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FIFA: Report Into Corruption NOT To be Published Shocker!

Updated on September 25, 2014

With the excitement surrounding the new Star Wars movies I couldn’t help but look at the governing bodies of the Worlds game and see similarities. Emperor Blatter (FIFA) and Darth Platini (UEFA) are two of the instant comparisons which spring to mind with the FA Chairman, along with his recent multi thousand dollar gift and announcement for reducing non EU foreigners in the English game could give him a good shout for the role of Jar Jar Dyke!

After news broke earlier this year that ex FIFA vice-president, Jack Warner and his family were paid more than $1.5million by a company owned by ex-football official from Qatar, Mohammed Bin Hammam, questions began to be asked.

It was alleged that the payments were made after the controversial 2022 World Cup was awarded to Qatar. The 2022 World Cup is now under discussions about moving from its traditional summer time schedule due to the fact the temperatures get dangerously high in the region during the summer.

Bin Hammam was banned from FIFA in 2011, along with Warner, temporarily while they investigated accusations they offered financial incentives to certain members during the 2011 FIFA Presidential elections. Two months after that he was given a lifetime ban, which he appealed and was rejected by the committee. A year later the ban was annulled by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The other player in this story, Jack Warner, is also not new to this type of story. Obviously he was temporarily suspended in 2011 by FIFA but the Trinidadian has had a whole list of accusations leveled at him over the years.

In response to this FIFA decided to put their Chief Ethics Investigator, Michael Garcia, on the case and now his report has been completed. So what is in the report and what did it find? Good question.

Although Garcia filed his report this month FIFA have announced that the contents will not be made public in true ‘This isn’t the report you’re looking for. You can go about your business, good day,’ fashion.

Now a British Conservative MP has called on the Serious Fraud Office (SFO) to request a copy of the report, believing that the fact FIFA doesn’t want to make it public is a sign that it contains evidence of criminal activity.

It is thought that the report recommends further action against individuals but FIFA’s ethics chief, Hans-Joachim Eckhert, has said a decision would not be likely until next spring. The fact is that, forgetting the Russian bid for now, Qatar is going to be too hot to host the tournament in its regular time slot. It will be especially dangerous for the players but also think about the fans and with that in mind a winter tournament is being talked about. That would bring its own logistical nightmare with the majority of major leagues in progress around that time and rescheduling would be a must.

It will be interesting to see what the outcome of this latest ‘crisis’ will be. I am not holding my breath for any transparency coming out of FIFA anytime soon but I live in hope and may the force be with us.


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