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Eli Manning

Updated on October 13, 2014

Eli Manning

Eli Manning #10   |   Quarterback   |   New York Giants

Height: 6-4       Weight: 225
Born: Jan 3, 1981 - New Orleans, LA
College: Mississippi
Draft: 2004 - 1st round (1st pick) by the San Diego Chargers

Eli grew up with big shoes to fill into being the younger brother of Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Payton Manning and being the son of NFL quarterback legend, Archie Manning

Will Eli, Peyton, or Archi be remembered as the best quaterback of the family?

Who's the Best Manning?

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Eli Manning Marries College Sweetheart Abbey McGrew


By CHUCK BENNETT in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, and ANGELA MONTEFINISE in New York

April 20, 2008 --

It was Super Saturday for Eli Manning as he picked up the biggest ring of his life, tying the knot with college sweetheart Abby McGrew at an intimate Mexican seaside wedding last night. read more

Three great things about Eli Manning

1.) In the wake of hurricane Katrina, along with his brother Peyton, Eli helped deliever 30,000 pounds of water, Gatorade, baby formula, diapers, and pillows to the people of New Orleans.

2.) Eli ended his high school career at Isidore Newman High School with 7,389 yards and 89 touchdowns.

3.) Eli and his brother (Indianapolis Colts' quaterback, Peyton Manning), together made NFL history on September 10, 2006 when the Giants and the Colts came up against each other. It was the first time that two brothers had started as opposing quarterbacks. Eli and the Giants fell to Peyton and the Colts.

In April of 2004, the Giants got the quarterback of the future that they wanted. But he didn't come cheap.

It was the San Diego Chargers that originally drafted the young quarterback with the first pick in the draft. A few picks later, the Giants picked North Carolina State quarterback Phillip Rivers with the fourth pick.

The Giants and the Chargers negotiated a trade that put Eli in New York, and sent Phillip Rivers to San Diego along with their third round pick, and their first and fifth round picks in the 2005 draft.

Eli Manning leads fourth-quarter drive for a Super Bowl XLVI victory!


INDIANAPOLIS - Four years after Eli Manning and the Giants pulled off one of the greatest miracles in Super Bowl history, they did it again.

History repeated itself in incredible fashion on Sunday night, when the Giants rode another amazing fourth-quarter comeback by Manning to win their second Super Bowl championship in four seasons. And again, it came down to the final heart-stopping seconds of the game.

Read more

Whats your opinion of Eli Manning?

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Eli Manning, 2008 Play Offs

Sunday, 1/11 Vs. Philadelphia

Sunday, 1/11 1:00 PM ET FOX Philadelphia

Eli Manning, 2007 Play Offs

TAMPA, Fla. — Most of the red-clad fans had turned their backs and gone, but a pocket of blue boiled in the northwest corner of the stadium, near the abandoned fake pirate ship on the concourse. The scoreboard overhead showed that the Giants had beaten the Buccaneers, 24-14... read more

IRVING, Tex. - In the days before their divisional playoff game with the Cowboys, the Giants were leery of raising the ire of their highly favored opponent and undermining their own quiet, underdog status. But they could not help but point out the perceived discrepancy in talent between the teams. The Cowboys had 12 players named to next month's Pro Bowl. The Giants had one... read more

GREEN BAY, Wis. - Under a full moon, a black sky and a crisp and cruel blanket of cold, the Giants stood on the frozen sideline of Lambeau Field, waiting for a rush of warmth.

It came belatedly and unexpectedly.

With one errant toss from a legendary quarterback, and one kick from the right foot of Lawrence Tynes, the Giants sent themselves from the northern prairie and into the southwestern desert, all the way to the Super Bowl. read more

GLENDALE, Ariz. — The Giants were not even supposed to be here, taking an unlikely playoff path through the behemoths of their conference and regarded, once they alighted on Super Bowl XLII, as little more than charming foils for the New England Patriots’ assault on immortality. read more

Eli Manning and the New York Giants win the Superbowl!

N.Y. Giants defeat the New England Patriots 17-14 in Arizona!

Are you a fan of Eli Manning?

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    • profile image

      lensesbyjames 6 years ago

      Yes but I would like for him to show more emotion instead of the one style facial expression.

    • compugraphd profile image

      compugraphd 6 years ago


      Go Giants -- and Eli.

    • ChrissLJ profile image

      ChrissLJ 6 years ago

      Of course! (Though I still prefer Peyton.)

    • profile image

      anonymous 8 years ago

      @JonitasKalimpo: Eli is a great guy! He is so nice and I am glad his superbowl dream came true. He is a great quarterback. And I am totally in love with him. He is really someone to look up to.

    • famousmortimer profile image

      famousmortimer 10 years ago

      Great lens man, I'm a life long Giants fan and I can't say that I always loved the man but I also didn't feel the hate that the NY sports media felt either. I felt like he won one for the little guy this winter, it was truly magic to watch.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Thank God he won. He took a lot of crap from the media and proved himself to his critics. Such a nice guy. I am glad to have met him and glad that his Super Bowl dream came true. Could not have happened to a nicer guy.

    • JonitasKalimpo profile image

      JonitasKalimpo 10 years ago

      Well, since i'm not american and we don't have football here, it's strange to say "this guy is my hero!", but it's the truth. Long life for Eli

    • RuthCoffee profile image

      Ruth Coffee 10 years ago from Zionsville, Indiana

      Eli is great, but being originally from Indy, Peyton is my man.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

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    • Music-Resource profile image

      Music-Resource 10 years ago

      Hi Jeff, Perfect time to celebrate Eli Manning. Love the large, crisp images :) ~Music Resource~

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      wow this is great salute.congrates. from where did you downloaded videos nice videos.kept it up :)

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      i think eli manning is the best player on the giants team. he is the best player and he is going to disney world and i am going to disney too i will deffintly see him maybe i will get his name on a plack.

