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Extreme sports NYC skateboard experience

Updated on October 2, 2012

Old School Board


Tommy Guerrero - The Bones Brigade's Humble Beggining's

Skate or Die - The wonder years of New York City Streets

When I was young what had appealed to me most in the sporting arena was skateboarding. I'll never forget the very first time I saw a skateboard & not one on television. I must have been about 7 or 8 years old back then, and when I tried to stand on it I simply fell on the floor.

At that time I was living in the big city of New York at 174th street in the Bronx in a tough dangerous drug infested neighborhood at the time, so skate boarding became a way out of street life for us young city kids. Not everyone there was bad, or into drug dealing then our building we lived in was probably the cleanest one & had the most friendly people too.

I couldn't understand why someone would take a board and put some wheels underneath it, so that you could fall, and almost break your head. Now this was two years prior to a whole new introduction to a much large type of skateboard that was to soon enter into my life. My first experience pretty much dealt with a much more slender type of skateboard, that barely could fit a persons two feet onto.

The emergence of the Crayon wheel skateboard onto the scene's actually changed my entire perspective on the whole falling incident that happened to me. This new skateboard at the time was about 2 feet long 10 inches wide, so these new dimensions for footing actually become a whole new world of safety to me.

I literally jumped onto the cool new stylish looking board as soon as I got my hands on one. My older brother actually was the first of us young kids to try it out, and I must say, I was a slight bit jealous of him at the time cause he got to ride on it first. This made me wanna try it myself, and I couldn't wait to have my own. The first skateboard we both rode on that particular day was a friend of ours.

Bones Brigade gets some grind

Learning to Skateboard like a Pro was Fun!

After the Crayon wheel experience me & my brother had been somewhat educated in the new found arena of skateboarding, so we started investing a great deal of time in learning more about it all. We started somehow finding magazines on the latest things that were happening in the arena, and for some reason a great deal of focus was on people out in California, who were into skateboarding in a huge way. This new knowledge had motivated us to find more, & so we did just that by searching for everything we could find on it.

We found some videos one day after having some great fun outside this Video store, where they rented out VHS tapes to people. The funny thing is this all occurred back in the year 1985, so VHS was the thing people used back then to watch movies at home, there was no cd's, dvd's, or blue ray, cable wasn't that popular back then and not many people in our area could afford it anyhow, the internet wasn't even invented yet or any of these video game systems most kids are addicted too, or smart gadgets. We was fortunate to find this video of some skateboarders from out in Cali, and the movie was called Skate Or Die. I'll never forget that movie back then, me & my brother went crazy after seeing that movie, and we were thinking we could someday be able to perform all the stunts we had seen on it.

I'm sure we weren't the only one's who were making this discovery, because it seemed that more and more people had been buying skateboards, and kids were hitting the streets by the hundreds, that year trying out their new boards. There was one problem though, we had quickly discovered that, the skateboards we had all purchased which had cost us $20.00 at the time was actually the no frills brand, and wasn't the real thing the guys were using in the movie. Now the movie Skate or Die was a true account of the skateboarders performing real live tricks, which all seemed like some imaginary magic show. The only thing was it was not a hoax, these kids were actually doing the stunts themselves, getting hurt & all. This was all the motivation we needed, so my brother had set out to make it his business to save up enough money to eventually purchase a real authentic professional skateboard.

Tony Hawk - X games is all the Hype now -The best Ever

Today's Longboard

I was Quick To Catch On

A few months blew by and he finally had enough money to get one, little did he know other people were also doing the same, so he started finding new friends who had this same intensity. Now we were off into a whole new arena of experiences, friends, and we started venturing out into the New York City streets to find more uncharted territories to skate at. I eventually did the same as he did, and made enough money packing bags at grocery stores to purchase my own skateboard at the end of the summer.

We was on our way to discovering the bright new world of Street Skating, and we created our very own skateboard team soon after. Some of our neighborhood friends hung in for the ride, for a few years, but me & my brother were die hard about the whole thing. We became very experienced in the art of skateboarding and performing tricks, so each year we would make sure to have a brand new board to keep up to date with the latest activities, hot new trends, and so we could be at our best in the sport of it all. This was extremely exciting, also knowing that I was only a young child at the time, my brother has five years on me. So he excelled much quicker in skateboarding then I was able to do at first.

Snow Board Pic's

Snow Boarding Becomes an Interest Years Later

The skateboarding experience I had as a child until the age of 15 in 1990 marked the beginning of my quest for adventure unlike no other, and even though I quit skateboarding I never gave up the burning desire to challenge my own limitations. Many years later, in the year 2006 about 5 years ago, I decided to challenge myself to a trip onto the Mountain Tops of Pennsylvania. I was invited to join a crew of US Naval aviators, on a snow boarding trip, and I was excited once again to live up to such a physical challenge of sorts.

