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FIFA World Cup Coming to the End

Updated on July 11, 2010

62 World Cup Matches Later

 It all comes down to these two riveting teams, Uruguay and Spain. They will vie for the title on July 11th, 2010 at 1:00pm/ET on ABC. This game is anticipated to be one of the most meaningful games yet.

Only 7 countries hold the title to the World Cup.  And that number will increase on Sunday, with only one team able to walk away with it. But who will it be? The Dutch are hoping it will be them. They remain undefeated, and are bidding to become only the 6th team in World Cup history to win the coveted title with a perfect record.

Spain has been efficient with their possession game and winning the last 4 match ups by just one goal. Though they did suffer a loss early on in the FIFA World Cup games to Switzerland 1-0.


 Be on the lookout for an epic midfield battle to ensue, given all the talent that will be perfectly on display. This will be especially true in the dead center of the park.

Thought the Dutch are likely to have some spells of their own, Spain can be expected to have more control of the ball and take an attacking initiative. Though, for the Dutch, less control of the ball will not necessarily spell out their doom. Given the Brazil game for example, The Netherlands were down a goal in the second half but still managed to pull out for the victory!

The Intangibles

 Though both teams currently face World Cup frustrations and disappointments, they will both be full of confidence marching onto that field in Johannesburg.

The Dutch will definitely not be lacking in the confidence department, especially since 2 of their best players are back on the field after a brief suspension during the semifinals.

But don't put Spain out just yet. They appear to be at their peak right now. And although their attacking game hasn't scored a high amount of goals, they are optimum in preventing their opponents from getting their defenses into gear


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