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Essential Equipment for Camping

Updated on October 18, 2009
Bolmynydd Camping Park
Bolmynydd Camping Park

Camping is supposed to be a fun experience. In order for it to be fun, though, there are many things that are essential to take along.

Without them, you could probably survive, but you won't come back eager to go camping again anytime soon!

Shelter Keeps You Covered

Camping is a better experience if you're not cold or wet. Take along a tent if you want covering and a home from home at your campsite while you camp. Depending on how many are in your party with you, you might want a tent for just yourself, or as many as eight can share a larger tent.

Tents made now are much easier to put up than the ones made in the 60's and 70's. They practically put up themselves, like they can in cartoons!

You will probably want to take along a sleeping bag, too. Sleeping bags have also improved over the past few decades, becoming warmer and lighter in weight too.

Depending on where you'll be camping, you might not need a sub-zero bag, but if you intend to ever camp in cold weather, you'll be glad of a bag that can keep you warm. Imagine snuggling down inside a warm sleeping bag, getting a good night's sleep in the mountain air at your campsite.

Appropriate clothing is also essential for camping. Remember, nights are usually cooler and often downright cold while camping, so take along a jacket and extra socks, even if it is hot at home.

Sustenance - Fuel For The Body

Of course, you'll need to take along food and water on your camping trip. If you'll be backpacking, you'll want the lightest food, probably dehydrated. If you'll have a car nearby, you can take along more equipment to help you eat well while camping.

Take more food than you think you'll need, it's much better than running out of food. If you will be going off on day hikes away from your campsite, sure to take food along in your pack. You will also need a way to start a fire to cook those fish, so bring along matches and probably even firewood.

Water is crucial to survival. Unless you know there will be potable water at your campsite, take along all the water you will need plus some extra.

You might be able to take water purification tablets instead (or also) but having water on hand beats looking for drinkable water while you're out in the wild. Be sure to remember enough water for cooking and cleansing purposes including washing dishes and hands, and perhaps even an improvised shower!)

Save Our Skins

Take along a first aid kit. You never know when someone will get hurt at your campsite or on a day hike and need immediate attention - it might even be you.

Small first aid kits have the basics and aren't much weight or bulk. Include a bug repellent if you'll be near water!

A flashlight is also a must-have. It can help you find your way to the outhouse in the middle of the night without tripping along in the dark - or help you find that extra pair of socks you know you brought!


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