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FIFA World Cup 2010 - Brazil V/s North Korea

Updated on June 16, 2010

Colourless Win for Brazil.

Before starting  the match between Brazil and North Korea one of my neighbour told about a prediction contest he entered. In a leading news daily there was a question about how many goals will be the margin of Brazil’s win. He predicted 6-0 ! I also was in a thought that within 10 minutes there will be  two goals and rest can be dreamt in sleep! But the story was in reverse. The live vision of the match felt to be a dream as North Korea held the five time FIFA World Cup Champions for 55 minuts!

Ninety percentage of world football fans thought that North Korea will get a net full of goals. At 7th minute of the play itself Robinho fired a shot to goal. But it went out. But Korea also made a movemnt in return at 10th minute but goal keeper Julios Caesor saved it. At 16th minut also Korea fired a shot , but it was far out.

The forward line up of Brazil with Kaka , Robinho and Fabiano were in full strength. But as usual the much expected Kaka couldn’t make good movements due to tight defense on him. But Robinho and Fabiano cleverly escaped from the defense nets. At 20th minute Robinho again fired a shot to goal. But Korean goalkeeper caught it easily.

Slowly Brazil began to take the control of the play. Koreans have to defend them effectively. Hence the full Korean players camped in their own area. So the midfielders and defenders of Brazil also began to advance to Korean area. Melo , Elano , Lucio and Maicon advanced through wings to create opportunities. Through left wing Bastos also began to raid Korean area. But strikers couldn’t finish the movements effectively. So the half time reached with score 0-0

In second half brazil got a free kick at 50th minute of the play. The spot of the kick was very dangerous one. It was just outside the ‘D’ circle of Korea. But the shot taken by Bastos went out. Following it Robinho again tested the goalkeeper.

At 55th minute of the match there came what coach Dunga and all his fellow team officials wanted. A combined movement reached Elano’s foot who pushed the ball to right wing. Maicon ran to advance just a few steps and when it was almost out with ball parallel to the goalpost he fired a shot. Unbelievably the ball rested in the second post. The zero angled goal was really a feast to the eyes.

When the goal was scored Brazil began merciless attacks. At 60th minute a bullet shot from Bastos was saved by the goalkeeper by deviating the direction. Two minutes later Robinho and Fabiano exchanged ball each other and reached the penalty box of Korea. But the shot from Fabiano went out. Fabiano seemed angry for not able to score as the Koreans were in full defensive game.

At 72nd minute there again came the delightful moment for Brazil and its fans. Like the earlier goal Robinho gave a long pass to Korean area and Elano quickly advanced from behind. Koraeans couldn’t prevent him and the he effectively put the ball to the nets of Korea (2-0). Following this Elano was called back by coach Dunga. At 77th minute Kaka who was not at all in form also was pulled back and Nilmer put in.

The substitutions gave new energy to Brazil. At 80th minute defender Melo fired a shot , but goalkeeper caught it. Then it was the chance of Nilmer. But the direct shot was only a test dose to the goalkeeper. Following this ,after a long time Korea made a counter attack. But Tae Se was not able to connect the cross.

The play was going on smoothly. But at 87th minute the new substitute of Brazil received the first yellow card of the match for severe tackling. In 89th minute of the match all the football world stunned because Ji Yun Nam of Korea scored a beautiful goal through the famous defenders of Brazil. That goal was a thousand time worthier than any other goal as it proved that even  small fishes can brake the net of sharks.

Thus when the final whistle came the score was Brazil 2 and North Korea 1. But Korea was the real heroes as they effectively defended the world famous team.


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