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Expanding Professional Sports: Lets Weigh the Options

Updated on February 27, 2017

Expanding Professional Sports: Let’s Weigh the Options

Let’s face it we Americans love sports. We watch them every season.

We buy clothes that promote our favorite team. We spend our hard earned money to watch our favorite team play.

We even sometimes bet on the outcome of an important game..

So it is not surprising that when a city wishes to open a new franchise in a major sports league since the citizens of this city wish to also enjoy the excitement of rooting for a major American sports team. So our knee jerk reaction is to encourage our major sports leagues to expand to the cities without teams.

Portland,Columbus, San Jose and Orlando do not have a team in the NFL.

Nor does Cincinnati, St.Louis, or Pittsburgh have an NBA team to cheer on.

All of these cities are considered large, major American cities. So it seems

logical to let these cities have their expansion team.

In all of these good sensed logic of expansion there is one voice of criticism that

comes forward. The expansion of new teams to a particular city obviously

leads to more teams overall in that particular league. With more terams in that

league there are more players in that league. This quite obviously leds to a dilution

of talent. With more players needed to fill out each team some of the players who

before weren’t good enough to make the team now are playing. Likewise the players

who before sat on the bench now are in the starting lineup. This dilution of talent

inevitably leads to a lower quality of play and potentially a less exciting sport.

So with this in mind what do we do? Do we now stop all expansion franchises

from forming since they undermine the quality play in that professional league.

If we do this we are telling at least ten major American cities that

they can’t have a sport that they do not have now. Is this fair to those cities?

Is it fair to punish them just because they didn’t jump into that league earlier?

By any rational consideration it is not fair to deprive a city desiring of an expansion team. So we are left to continue to expand our major sports leagues rapidly dimming the glorious shine of professional sports by letting more medicore players enter its starting lineups.

The more I think of it however perhaps this dilution of talent will have a strong silver

lining. With the players putting forth more modest performances we spectators will

stop being so obsessed with watching these individual players and their physical glory.

Instead we will focus on the game itself and the techniques and strategies it takes to

win. To me that seems like a very healthy development for not only sports but

society itself.

Furthermore the establishment of more professional sports teams would bring

other unexpected benefits to the players themselves. Participants in a league that

was less amazing in its physical and athletic feats could cause the players to be

less arrogant in their attitudes and behavior. Fewer ego-trips and exploitation

of celebrity by the players themselves would be a wonderful development.

Let’s make pro sports better and expand even if the benefits aren’t obvious

at first.


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