To my surprise a great deal of other amateurs such as myself decided to go with them up to the Mountain tops. The ski resorts name was Blue Mountain, I'll never forget how it felt the first time I got onto the ski slopes. Since I had a previous 5 years of skateboarding experience under my belt, I had the confidence to try it out for the first time without getting any lessons what so ever.

This hasty decision may have proved to be a mistake, but I was sure it was gonna be worth the excitement and joy of simply going for it. I happened to put on my snow boots incorrectly the first time out onto the slopes, and hurt my knee, so I recommend if you try snow boarding make sure that when putting on your snow boots, you put on the correct footing, because once the boots are set you won't be able to change it until you get back to the booth where they supply, and adjust your equipment (There's normal footing & goofy foot).

After I got my boots corrected for my second run onto the ski slopes, I was home free, because once I got out onto the snow I felt so much more comfortable. This was now the time for me to shine on a totally differing type of course altogether. Snow boarding turned out to be a sensational hit for me, as well as other people we went with that seemed to get the hang of it really quick. Now there were some people that definitely struggled with the whole ordeal of trying to learn how to stand on the snow board, and balance issue's. I was so confident when I went up the slopes that I even tried many of the steeper advanced hills they had, which I fell a few times but caught on really quick.

Catching Air Like this is Phenominal

I returned This Winter with the Woman of my dreams

I recently went back up to blue mountain with my partner and she had a blast, of course she couldn't handle the snowboarding footing or balancing thing. Even though it was difficult for her she still gave it an honest try, & we both had the time of our lives. This was last winter, around Febuary 2011, & I can't wait till this winter comes so I can get back up to the ski slopes and give it a try once more.

You never know if someday I become wealthy, I can become one of them extreme sports guy's on these videos where you see them flying in the air all the time, like in that really 'Narly' video I loaded up on my hub above. LOL people might think I'm crazy but I love a difficult fun sport to challenge my body with, and my mental stablizers.

Navy trip to Blue Mountain - Winter 2007


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    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

      Thank you @Phil Plasma for reading, I miss skate boarding a great deal too, I wish I could go back to my youthful days, because they were the best.

      Maybe in the near future I can get more into snow boarding as a compensation for not skating any more.

    • Phil Plasma profile image

      Phil Plasma 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec

      I did some skateboarding for a little while, also rode a unicycle. Now I'm much better at watching people do extreme sports.

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Wow I remember that bike, I had a huffy with a banana seat when I was like 4 or 5, lol. I learned how to ride a bike at a very young age.

      For some reason I was always advanced with everything I tried to learn, I didn't even use training wheels for long, they simply came off after like 30 mins of my very first ride out. Nice story thanks for sharing, & thanks for reading as well @ Femme.

    • profile image

      femmeflashpoint 6 years ago


      Loved this piece!

      In the late 70s, I got a pink Huffy Thunderboard with a flip tail for Christmas.

      When Spring came and things thawed out, I rode my board down Bender Hill, on a county highway in southern Indiana.

      No helmet. No pads. Nearest trauma center nearly an hour away.

      As I was cruising down Bender Hill and nearing mach IV, a pick-up truck was coming towards me on the opposite side of the road. It looked familiar and in that moment, I was wishing I'd done a night-run with a flashlight instead of going at mid-day.

      I zipped past the truck. I had to. I couldn't stop. And as I flew by, I saw my great-great-uncle giving me a look that read, "I'm gonna beat that child senseless."

      I made a curve at the bottom and rolled to a stop on a side road. Uncle turned his truck around in the Bender Farm drive way, and drove back down the hill to deliver me a warm greeting.

      I never rode that hill again.

      I wasn't afraid of the hill. I was afraid of Uncle, lol.

      But, wow! What a RUSH!!!

      Since then I've graduated to mountain bikes and roller blades, and I'm still getting the rushing thrill of a challenging course, but these days I wear crash gear. :)

    • CloudExplorer profile image

      Mike Pugh 6 years ago from New York City

      Thanks a great deal Livelonger & Lady E. I been working hard these days so it's tough to get around to everywhere I've surfaced but I'm getting to stuff people comment on today. Thanks for the cool comments, cant wait to read your hub's.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Awesome stuff. Sounds dumb, but I never understood how people really learn how to skateboard (not the kind of thing you learn in gym class). Thank you for your detailed, personal experience. The only extreme sport I engage in is skydiving (occasionally; well, OK, I've only done it once) but I'm happy to be a spectator for this sort of stuff!

    • Lady_E profile image

      Elena 6 years ago from London, UK

      I enjoyed reading this and wish I had the balls to partake in extreme sports. I love watching it though.

      Glad you and your partner had fun.

      Thanks. Great Share.