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FIFA's Top-scoring Teams

Updated on June 30, 2014

FIFA’s Highest Scoring Teams

Volume 6, Issue 19, June 30, 2014

The Netherlands FIFA team is the highest scoring team in the FIFA stats thus far, with 12 games won and Columbia with 11 games won and France closely follows with an 8 games won in these matches. Brazil is ranking at 8 games won and is tied with France, and lastly but not least is the Germany team with 7 games won.

Traditionally the countries that have played and made their way to the finals of these 5 countries has been remarkable and Brazil seems to have made it to the finals and won five games to date. They are 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002. Italy follows with four world titles in 1934, 1938, 1982, and 2006. Then there is Germany who is also on this list of highest scoring teams with three world titles in 1954, 1974, and in 1990. Argentina and Uruguay follow with two world titles and France, England, and Spain tie with one world title each.

The probabilities of two of these teams reaching the finals of the FIFA world cup like Brazil and Germany are very high.

So what makes these FIFA teams so special that they are FIFA world title holders? Is there diet and activity a factor in the determination of the teams resulting wins? Let’s look at diet a little more closely and examine the spices, herbs, and roots these players eat every day that may factor in as a powerful energy substance that enhances their overall ability to play the game. Let’s start with looking at the Netherlands and their diet.

The Netherlands is a European state with Dutch and German primary influences, but it is a melting pot for other immigrating cultures as well like the Indonesian, Turkish, Spanish, German, Berber, Moroccan Arabic, Papiamento, and Sranan.

Foods of the Netherlands are Dutch cuisine and influenced by French cuisine as well it has restaurants throughout northern France and in the Southern region of Netherlands. Many of the foods that are within the meals are seafood’s, meats, cheese, nuts, and fruits. The foods are incorporated and fused into the wonderfully plentiful sausages that are produced and the many different cheeses that are remarkably delicious and have strong flavors to tantalize the palette.

A traditional Dutch dinner has potatoes, beans, vegetables, and meat on the menu.

Of course the sausages are spiced with fresh rosemary, oregano, and olive oil. So delicious and yummy the sausage accompanies a Dutch-oven stew with corn, peppers, and beans. Oftentimes the sausages are stewed with tomatoes and corn or they contain kale that is a powerful green leaf vegetable.

Let’s talk about the exotic spices that the sausages of the Netherlands contain like the Rosemary and the Oregano. These herbs are not the only spices or herbs that are fused with great Netherland cuisine; there are others like Pink Rose, Cocoa, Pareira, Beans, Tomato, Dianthus Species, Hybrid lilies, and Sweet Pea.


A spiky thorny looking bush or shrub that has a powerful and pungent odor that is very aromatic and is one of the most used herbs in cuisine to spice up and dress up the most flavorful meals you could possibly have. Dark and linear are the leaves and the entire plant or shrub could be used as an herb in the meals prepared oftentimes with meat or as an additive in the ingredients of a Netherland Dutch sausage. It is also one of the most used to flavor stews and vegetables.

The Rosemary bush is also known as:

  • Compass Weed
  • Dew of the Sea
  • Garden Rosemary
  • Incensier
  • Mary’s Mantle
  • Mi-teih-hsiang
  • Old man
  • Polar plant

Some of the medicinal uses and engagement of the Rosemary bush or shrub include the engagement for circulatory problems and low blood pressure. It is also used to aid and prevent baldness. It is also engaged for problems and relief of indigestion.

Pink Rose

Also called Cabbage Rose, Provence Rose, and Red Rose are a beautiful plant or bush with Pink floras and wide green leaves.

Pink Rose was commonly used in folk remedies for skincare and produced a product called, “Rose Oil.”

The medicinal remedies for Pink rose are numerous and it has been engaged for heart-diseases, peptic ulcers, circulatory system issues, constipation, and cancer. Rich in Vitamins A, C, E, and Flavonoids the Pink Rose is a powerful tool to control high blood pressure, asthma, bronchitis, infections, fever, cough, and depression.

This flowery bush is used in cuisine to fuse with fruits.


Is a royal, privileged, and regal plant or tree fruit that was used by the Aztec emperor Montezuma and his royal court, as a matter of fact, while the visiting and invading conquest of the Spanish continued the great Montezuma offered this royal and regal drink made of cocoa to Spanish traveler Hernando Cortez and his warriors. As the spectator watched in awe and as the native Indians brought the chocolatl’ drink to the parties sitting around the emperor. It was thought that the cocoa drink infused wisdom and knowledge among the people who were privileged to drink the substance.

The cocoa spread as far as Europe where the additives of sugar and vanilla were infused by French and Netherland chefs. Soon thereafter, milk was added to the flavorful cocoa drink.

Medicinal uses included relief of pain, coughs, fevers, asthma, and colds.


Also known as Curare is a wooded vine that grows among tall trees. It has large oval leaves that produce a very small floral with white and pink flora.

Medicinal uses involve the relief of pain by ingesting it sends signals to the muscles that cause them to numb, so it is good for tetanus, fractured or broken bones, as well as treating epileptic seizures.


Beans of every specie are ancient foods for man from Africa to the Netherlands, to Brazil, and the farthest states in the Americas. Legumes or peas are in the same family of beans and that includes soybeans on the list of different beans that are not only exclusive to nourishing the consumer but in aiding them to cure disease and ailments.

Medicinal engagement of some beans includes use for cancer patients, heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. The bean is a vital source of fiber and calcium that is gluten-free and high in fiber.


This plant is a vine that bears a tomato fruit or actually a vegetable that is used and engaged in many dishes worldwide to add a zesty and acidy taste to the most sought after cuisine. Used in the Netherland stews and salads the tomato is a remarkable vegetable that is very popular in the Andean region and cultivated in Peru.

In the 16th century the tomato was nicknamed by the English as the “love apple” and it took on a life all its own among cultivators.

Filled with proteins the tomato is invaluable in aiding the removal of toxins in the body. It aids in treatment for blood disorders, cancer, cardiovascular ailments, atherosclerosis, and immune protection.


Retrieved from the Internet (free dictionary online)

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