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Essentials for the golfer

Updated on July 28, 2014

Since the Middle Ages, people have been playing golf. A chance to be among the great outdoors, wearing arguably the best clothes in the entire sporting world, the competition – it’s an alluring game but one of the most perplexing things when it comes to golf is the equipment: what you need, how much of it you need and when you need it.

Golf shouldn’t be reserved for those with loads of money to spend. There’s always the danger of wanting to keep up with the latest gadgets – but as long as you have the tools necessary to reach your potential, you don’t need to spend all of your savings. If you want to know what essentials you need to be the best golfer you can be, here’s a guide to what you’ll need.

Golf Gloves

When it comes to golf, there is a massive range of accessories, clothing, umbrellas and everything in-between to cover your every need, the time of year and your personal preferences as a player. Let’s start with accessories.

Any golfer will know that the perfect grip is crucial to improving your swing. The correct grip means you can impact the ball solidly on the club face, and means you will improve on your power and your abilities overall.

This is why gloves are an important addition to bring along with you to every game. Gloves are there to make sure you get the best grip you can on your club, and to see you through all weather conditions – especially winter. A pair of customer leather gloves are perfect for the British weather and keeping your hands from freezing.

First Aid Kit....Best be safe than sorry!

Another handy extra to take with you to the golf course is a first aid kit, preferably a mini first aid kit. You never know when you’re going to need a plaster and casualties are the last thing you need on the course!

Golf Balls

Onto the essential golf balls. The golf balls you decide on will depend on several factors, including: durability, feel (compression), distance and spin rate. If you tend to hit the ball far, you will require more spin. The design and cover of a golf ball determines its launch angle, giving a higher or lower flight. You should also base your decision on what balls to go for on how many you typically lose in a round. For instance, if you are a beginner, opt for more inexpensive balls to start with because you’re likely to lose more.

Another deciding factor when it comes to balls is the time of year. In the summer you should use a softer spin ball, and in the winter, a distance ball, because the cooler temperatures and wetter conditions will affect the distance of your tee shots. Even the colour might be worth considering. A brighter ball will be easier to find on those frosty, foggy winter mornings.


Talking of weather – umbrellas are crucial for the avid golfer. They come in handy when waiting out sudden heavy downfalls without ruining any of your equipment or dampening your competitive spirit.

Golf Clubs

Onto golf clubs, which are of course another must on any essential list for golfers. For beginners, it is advised to start off your collection with a driver, a putter and a sand wedge. These will be the most forgiving as you get to grips with the game.

Golf Clothes

Next on the essentials list is clothing, and where would the sport of golf be without its idiosyncratic uniform? The best golf clothing items are one designed specifically for anything you may encounter on the course. For instance, many shirts feature Dri-Fit fabric that helps to keep you dry and comfortable. Nothing will put you off your game more than spending the day uncomfortably drying off after an unexpected downpour.

Along with the mini first aid kit, some clothing can provide added safety. Caps such as those with a luminescent safety cap with reflective trim can give you additional safety with no added effort. A safety cap is lightweight for ultimate comfort. It protects eyes from the sun (which will also help your ability to see clearly), and helps protect the head from any unexpected flying golf balls.

Another practical side to golf clothing comes in the form of the wind shirt. With its soft, durable microfibre shell it gives maximum wind resistance so you can concentrate on your swing.

Golf Tees

And not forgetting golf tees – which are an essential for every golfer. And choose wisely – one of the greatest pleasures in golfing is smashing the ball off the tee. Some are shaped perfectly for practising – with low resistant tips that allow for lover drivers. Others allow increased ball control and trajectory that allow for improved distance and precision. It all depends on the stage you are at and what you want to focus on.


The next lifesaver you’ll need is a golf survival kit which will have everything you’ll need for a day on the course: sunscreen, corked pod with golf tees and shoe deodorant. And as an added bonus, it had a low carbon footprint too.


Last of all is luggage, which is a must for every golf player. With golf comes a lot of lugging around, but the right luggage makes it miles easier. A golfer needs reliable luggage in order to transport his clubs with ease, and carry everything to and from the course. Cart bags provide a place for your golf clubs to be neatly placed, as well as any other essentials. They’re built to withstand any nasty weather, and can be carried around with ease – fitting in much more than the eye would assume.


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