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Extreme Long Board Skating Competition on Wet Slope

Updated on January 18, 2012
Contemplation of down hill strategy
Contemplation of down hill strategy

Boarders Preparation for Long Board Competition

A Competitor and Spectator Event That's for Sure

I showed up to this long board skating event. I was thoroughly impressed at the boarding skill level on this paved wet asphalt slope. Also how this small community came together to close and control road traffic and provide a day of clean fun skating competion for the youth.

We need more events like this sponsored through our families communities. Give kids competitive activity and they'll surprise and entertain you with their youthful talent. Enjoy the pictures and the videos, I know I did. You'll be watching them more than once because most of you have never seen anything like this.

This style of longboard skating should appears to be a highly competitive event. I equate this difficulty of skill level the same as, or greater than snow boarding. I've personally done both as a youth, and I can tell you longboard skating "in my opinion" requires competitive skill sets to pull it off "with style... Of course including physical agility and a high level of balance technical skill"

Next, view the first video as the skaters begin their warmups. As we get to part 2 and 3 of the videos below, you'll note more extreme longboard skating styles and of course risk of injury. I'm presenting this information within a hub because I know there are many of you that have never heard or seen anything like this. Enjoy what our youth presents "what I believe" as the could be the next and upcoming "big" competitive sporting event on a global platform

Also, you'll note the kids use a drifting technique to slow themselves down as their into the extreme slop. You'll hear all types of screeching sounds made by the boards, while they balance themselves out to continue the course, which in itself is pretty cool. And you'll also note, many of the boarders are wearing various types of interesting costumes. This of course is part of the competitors and of course the spectators. Enjoy the videos, I know I did.

Equipment Maintenance in Competition Can Mean the Difference Between Winning and losing

It can also mean the difference between a safe run, or one that ends in injury.
It can also mean the difference between a safe run, or one that ends in injury.

Let the Long Boading Skaters Competitive Game Begin

Two Judging Areas - One at Top of Hill and Bottom

About a 13Deg Slope on Wet Asphalt

Long Boarding off a Down Hill Ramp

Waiting for Turn at Top Of Hill

Long Board Top of Hill Ramp Jump

Mid-Ramp Jumping View From Lower and Than Top of Hill, Very Cool

End of Competition and Time to Catch Up on All the Detail


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      3 years ago

      Excellent post !


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