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England world cup bid 2018

Updated on December 10, 2010

Englands world cup 2018 dreams over

Englands World Cup 2018 Dream came to an end recently as Russia were announced as the host nation for the prestigious event.The Russian Bid as well as beating England also got the better of Bids by Spain and Portugal a combined bid and Belgium and the Netherlands another combined bid.

Englands World cup bid was not a surprise to me i have to say but at the same time i am gutted we didn't have the chance to host it here.At the age of Forty i was not even born to see the last time England hosted the World Cup back in 1966 when we actually achieved glory by winning the World Cup for the first time in our nations history.

Well since then we haven't won the World Cup although we have always it seems had the players everyone has always assumed capable of winning it. But i for one are fed up of people mentioning 1966 i want to be able to experience it in my lifetime and i truly believe if your hosting the world Cup it gives you that home advantage and an increased chance of winning.

Wembley Stadium would of hosted a great World Cup Final

So why was Englands world cup 2018 bid not sucessful

Now the decision has been made by Fifa that Russia will hold the World cup of 2018 its time to reflect on what went wrong for England in its bid attempt.

First of all we spent an awful lot of money on the bid and could of hosted the world cup tomorrow with the grounds we have.


15 clubs in total formed part of England's world cup bid and were spread across the country and all these stadiums are built or too be built and are filled week in week out.


  • Manchester United (The theatre of dreams) in Manchester holds over 75 thousand
  • Manchester City (City of Manchester Stadium) in Manchester holds over 47 thousand

London 3 stadiums

  • Wembley Stadium, in London holds up to 90 thousand
  • Arsenal Football Club (Emirates Stadium) in London holds over 60 thousand
  • White Hart Lane (new build) or Olympic Stadium, London

Other stadiums around the country include

  • Aston Villa (Villa Park) in Birmingham holds over 40 thousand
  • StadiumMK, Milton Keynes
  • St James' Park, NewcastleGateshead
  • City Ground (new build), Nottingham
  • Home Park, Plymouth
  • Hillsborough, Sheffield
  • Stadium of Light, Sunderland
  • Ashton Vale (new build), Bristol
  • Elland Road, Leeds
  • Anfield Stadium (current or new build), Liverpool

An impressive list of stadiums spread throughout the country that would easily host a world cup.

So why indeed did England actually do so poorly and was the Bid doomed from the start and was Russia destined to host the 2018 World Cup very early on in the proceedings.

Well the Bid was Government backed we had some great Ambassadors for the country in the likes of David Beckham, Prince William, even our Prime Minister David Cameron was there surely he would of loved to have seen the country have this potential cash cow heading our way.

A few days before the Bid was announced certain things seemed to start working against us. The BBC's Panorama programme broadcast a programme alleging members of Fifas Bid Committee had for want of better words received Backhanders in the past and could therefore not be completely trustworthy.Now if you or i were on a committee and found out that some of the members had acted improperly 1 of two things would happen.The first being that everyone would sweep the allegations under the carpet in case it further implicated other members or you would seek answers and investigate the allegations from within and suspend the people involved while this took place.If of course the allegations of corruption run deeper and everyone is in on it and is partial to having a holiday abroad as an appetiser maybe then it stands to reason that all members will stick together and those who have made allegations are all of a sudden no longer in the running to hold the world cup of 2018.And of course by the same token if the allegations were or are not true then surely you would feel outraged and so would your colleagues so therefore you would once again not vote for the Country that had run your name through the mud.

So really the Panorama programme didnt in anyway shape or form help Englands bid, but as i have said already i only think this further reduced the amount of Bids we received and that Russia would of got it all anyway.

In England we don't seemed to be liked by the governing bodies of other countries especially within europe for God Sake if we had The Beatles singing in the Eurovision song Contest they still wouldn't of won it you would still hear the ever familiar words of "England Nil Points" we are just not liked.

Come the Floods, Come the Tsunamis come the Earthquakes and the Volcanoes everyone loves England because we shell out some Euros over here and some Dollars over there so are money is good enough then but we are not good enough to Hold the World Cup.

Why England world cup 2018 isn't all bad news

Well lets look at the positives England is hosting the Olympics in 2012 which is great for the Country and has already brought so much employment to the Country and will continue to do so and will generate a great deal of Money in 2012 which might just might be a kick start of so better times ahead after such a long reccesion.

So what next for English football

Well as far as i am concerned the black economy of the Russians won over the Fifa Commitee and im sure from now till 2018 and beyond they will all be dining out on it.The whole episode stinks to high heaven and i just think that sometimes if you cant beat them join them comes to mind. Fifa is no different to other organisations trying to secure multi- million pound deals and back handers are a way of life its just that in England we are stuck with Red Tape around us which suprises me with all our dodgy Politicians claiming for everything from a house to porn dvd.

So maybe its time for the FA to come out of the grips of Fifa and run our game as we wish to do so.If you remember Fifas stance against Goal line technology didn't do us justice in the last world cup and i feel we just need to move away and play the game how everyone wants to see it played.

Please feel free to comment i know how football gets everyone talking!!!


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    • profile image

      hubpageswriter 7 years ago

      It would be very, very cool if England hosts the World Cup someday. It will happen.

    • SIJO1 profile image

      SIJO1 7 years ago

      Hi Seeker 7 thankyou for your comments.

      Firstly you are right that football is killing the game and its the same in England as it is in Scotland with clubs going under due to financial difficulties, this really has to stop but sadly i dont think it will.

      Local teams and lower division teams are great like you say because they are there for the love of the game which makes for honest good to watch footie and you dont get all the play acting and faking injury.

      We are very fortunate to be hosting the Olympics but it would of been so nice to of got that World cup of 2018.

      Oh and by the way Panorama is excellent just maybe bad timing on there part but now we have failed in our world cup bid it is time to follow up these accusations and stop the rot inside Fifa.

      Cheers mate

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 7 years ago from Fife, Scotland


      Before I start I'm not really all that clued into football. But one thing I will say. The BBC documentary 'Panorama' has been around for a very long time and has disclosed a lot of dirt over the years. On a personal level I feel their investigative journalism is exceptional and if they found something fishy about FIFA officials then I honestly think their is something to worry about. If this is the case, then I don't feel it should just be accepted as something that happens in business, whether it's the football business or anything else. But maybe I'm just naieve. But I can't help thinking that with all this money going into back pockets, with the millions earned by, at times snotty wee players, and all the other expsenses the game generates is it eventually going to price itself out of the market? In Scotland we have had two or three clubs either going under or on the point of it. Maybe this is just due to the recession and how it is effecting the game in Scotland - and I know it's hardly on the same scale as the world cup etc. But something will have to give sometime wouldn't you think? The most enjoyable game of football I watch is our amateur local teams - they are there for the love of the sport and nothing else. How it has all changed.

      You mentioned earlier not being liked, well I'm form Scotland and I did feel genuinely sorry for the England team and everyone who worked their butts off to try and get the bid. When you listen to some from the European mainland it really makes me cringe, the way they harbour grudges, it's so damm childish - they literally allow political feelings to cloud every issue under the sun. I wish for once they would grow up or shut up.

      But look on the bright side - your country will be hosting the Olympics and there will be more World Cups. At least you have the hope that your country may well host the WC again. Scotland will never have that pleasure - we would be happy just to have a decent team again and get past the damm qualifiers.