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Elan Skis 2016

Updated on December 3, 2015
Elan Amphibio Skis
Elan Amphibio Skis | Source

Best Technologies Crafted in Elan Skis

Elan is a Slovenian sports company, specialized in winter sports especially in skis. Elan was founded in 1945 and is now worldwide know for its innovations in alpine skiing. Company's headquarters and main factories are located in Begunje, Slovenia. It also produces snowboards, sailing yachts, motor yachts and other sports equipment in companies spread all over central Europe.

Elan is one of the worlds leading skis manufacturers and they have become more recognizable in 1970s when Igemar Stenmark (Swedish Skiing champion) won 3 skiing World cups in a row and many more Season titles with Elan Skis.
Elan is my favorite ski brand and I love skiing on them not just because I am Slovenian but because it is the most innovative skis company with many new technologies that improve skiing and that's why I will present Elan and some skis.

Did You Know ?

Elan was the first company that introduced sidecut skis (now known as carving skis). That happened in 1993 when "SideCut eXtreme" SCX Elan Skis were introduced. But because Elan was a small company they couldn't retain copyrights and soon other companies started working on identical designs.

What Makes Amphibio Elan Skis so Special

Amphibio is the brand new technology from Elan skis. Thanks to this innovation, Elan won Most Innovative Brand 2012 award, Plus X Award 2012, Red Dot Award 2012, Universal Design Award 2012, SkiMagazin Innovation Award and ISPO 2012 Nominee.

Amphibio is simple logical but revolutionary and unique way of combining rocker and camber technology and WaveFlex technology in one product. The secret is that we have left and right ski. Inside of the ski has a camber profile and the construction is more stiff and that ensures stability at higher speed and stiff terrains. Outside of the ski has a rocker profile and the construction is a bit softer and this is very important for versatility and easy turning.

Image credit:
Image credit:

Rocker and Camber combined, is Amphibio

That's the inner and harder side of the ski. It provides more edge grip but isn't as good in turns.

That's the outer and softer side of the ski. It provides easy turning but sacrifices some edge grip.

But when combining CAMBER and ROCKER together, we get AMPHIBIO. AMPHIBIO provides easy turning and more edge grip what makes skiing an outstanding experience and pleasure.

Amphibio Elan Skis Technology

Image credit:
Image credit:

WaveFlex Technology

WaveFlex Technology makes Elan Skis soft and torsionally stable

WaveFlex technology is a revolutionary technology developed by Elan. This technology was introduced in 2006/07 and is now used on all Elan Skis and models. WaveFlex technology is Elans answer to the biggest dilemma in ski industry, how to make soft skis torsional stable. Soft skis are important for easy turning and versatility. Torsional stability is important for stability and control at higher speeds and stiff ice trains.

So Elan has brought together soft skis for easy turning and torsional stability in one technology, called WaveFlex.

WaveFlex Technology is also the most successful Technology in ski industry. It has won multiple international awards for design ,innovation and performance.

Elan Ski "Waveflex Technology"

Waveflex Elan Skis

Elan Skis
Elan Skis

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My Elan Skis
My Elan Skis

My Personal Review

I am a proud owner of WaveFlex SpeedWave 14 Elan Ski that are on the picture on the right. First I must say that Elan is a Slovenian Company so I can be a little patriotic here. But this Skis are definitely one of the best all mountain recreational skis.

Before I bought them, I went to a Slovenian ski resort where any skier could try multiple skis from different manufacturers. You could try Fisher, Salomon, Atomic, Elan and some other skis. But when trying all off them I felt most comfortable on this Waveflex Skis. That's why I bought them later.

I love this skis because they look awesome. Elan's characteristic colors black and lime green looks simply awesome. And then, there is the new Elan's WaveFlex technology which makes them more soft and torsional stable in turns. This makes skiing a real pleasure

I think that Elan is the most innovative company in ski industry. First they developed carving skis, then WaveFlex technology and now Amphibio skis with rocker and camber sides. That's why I think my new skis in the future will be the new Amphibio Elan Skis.

Famous Athletes Using Elan Skies

Here are some of the athletes that are using Elan skies:

- Filip Flisar (Slovenian Ski cross Champion)

- Peter Prevc (Slovenian Ski-Flying Champion)

- Sara Takanashi (Japanese Womens Ski jumping Champion)

- Ingemar Stenmark (Swedish Former alpine skiing olympic and world Champion)

- Andrej Sporn (Slovenian Alpine Skier)

- Mitja Valencic (Slovenian Alpine Skier)

- Jaka Hvala (Slovenian Ski jumper)

- Christian Mayer (Austrian Former alpine skier)

- Urška Hrovat (Slovenian Former alpine skier)

- Glen Plake (American Freestyle skier)

- Katja Pozun (Slovenian Ski jumper)

- Spela Rogelj (Slovenian Ski jumper)

- Davo Karnicar (First man that skied down from the summit of Mount Everest)

Elan Headquarters in Begunje, Slovenia

A markerBegunje 1 -
Begunje na Gorenjskem 1, 4275 Begunje na Gorenjskem, Slovenija
get directions

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    • petrca9 profile image

      Petra 4 years ago

      I love skiing! I have WaveFlex Elan skis and I'm very happy with them :)