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Emergency Food| Why MRE's Should Be In Your Food Storage!

Updated on November 12, 2013


We are living in a time where war, natural disasters and violence is common place and there is no telling when it will be our turn to face an emergency situation.

If you were to experience a natural disaster in your area and it was bad enough that the city water was turned off, FEMA was 4 days out, there was looting and riots in the streets, what would be your plan to stay alive?

First off let me say that this scenario has happen before in New Orléans when it flooded. It was chaos! The stores were cleaned out in just a few days, there was no water, the police force resigned because of the danger which left the public to fend for themselves.

There are many emergency foods that are available for food storage but I would highly recommend having a few months to a year supply of MRE's. MRE's stand for "Meals Ready To Eat" and are what our soldiers use in the field to eat. Here are the benefits of MRE's:

- Strong, individually air tight packages that can withstand abuse.

- Meals are ready to eat and don't require a fire to cook. (Making a fire can be dangerous because it can give away your position in times you need to remain hidden from rioters.)

- They are light to pack and easy to carry if you need to stay on the move to avoid danger or get to a safe zone.

- They are designed to have a shelf life for up to 5 years.

- They don't require using your drinking water to make edible. (Most powder or dehydrated foods will require you to use your drinking water to cook meals. In an emergency it will be very difficult to get enough water for you to drink let alone cook with.)

- You can buy MRE's that come with heaters that heats up your food with no fire!

- MRE's are designed to help you intake a good amount a calories to be able to stay working in the field.

- MRE's Taste Good!

I would recommend that everyone have AT LEAST several days to a week worth of MRE's in their home. At least just to hold you by until help can come your way. I would also recommend that you buy a good portable water filter to have in your survival bag. You will only be able to survive a few days without water so that should be at the top of your list.

Stay Safe!

Kenny Crandell - President of


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