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Extreme Snowboarding Wallpapers

Updated on August 19, 2015

Extreme Snowboarding Wallpapers

One of the most extreme of all extreme sports is snowboarding, where you can get about a much air as possible without getting injured; or at least not getting too injured.

These amazing jumps and cutting snow make for some awesome wallpapers, as does the accompanying scenery associated with the environment the sport operates in.

Included with these extraordinary images are those that also perform various acrobatic moves which are visual delights to generate some emotion and inspiration on any day it may be needed.

Snowboarding is a very versatile activity and sport, with the ability to gain a lot of air; cut the snow; perform stunts; and just go fast down a smooth hill or mountain. Those elements are not only what make it exhilarating to participate in, but also a feast for the eyes when not able to do it or to, or to view the wallpapers as a proxy for those who may never snowboard but you get a rush from viewing those who do.

Let's look at some great snowboarding wallpapers now. If there aren't any that strike you, just input "snowboarding wallpapers" into the search engine box and you'll find as many as you may want to download and try on your computer or specific gadget you may be using.

Stunning Snowboarding Wallpaper

Few shots from sports or other activities can match one like that we see below of this snowboarding wallpaper which makes it look like this guy is floating in the air.

One thing that makes this such a fantastic visual is the white suit and white board against the backdrop of the white, powdery snow. Even the white headband adds to the overall compelling look of him seeming to be one with his surroundings even as he soars over it.

If you're looking for some fantastic shots, it's something to keep in mind about what you wear if you want some bragging photos of you in action, or at least to place on your computer or other screen to enjoy. The choice of this white theme works very well.

Another thing I really like about this wallpaper is the positioning of the body of the rider. The wispy clouds in the background complete the terrific image.

snowboard wallpaper
snowboard wallpaper | Source

Snowboarding Cutting Snow

Here is a good example of what it looks like when someone snowboarding cuts some snow. It's similar to a slolam waterskiier cutting deeply into the water to create that terrific spray we all like to see shooting away.

The secret there is to have some good powder to work with, as the type of snow used to make snowballs won't do that job when wanting to create a great snow tail.

What looks great and isn't easy to do is riding the edge like you see here. That forces the riders lean way back while having to keep their balance.

snowboarding in powder
snowboarding in powder | Source

Extraordinary Snowboard Wallpaper

One thing that the height snowboarders reach can do for a photo is allow for the snow that usually accompanies the ride to disappear, leaving the appearance that rider is floating unsuspended high in the air, disassociated from anything.

To me this wallpaper produces that feeling and sensation, as it seems like he just jumped out of a plane and is gliding towards the snowy mountain.

One other thing I really like about this is the way you can cut the bottom of the picture to make it look like there is nothing close to him as he rides the wind. That's an amazing image to design which creates a sense of wonder.


Acrobatic Snowboarding

For seasoned snowboarders this particular move isn't really difficult, but no matter how many times it's performed or seen, it's a great experience for all involved.

Visually this is terrific because of the way the move creates the snow cloud behind it. The positioning of the body also allows the snow-covered board to be seen in a way we aren't able to get a view under normal circumstances. That means he probably purposefully grabbed some snow when he was going down the mountain to create the effect. Not an easy task by any means.

To see him appear to be riding right above the tree line in the distance is a nice feature of this wallpaper.


Snowboarding View from Underneath

Although not quite as awe-inspiring as the previous snowboarding wallpapers, this one is pretty cool because of the way the rider was photographed coming off his homemade jump.

You can't see it from this view, but he's not quite as low to the ground as it looks. Another difficult thing to see if only taking a cursory glance is he is actually performing the same stunt as the rider above, with the board facing in our direction instead of the opposite direction of the prior wallpaper.

From the look on his face it looks like he's not too used of performing this particular stunt.


Extreme Snowboarding Wallpapers

Snowboarding is an awesome extreme sport, providing a seemingly endless array of wallpaper images to inspire and motivate.

It's hard to look at these amazing shots and not get some adrenaline pumping afterwards.

I think it's the soaring in the air or over the snow that creates the fantastic and inspirational feeling when viewing these snowboard riders, as you enter into the sense you're viewing life from a higher outlook and perspective.


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