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Eve Could Soon Be On Top

Updated on February 22, 2012

Eve. When that name is said, you don't usually think of much in wrestling. She's a Diva and she won the Diva Search, but other than that, Eve hasn't really done anything to stand out as a Diva other than taking the top rope Glam Slam from Beth Phoenix last year.

But that all changed this past week on RAW. For weeks we had seen Eve and Zack Ryder's budding relationship begin and then begin to shatter as they were terrorized by the big red monster Kane. We've seen Eve be completely distraught after Ryder was beaten, thrown through the stage, and even tossed off the stage in his wheelchair. The relationship hit a snag though, when Ryder saw Eve kiss John Cena, Ryder's mentor and friend, after he saved her from Kane's wrath.

But as RAW opened on Monday we saw a completely different side to the former Diva Search winner. Eve and the Bella Twins were seen talking at the top of the show and the Bellas expressed concern for Eve, wondering how she was dealing with Zack being hurt. Eve then laughed and told the Twins that she was just using Zack and now she was able to use the big dog, John Cena. Eve said her name was now out there and she was getting talked about, she then told the Twins to take her phone and film her going into Cena's locker room. But when Eve turned around she was greeted by none other than Cena, who had heard the whole thing. Cena didn't look happy, Eve looked like a deer in some headlights, and the Bella Twins just looked amused. Cena took off to the ring, as Eve stood there speechless.

Then we went to the ring as Cena made his way down the ramp. Cena grabbed a mic but before he could even say a word, Eve came down the ramp with a mic, begging people to be quiet and let her explain. Cena even tried to hush the crowd but then expressed his frustration with Eve before she could begin her justification, saying she has been sipping the, "Skank Juice!" Ouch! Then he said he's lost a "Broski" for a "Hoeski". Cena then went on to say that Eve should go try and hook up with his Wrestlemania opponent, The Rock, because their both bitches. (That's certainly not a TV-PG word! It made me happy!) Eve fell down to her knees in tears and Cena began to seem sorry for his actions and went to comfort her. Cena's mistake, Eve tried to pull him into a make-out session, but Cena was having none of that, he called referees in the ring to get her and left the ring by saying, "Just so you know I'm disease free and I'd like to keep it that way." Eve is a mess in the ring and is taken away by the referees.

Eve was left crying her eyes out in the ring after Cena called her a "Hoeski"
Eve was left crying her eyes out in the ring after Cena called her a "Hoeski"

So it's clear that Eve has taken a heel turn and is playing the "slutty female" heel. For those of you that don't know the term "heel", it's wrestling for "bad guy". What do I think of this turn? I think it's a great opportunity for Eve. Like I said in the beginning, Eve has always just kind of been a generic female, nothing very special in the ring, just standard. But now she's been given a character and is in this storyline with Cena, who like him or not is the face of WWE. This is great, especially considering how little recognition Divas get in WWE.

There has been controversy on this gimmick though, with some fans saying it's "dumb", "degrading to women", or even "wrong to do to Eve". But this same gimmick has been used to launch many great women into the spotlight. Trish Stratus started off with this gimmick and is now remembered (by WWE, not me) as the greatest Diva of all time. Lita got this gimmick and was the most hated Diva on the roster (she's the greatest of all time in my book), which is a good thing. Trish and Lita were involved all the time with the top stars of the company and it looks as if Eve could be getting a boost in that direction.

I really do hope that Eve runs with it, cause like I said earlier, Divas don't get many chances now-a-days. I mean look at the Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, she just defended her title in a great match against Tamina Snuka this past Sunday and wasn't even mentioned on TV this week. So Eve, take this chance and run with it. Maybe if Eve can get to a degree of hatred that Vickie Guerrero is at and snag the Divas Championship, she could actually bring intrest back into the division and launch a new "Diva Renaissance" if you will.

But that's just wishful thinking. Well until next time!



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