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Updated on June 28, 2016

Firearms 10 Commonly Accepted Safety Rules (CARS)

Hello hubbers!

As a Firearms instructor I have decided to share some of the additional resposibilities for class safety, range safety, instructing safety, and conveying the 10 CARS (Commonly Accepted Rules of Safety) to you all.

Most of the websites and online articles only talk about the (4) out of (10) Commonly Accepted Rules of Safety. In order to prevent an accidental discharge that could result in injuries or perhaps death; I strongly suggest that you learn everything that's out there about Gun Safety.

1. Guns are always loaded; NEVER trust a gun's "safety"
2. Observe the LASER rule, by always pointing your gun in a safe direction, including the SWEEP
3. Observe your target and what is BEYOND it
4. Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to fire
5. NEVER point your gun at anything you do not intend to DESTROY
7. Maintain permanent SAFE control of your guns
9. If in a scuffle, do NOT draw or fire unless you are in full control
10. DO NOT use your gun to warn or threaten unless in an immediate life or death situation where you are JUSTIFIED in following through with the shot!

The vast majority of AD's and sad accidents could be avoided by simply assuming that ALL guns are loaded, and treating them with intelligence and respect. Use ONLY dummy weapons (rubber guns and knives). LIVE weapons should only be used in private one on one instruction, and if in a semi, you MUST have an assistant trained in safety.

If you are showing a gun to a person, NEVER show or hand it to them unless the slide is locked open, the magazine out, and the cylinder out if a revolver. STILL ASSUME that it is loaded no matter what, and KEEP the LASER rule regardless of how "sure" you feel! AD's have happened with a forgotten chambered round with mag removed, a round under a falling block tube mag rifle, a round hidden in a revolver with the hammer resting on it, and MANY others!

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You are RESPONSIBLE for your firearms, and you must keep them locked up at all times. Some safety rules are specific to instruction. If you've gone to your local range, you see many people violating the CARS all the time-- we choose to wear a bullet proof vest at any range! SHOW OFF good habits, and turn any violaters, drunks, wild people, etc. into the rangemaster. If you DEMONSTRATE these rules, your students will respect you and want to return for more lessons! Good, safe gun handling is an important part of your reputation and image.

It is always better to carry without a round chambered unless you are in the most dangerous situations. Hunters have killed others by dropping rifles, bumping them climbing over rocks and fences, etc. by carrying in "State one." Many police officers have been shot with Glocks in state one (chambered) because the trigger "safety" caught on a holster or was scraped by a pet or child. 1911's carried "cocked and locked.

Please remember that Gun kills and knowledge is power...

Published by E-instructors


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