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FHS Women's Soccer Eyes Championship

Updated on April 23, 2015


Stretch Run

Last season the Falcons and the Wildcats collided three separate times with the Wildcats coming out on top each time. The last time was in the quarterfinals as the Falcons led the game with only minutes remaining before the Wildcats tied the score and won in penalty kicks.

This year, the Falcons got a road win in King against the Wildcats by a score of 1-0. With the win, the advantage shifts to the Falcons to take the conference crown. Forbush is scheduled to host West Stokes on April 27th for the rematch. The two team race for the top spot will ultimately be decided in this match. The Wildcats can only tie things up with a win, while the Falcons can seal the deal with a win or tie.

The winner of the conference championship draws the #1 seed from the WPAC, and is then seeded based on overall winning percentage of all other #1 seeds in the western half of the NCHSAA bracket for 2A schools. Right now, the Falcons hold a 13-2-1 record (.843) with its two losses coming at the hands of (4A) Mount Tabor and (1A) Bishop McGuinness. At this point, only Franklin (.961) holds a better winning percentage than Forbush in the western half of the 2A.

The Lady Falcons have been a fixture in the 2A playoffs, and this team is hoping to make a playoff run of their own. A mixture of experienced leadership and youthful energy may be the right combination to make this run a possibility.


Anna Reavis is one of the experienced players that anchors the back line for the Falcon defense. Anna wears the customary arm band that signifies the team captain for the majority of soccer clubs.

WPAC Standings (4-22-15)

Goal Dif.
West Stokes
South Stokes
Surry Central
North Surry

Free Kick

Michaela Stone is one of the talented newcomers to the Falcon team. Stone orchestrates the offense from the center midfield position. Stone is pictured here taking a long look at the Wilkes Central net as the Falcons were awarded a free kick in the first half of the 2-0 home victory.

Anna Kathryn

Running the Flank

Anna Kathryn puts a lot of pressure on the opposition with her relentless attack down the right flank. Kilby is such a smart player with the technical ability to beat her opponent off the dribble.

2A Soccer Playoffs

Which team will be the main competition for the Falcons in the playoffs?

See results


Shot Stopper

Jessica Funk just recently signed to play volleyball at Lenoir Rhyne in the fall of 2015, but right now she is content on stopping shots in order to help the women's soccer team. Against Wilkes Central, Funk had the task of stopping a second half penalty shot. Jessica guessed correctly and pushed the ball away from the goal to keep the shutout in tack.


Nancy Rios comes from a pretty good soccer family. Her brother, Rufino Rios played for the men's team a few years back. She boasts a strong left foot and a similar knack for finding the back of the net.


Hannah Davis pushes the ball forward in the game against the Eagles of Wilkes Central. Davis came in at left back to provide more depth for the Falcons that were already wearing down their opponent.


Charly McCormick provides a stopping point for most attacks coming from the opposition. McCormick holds the midfield and switches the point in order to get more players into the attack.


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