achieve our goal?

With 600 Plate appearances, our hitter will get 150 walks leaving us with 450 At Bats. We will get 225hits, including 50 HR's, 10-Triples, 50 Doubles, and 115 singles. This gives us our .500 BA, an OBP of .625, a Slugging Pct. of .989, and an OPS of 1.614. The GM and his family LIVE!

So, now that Bruce has found his hitter, let's say a 21 year old left-handed hitting outfielder, who stands 6'-3" tall and weighs 200 pounds and runs well, perhaps a 4.5-40 yard dash, not world class speed but good speed. The kid is intelligent and still humble and teachable. He hasn't become cynical, thinking he already knows it all. Let's call our young player Frank.

The specifics of Bruce's state-of-the-art training:

Bruce thoroughly explains to Frank the specific end results we need and the most effective way to achieve these end results. Bruce explains to Frank how we will need to employ the slugging philosophy of Babe Ruth, Barry Bonds, and Ted Williams when we have less than two strike counts and the two strike hitting philosophy of Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Ty Cobb, and Wee Willie Keeler.

Now that Frank knows the specific end results or goals we must have as well as the most intelligent hitting philosophies required to make it happen, Bruce then goes to work building Frank's self esteem to the level required for Frank to actually begin to believe such lofty goals are honestly and truly possible. A thorough understanding of the Fibonacci numbering sequence and Golden Ratio dramatically elevates the self esteem.

Bruce utilizes some of the many You Tube Videos readily available to help strengthen Frank's understanding and belief in his enormous capabilities and power to create and accomplish seemingly impossible goals. This includes the work of success teachers like Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, and Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, along with the work of quantum physicist Dr. John Hagelin, micro-biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, the physics of emotion work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, and the cymatics and Solfeggio frequency work of Dr. Len Horowitz.

Bruce thoroughly explains to Frank how powerful the subconscious mind is and how it can accomplish any goal when powered by a sufficient level of faith, belief, or self-confidence. Bruce and Frank work to create the positive affirmations, the positive emotions, and the perfect mental images that will be repeated thousands of times every day. Bruce and Frank work constantly on successfully programming Frank's subconscious mind for the achievement of fantastic goals.

Bruce and Frank meet with the manufacturer of subconscious mind programming tapes to make specific programming tapes for Frank which include the affirmations Bruce and Frank have created specifically for Frank, along with the Solfeggio frequency of 528 hertz, and the Schumann Resonance, etc. Frank has a very lightweight and comfortable set of head phones he can keep on his head virtually all day long as he works and while he sleeps all night long.

Bruce and Frank's positive mental programming virtually eliminates all negative thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions almost totally dominate the minds of every athlete, in every sport, at every level of competition. Nothing is more detrimental to an athlete's success than the negative thoughts and emotions that are constantly bombarding their consciousness 24/7/365. Unfortunately, MLB management as well as 99.9% of the rest of mankind remains totally unaware of this insidious and incredibly destructive reality.

In addition, Bruce has Frank eating a strictly organic diet of Fruits and vegetables which includes the most nutritious food source on the planet, Raw Hemp seeds, which are the best source of protein, Omega 3 and Omega 6 found anywhere on earth. Unlike most athletes, Frank's body and mind will be incredibly strong and in perfect health.

With the proper use of a hitting tee, at least for one hour every day, along with several hours of carefully constructed mental rehearsal work, and the constant exposure to powerful affirmations and the sound frequency of 528 hertz, Frank literally becomes a hitting machine. Frank is maximizing the use of his mental powers FAR MORE than anyone ever has in the history of baseball. Within several weeks, preferably time we can have to prepare Frank BEFORE the season starts, Frank will be so intensely focused and powerfully programmed for perfection at the plate that he will appear to either hit a shot or draw a walk EVERY time he comes to the plate.

If Bruce Winship Wright could take a player like Frank and work with him closely for perhaps 30 days or so, Frank would then be able to continue with his programming without further supervision and achieve his lofty goal of hitting .500 with an OPS of 1.5. This is the future of baseball.

Eventually, somebody in MLB with the authority to hire a consultant with the know-how of a Bruce Winship Wright will actually get with the program and do it. In doing so, they will effectively help the game of baseball enter the 21st century.

Keep in mind that there is only one of me. Presently, I am the only person in America teaching what I teach in the world of baseball. Whoever awakens to this reality first and demonstrates the courage to hire me will have an enormous advantage over the rest of the league, at least for the short term. Remember, the Yankees won 5 straight World Series Titles. Perhaps you can too.

Kind Regards,

Bruce Winship Wright

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