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A Simple and Easy to Remember Golf Pre-Shot Routine for More Consistent Shots

Updated on September 20, 2017
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We are a team of authors of best selling golf books and golf humorists.

Step 1 Visualization

Step 1. Visualize the shot.


If you're playing in a tournament and your emotional equilibrium is rocky, a pre-shot routine will settle you down and keep you on an even keel.

The first step of the VAGSE is to clear your mind and think of something pleasant like a blue sky on a sunny day or think of let your mind go blank. Then begin Step 1, VISUALIZE.


Visualize the entire flight of the ball before you take your stance to hit the shot. Are your going to hit a straight shot, or a fade or a draw? If you're putting, visualize your putt going on the line you chose and in the hole.


Step 2. After visualization is to ALIGN each shot before you take your stance.


Stand behind the ball and draw an imaginary line from your target to your ball. Pick a spot on the ground about a yard in front of the ball. Then align your club face up with the spot a yard in front of your ball. Look up at your intended target (and it won't look like your lined up correctly but you'll remember how that looks for the future). If any doubt arises, back off and get behind the ball again and repeat the aligning process. Learn to trust your lining up.

GRIP You should be able to hold a tee.


Is your grip too weak, too strong or just right?


One knuckle showing on the left hand means weak, two left hand knuckles means neutral, and three knuckles means a strong grip.

How Hard Should You Grip the Club?


On a scale of 10 your grip should be relaxed around a 4 to 6.

Don't hold the club too tight as it tenses up your muscles and impedes your swing. Keep the grip firm enough in the way you hold a glass of water.

The more pressure you put yourself under the tighter you grip the club. Taking note of the amount of your grip in the VAGSE Method helps consistency in shot making and gets your mind off bad things trying to creep in your mind like a quadruple bogey on the last hole.

Go back to the basics in learning how to grip the club properly for consistent shots.

If you need a guide for the proper grip, try this golf glove.

Gripping the club in the right manner is a learned feeling you come to know from repetition. The grip may feel uncomfortable if you try to relearn it, but it will become a second nature if your doing it properly and you'll see a difference in shot making and consistency. You can get this proper grip glove through Amazon.

The Fourth Step in the Pre-Shot Routine: STANCE - Here's the Basic Stance in This Video


After properly aligning your shot, gripping the club in a correct manner, take your stance for the shot you want to hit. The right ball position for the Driver is inside the left heel but you may want to move it forward or back depending on how you want the flight of the ball to go. For example, play the ball forward for a high shot and back for a low shot. Your feet should be slightly outside your shoulders.

As you go up in the club numbers to three wood, utility club, 6 iron, etc. narrow your stance as you go up the range of clubs you have in your bag. Play the ball back farther in your stance as you go up in clubs, but not past mid point. Focus on the back of the ball - it helps you to keep your head down.

The Fifth Step of the Pre-Shot Routine is Swing: EASY - Watch the Big Easy swing Easy

Average Joe Learning to Swing Easy

Easy Does It

An easy swing will help you be more consistent and the easier you swing the easier it is to have the right timing and tempo. Timing is crucial in a golf swing and the easier you swing the easier it is to bring in to play the rest of the golf fundamentals you've learned, such as keeping you head still and behind the ball, turning your upper body to start the swing, arm extension, etc.

The VAGSE Method Will Give You Emotional Equilibrium and More Consistent Shots

By using the VAGSE Method (Visualize – Allign – Grip – Stance – Easy) your shots will become more consistent. This pre-shot routine will bring you in the present not letting past bad shots or other annoyances get in your way. Don't let the mental game get the better of you. Stay with it and give it a try for ten rounds and if it works for you it will become part of your game.

It's of course important to stay fit for golf which improves consistency. It's especially important to train correctly and with the right amount of cardio, high reps and low resistance (that's how Jordan Spieth trains himself). A golf fitness routine needs balance exercises, stretching and an emphasis on core muscle exercises. "Golf Fitness" is one example of an exercise routine especially for golfers.

Final Note: The Mental Game

"I never underestimate my opponent, but I never underestimate my talents."

-Hal Irwin

The VAGSE Method will help your talents.

© 2015 Team Golfwell


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