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English Football fans must change their attitude if we are to win the 2014 World cup

Updated on July 28, 2012

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“CMON ENGLAND!! CMON ENGLAND!!”… Is it just me or is this said with a hidden layer of malice and impatience these days, What im sure started out as a positive supportive chant is more aggressive, impatient and expectant more than ever. Crowds are impatient and never satisfied, They boo the players and create an atmosphere that I don’t care how much money your earning, you wouldn’t want to play in and each player is playing in fear of being the scape goat for the given tournament, the one the entire press slaughter in all the newspapers the following day (Southgate 1996, Beckham 1998, Phil Neville 2000 and so on) . I ask how can anybody play at their best in these conditions, scared of taking chances for fear of the reprecutions of failure. We do more to harm our chances of winning than any opposition crowd, Whats with that!?

Another thing ive noticed as England fans is that, we all know the chants for virtually all our club football heroes but how few we know for our national ones. We must support our players, Make them feel like the worshiped icons they do at club level, we must think optimistically and put any sectarian support, based on club football allegiance aside and support them as English men. Just because Joe Hart and Adam Johnson are Manchester City players this should never prevent a rival Manchester United fan from getting behind them, much the same a city fan, Rooney and Ferdinand. The country must unite as one and get behind our team if we are to win as a nation.

In the premier league these icons of English Football are worshiped as though they were gods, Steven Gerrard is the unquestionable captain of Liverpool and what a talisman, Just look at John Terry, Frank Lampard, Wayne Rooney, Darren Bent, Ashley Cole and Rio Ferdinand, first names on the team sheet at some of the biggest clubs in the world, yet when It comes to the England position any fan of rival clubs are just waiting for them to slip up, so they can jump on his back and question his selection in the first place. When the Manchester united crowd gets behind Wayne Rooney rhythmically chanting “Rooney! Rooney! Rooney!” his confidence sky rockets, yet as a national player he hasn’t felt as loved for a long time, you only have to look at his reaction to Englands Boo boys in South Africa, as he sends a message down the camera “This is our fans, this the support we get from our fans”. Rooney was made to give an apology for that and I don’t think he should have.

Rooney raised a very valid point, here were supposably their own supporters, giving them more abuse than any opposition supporter ever could, imagine you had an intimidating sales speech to deliver to 200 of your company employees or a presentation at school or university, you wouldn’t invite along your worst enemies to remind you of all our insecurities and to contantly jeer and tell you how crap you are, too often I hear the pathetic argument that “they get paid enough to receive it” but im sorry I don’t care how much anybody gets paid they don’t deserve to get abuse and they’re just human, some of these lads only in their teens, they’re just like me and you, how anybody expects them to perform at their best under such conditions, I find unberlievable and very naïve.

You just have to look at Darren Bent, everybody is constantly complaining that we have no recognised striker, no proven goal scorer, yet year after year, club after club he can be relied upon to get around 20 goals a season and be a front runner for the golden boot, despite often having inferior supply from the players around him. Yet when he plays for England, he knows his every action is to be judged and scrutinised, at club level he can afford to make the odd mistake for he has earnt the right to for the many good performances he has given which outweights the bad one but in the national team he hasn’t felt the love and has been judged in demanding small windows of play where the one chance he gets he will be aware might be the only one he gets, once again at his club he is the first name on the sheet, he is THE man and this theory of him feeling unloved and hence why we are unable to get the best out of him is a well publicised one.

So basically what im saying is, get behind your country, learn the chants of the players and sing them proudly, don’t boo your players, support your team no matter what, just look at the spirit of South Africa in the last world cup, if only England could show that support and dignity in the face of defeat.


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    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 5 years ago from England

      Well the expectation was lower and the fans supportive but cant help wondering if Rooney has been scarred from 2010 and can never play for England in the same way again.

    • CCahill profile image

      CCahill 6 years ago from England

      I agree, i liked Austrailia's spirit, might have helped they were ranked like 30-40th at the time, low expectation and they just gave it a go and are a underestimated team.

      With England i just hope we can have some fun with it and give it a go instead of being crippled by expectation, the fifa rankings would suggest were as good as those 3 nations but yeah like you suggest Spain, Holland and Germany are probably a little stronger, but any team who goes out and enjoys their football and gives it their all has the capability of winning it.

    • charmike4 profile image

      Michael Kromwyk 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Interesting perspective on the National side ccahill. But don't the players, gaffer & the support staff have a role to play? Australia's run in the 2006 World Cup in Germany was positive for our nation as our players had a go, I don't know if this is always the case with the English side. I am hoping for a good run for England in Euro 2012 as the players do have potential, but are they as good as Spain, Holland & Germany? Only time will tell & I hope I hear more singing from your terraces than boos! Thanks for the hub, Cheers Michael.