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Espresso In The Desert

Updated on September 26, 2016

Perfect Espresso

Look at that crema!
Look at that crema!

Wacaco Minipresso

The Wacaco Minipresso is the ultimate "must have" for coffee lovers that don't mind carrying the extra weight. Coming in at 350g it's certainly not lightweight but when you see the results it's totally justifiable.

The compact and sleek design allows it to fit easily in a day pack or even a jacket pocket. You have the option of choosing the Nespresso compatible version or the ground coffee version. I chose Nespresso because it's less messy and easy to use.

The coffee produced is almost exactly the same as my Nespresso machine with the added advantage that the crema is actually better when using the Wacaco Minipresso.

Closed Position

Pump Engaged

Easy to Open

Compatible With Nespresso Capsules

How to Use

Simply boil a small amount of water using a small gas stove and dismantle the Minipresso as seen above. Fill the base with boiling water an re-assemble but don't add the coffee at this stage. Open the pump and compress for about 8-10 times until boiling water is extracted. This will pre-heat/clean all the internal compartments.

Dismantle again and re-fill with boiling water, but this time place a Nespresso capsule inside and repeat the process until perfect espresso is extracted.

Either make another coffee for a friend or repeat the cleaning process, dry and put stow for future use.

Boiling the Water


Coffee Extraction


Check out the View

Another Great View


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