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Everything You Need to Know about the Rhode Island Surf Culture

Updated on February 9, 2015

The State of Rhode Island

The state of Rhode Island is known for so many things. Hot wieners, Snail Salad, Grinders, pizza strips, johnnycakes, and Zappoles come to mind. Now, we have to add the Rhode Island surf culture to this list, as more and more people are discovering this surfing paradise in the Northeast. In fact, surfers are calling it the best destination in the Northeast as far as surfing is concerned.

Warm Water and Good Surf

As a surfer, you’re looking for two things – warm water and good surf. Of course, it’s never a good feeling to surf in cold water even if you have a good wetsuit on, and how can you surf if the surf is flat? Compared to the rest of the Northeast, Rhode Island offers generally warmer water and better surf. Just like in other surfing spots, you can’t expect warm water and good surf all year round. Fortunately, there are a lot of tools that you can use to check.

Surfing in the Winter?

When to Surf

If the water temperature is a primary consideration, check out the Rhode Island surf culture anytime from mid-July to mid-October. The temperature around these months is around 62 degrees. It’s not that warm, but it’s comfortable. In fact, a lot of surfers skip the wetsuit during these months. That’s something that you can’t do North of the Cape.

Where to Surf

There are a lot of surf spots in the state.You just need to check out the coastline to explore your options. It really depends on your preference, but you'll be happy to know that basically all surf preferences - from sandy bottom beach breaks to lined up rock/reef point breaks - are covered.

These are just some of your options but you can already see that you have a lot of options. The question is - which one offers the best Rhode Island surf experience?

Surfing in Narragansett

If you’re looking for the best surfing in the Northeast, head over to Narragansett. It's blessed with a diverse coastline that will work on several different wind directions. It offers the best surf spots in the state, especially if you're looking for offshore winds.

Head over to Narragansett Town Beach. That’s where it’s all happening. With its amazing beachbreaks brought upon by western winds and lower tides, you’ll have an amazing time.

This is not to say that you can just grab your board and go right now. You still need to make sure that the swells are good. While the hurricane season will bring you the best swells, you don’t really need to wait for a hurricane to experience good surf. You just need to check beforehand. Checking the Warm Winds surf cam is a good way to start.

For other important details, you can check out for a more comprehensive surf report.

Surfing in Narragansett

Where to Get Gear and Lessons

If you’re ready to check out the Rhode Island surf industry, you need to get the right gear. There are a lot of surf shops in the area, with Warm Winds Surf Shop one of the most trusted names. You can also get lessons at Warm Winds.

Warm Winds RI


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