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Eleven Tips for safely walking at night

Updated on November 15, 2011

Tips for safely walking at night

It is always advisable to adopt some precautionary measures while walking in the dark so as to avoid any sort of mis-hap or damage. Some measures are discussed hereunder:-

1. As much as possible walk in the public places, where other peoples, like you, also tend to walk. If you find yourself alone in a street or road, try to reach a public place as soon as possible, as there are chances of being robbed at the lonely places.

2. Always try to keep away from the walls as some unwanted nasty creatures may cuase injury.

3. Walk carefully in the dark. Keep your eyes down to avoid falling in some hole or otherwise. In the dark even the uneven paths could hurt you.

4. Using headphone, while walking at night is not advisable, especially if you are on some sort of busy thoroughfare. Use of headphone may get you unaware of the situation around you, which could be harmful.

5. You should be well aware of the situations around you. If someone is chasing you. Try your level best to reach a well populated area with sufficient light.

6. While walking in the dark keep your mobile phone with you. But don't keep yourself busy in un-necessary calls. This will divert your attention from the situation around you. On the other hand, mobile phone may be helpful for you in case of emergency.

7. Try to keep minimum cash with you while walking at night.

8. Do not wear dark clothes. As the drivers, coming from the opposite direction will not be able to see you if you are wearing dark clothes. Rather, if possible use reflective clothes, shoes or outerwears.

9. It is good idea to keep a stick or such like element with you, especially if you are walking in a village or country-side. This will help you to protect yourself, if some dog or other animal attacks you.

10. If a vehicle stops near you and the driver asks the direction, try to keep maximum distance between you and the vehicle.

11. Don't try shortcuts. In the dark try to walk in the areas which are well known to you, so that you may not lost the way. And if you lost the way, before asking the direction, be sure that the person from whom you are seeking help is a gentleman. If you are not sure, keep walking until you get the right person.

While crossing a busy thoroughfare extra caution is required. There may be less rush of traffic at night, but keep in mind that drivers prefer to keep the speed high at night. If possible walk opposite to the direction of the traffic and use footpaths having sufficient light.


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