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England coming home

Updated on May 28, 2016

back to sitting out in the Garden

Don't let the Germans see these! -they might trample on them too, thinking they are pansies!!!
Don't let the Germans see these! -they might trample on them too, thinking they are pansies!!!

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come on England

In all truth were we that bad? -Yes...? Wasn't there a recent major tournament that we didn't qualify at all for?
The last time we were in WC. we got to last 8. We weren't far off. It shows we only need to play a big team to go out, no matter what round we meet them, and whether on penalties or not doesn't seem to matter. At least it clears that up.

Of the main managers since Bobby Robson,
Bobby left too early. Perhaps a third WC for him would've brought it home. "Third time lucky" as they say, and it may be a case of gathering enough tournament experience. After all. Ramsey may've been lucky with team, and the fact many nations were just developing at the time. We seem to have since got into our mentality that if they don't win the first time they never will. Whose to know?

Terry Venables. Left over past dealings. We won't dwell on. It is a pity as if they had kept him he may've done it by now. We need continuity to help stability!!!

Glen Hoddle. Had he not been dabbling in the occult would've made a good replacement for Terry. Came too early.

Brolley man. Made a good number2 to sir Alex. Got greedy wanting to run things himself. Should've waited. Another premature England appointment.

Swen. Had he concentrated on the football more, instead of the women could still be a great manager.

Cappello. Are we to0 succumb to the mentality he lost so must go. He's right not to resgn over one match. I say this even though I believe an England team should have an English manager, a Scotland team, a Scottish manager etc. etc. But as he is here now, we should show him some loyalty. He was considered the best among even those English managers that might've wanted the job. So to sack him/pay him off now would be to risk a lesser replacement, besides being a waste of money.

Too much was against him from the start.
1. We aren't used to that very different high altitude, heat etc.
2. We didn't have as much time to practice as other clubs:

This is because we have more teams in our top flight, and an extra cup competition! More games equals more injuries! This proved true for Gary Barry -who had no pace, this highlighted in germany game. Wayne Rooney, who before the end of last season had to shake off a knee problem, before he even picked up the ankle trouble (poss. part of same incident?)
Then there's Rio. who only having half a season this year was unlucky in England training. And even David Beckham was unlucky. Though he plays in a different league now. He moved around alot besides playing in a country that has still some way to go in developing the popularity of the sport which may've proved harder on him. Ledley King didn't look right from the start!

There were other factors. First game nerves, esp. Robert Green. Replaced by David James who looked the part more, but remember he was in the Portsmouth team that got relegated. I'm not blaming him, but I can't sing his praises for keeping them up either which shows strong character in a keeper. I think, like Keegan self confessed at old Wembley. 'he doesn't quite have what it takes at this level' might be true of 'calamity James', and we may be lucky it should be his last tournament.

3. We don't have enough English players competing in our top flight.
It's ok. claiming it to be the best league in the world. Most people will take this with a pinch of salt anyway. But what is the point in holding the greatest whatever if it isn't yours?? We've gone and loaned it out to any-one! Same way we do all our business enterprises, it seems! It's a wonder we've enough players to actually pick a team at this rate!
We don't even have that many English managers knocking about.

The main problem is investing in home grown talent, and working to make them world class. We don't even have a proper quota for how many should be left footed, (a problem position), let alone English. EU badly eroded the trade law boundaries, and an inflated English market has become the result.

This with not getting enough time tol rest, and train as a team will always prove our downfall. If a manager has to sacrifice time taken on teamwork due to worrying about penalties then we'll never have a chance whoever takes the job on. -And we're be lucky to get them!

So come on England sort out the drawing board!


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    • days leaper profile image

      days leaper 7 years ago from england

      I just thought. As Brazil have won it most times, and have one of the best chances in this tournament again! It may be also down to cultures. Ours is a drink culture, while theirs is more dance orientated. -improving fitness with fun most naturally!

      We have to change our fat, lazy larger lout, couch potato attitude if we want any success in sport at all!

    • Absent Friend profile image

      Absent Friend 7 years ago

      flat mate: So true, We can't go round expecting to win just because we're England. Wars were won by a cullmination of nations, and from prior generations. France helped wear down the foe abit. And resistence in occuppied countries proved a nuisance, while America coming in late may be a blessing in disguise as they were fresh... But this is not war, it's far more important than that! With penalties, the team may've missed the point to enough extent that there was a match to play first, and got complacent that it would go to penalties.

      Also booing other teams national anthems, it brings us down and only serves to help the opposition get keyed up enough to play better.