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Hey! Eli Manning played awesome at the SUPRBOWL!!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      I know that the pats will still win! :)

      I think it's going to be a good well fought superbowl though!

    • tplus profile image

      tplus 10 years ago

      Congratulations! You are #1 at Who Has the Most Lenses?! I've picked this lens to be featured alongside your name. Come check out your competition!

    • profile image

      OfficeRocket 10 years ago

      Great lens, hopefully we'll get coverage of the Super Bowl down here in New Zealand.

    • profile image

      MuddyLaBoue 10 years ago

      Congrats on LOTD! Well-done!

      Troy Brown was one of my French students in high school back in South Carolina. I'm rootin' for the Partriots! (I know, I know... he's inactive... but still...)

      Travel Tips: Focus on France

    • Retired-Cop profile image

      Retired-Cop 10 years ago

      Eli could win the Super Bowl, but he will have to be on top of his game. No mistakes!!! Eli is 1 day older than my son, Go Eli!

    • aka-rms profile image

      Robin S 10 years ago from USA

      Wow this is a fabulous tribute. Congrats on a well deserved LOTD!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Great job on the lens! I've met Eli a number of times at their training camp in Albany. He is always polite & gracious- it's great to see a nice guy like him succeed at this level and being heading for the "Big Show" in Arizona! BTW- if anyone is interested in heading to training camp this August, check out my lens that includes some great tips on how enjoy your visit:

      GO BIG BLUE!

    • profile image

      John_Pisco 10 years ago

      awesome job very well done a "10"

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Congrats on "Lens of the Day". Go Giants! Although I've been a Giants fan for decades, I do have some mixed emotions about the game's result. New England's Coach Bill is a former NY Giants Defensive Coordinator of the teams previous Superbowl wins. Hopefully it will be a great game. The Giants do match up well against the vaunted Pats and nearly defeated them in the "meaningless last game of the regular 2007 season".

      Joe Breunig

      Author, Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory

    • mn3guy profile image

      mn3guy 10 years ago

      They say timing is everything. This lens shows perfect timing. Great job, and congrats on being a Lens of the Day. I'm sure Peyton is proud! 5*

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Hey Jeff!

      Great Job Finding A Hot Topic! My bet is on the Pats though!

    • ChristopherScot1 profile image

      ChristopherScot1 10 years ago

      Eli has been on fire! Thanks for making this great lens.

    • profile image

      AdriennePetersen 10 years ago

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    • profile image

      walleyg 10 years ago

      Very nice lens!! Eli has come of age since the Pats game. He has done the job with precision and not given the ball up. What more can you ask? Did I mention the QB rating of over 100?

      GO GIANTS!

    • KimGiancaterino profile image

      KimGiancaterino 10 years ago

      Super job. Congrats on LOTD!

    • teamlane profile image

      teamlane 10 years ago

      Congrats Jeff on LOTD! Despite the fact we are Green Bay fans! 5* all the way baby! ;)

    • profile image

      DaveXSmith 10 years ago

      Nice lens !! Eli really made an impressive comeback in the playoffs this year. Nice to see him and the Giants headed for thesuperbowl. Hope they stuff the Patriots and ruin their undefeated season !!!

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      5 stars! Good job!

      Klean Kanteen Check out my newest lens!

    • profile image

      TimothyBMiller 10 years ago

      Great Lens! I can learn from you;)

      Good Job and thanks for sharing!

    • NAIZA LM profile image

      NAIZA LM 10 years ago

      Hey there Jeff! Just want to congratulate you! Wow, you got loads of info's here. Definitely, a fab five!

    • Retro Loco profile image

      Vicki 10 years ago from USA

      Congrats on LOTD! Great "who is" lens!

    • Mia-Breitfuss profile image

      Mia-Breitfuss 10 years ago

      You have an outstanding lens. The visuals are fabulous but your words ... take a breath ... "but a pocket of blue boiled in the northwest corner" thank you for sharing your gift.

    • TomKane1 profile image

      TomKane1 10 years ago

      Nice Lens! 5 Stars from me

    • profile image

      Reg_Brittain 10 years ago

      Well done. wtg!

    • LaraineRoses profile image

      Laraine Sims 10 years ago from Lake Country, B.C.

      Memories of Yankee Stadium filled my mind when I saw these pictures. Great lens. 5 Stars

    • profile image

      anonymous 10 years ago

      Great Lens....Congrats to Eli Manning and the Giants!

    • HiTom LM profile image

      HiTom LM 10 years ago

      Lens of The Day, Congrats !

      Nice videos. some stars for you.

    • profile image

      ShortSaleRealtor 10 years ago

      great lens and congrats to eli and the giants

    • Janet2221 profile image

      Janet2221 10 years ago

      Great lens! Go Giants!!! :)

    • mrsquidoo profile image

      mrsquidoo 10 years ago

      Solid Lens! Good Luck in the Super Bowl... and hopefully this lens nets you more Google love!

    • profile image

      chloecavanaugh 10 years ago

      Half my family is still crying from last nights game. I am still crying over my Vikings. Your lens on the other hand is a *****

      You have done a great job!


    • clouda9 lm profile image

      clouda9 lm 10 years ago

      The guy that is going to the Super Bowl!! Go Giants...all the way!

    • teamlane profile image

      teamlane 10 years ago

      The Christmas video cracked me up. Now that Eli is in, and Peyton out, we need another video! lol Great lens Jeff. ;)

    • NizamHerms1 profile image

      NizamHerms1 10 years ago

      To be honest, I don't know much about Eli Manning, but I do after reading your lens. Good work. I am still amazed by that Google authority on the date. Amazing stuff!